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Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

Bumble isn’t your mother’s dating app.

It’s not or eHarmony, where once the platform has been created it rarely sees any change.

Bumble — like the dating landscape — is in constant flux.

Launched in 2014, Bumble was a feminist’s answer to the seedy environment found on Tinder. It looked, felt, and swiped just about the same with a few key differences that gave ladies the upper hand when chatting it up. But a dating app built for and designed by women wasn’t enough for found Whitney Wolfe and her squad.

Soon Bumble created Bumble BFF to help foster friendships and Bumble Bizz to generate professional connections.

Notably, Bumble is also one of the few apps to attempt to bridge the gap between online and IRL romance. Bumble Hive is an in-person interactive experience that brings together those looking to make friends, professional contacts, and of course, romantic connections.

Continuing to adhere to its company value of never settling, Bumble has recently launched Bumble Premium.

Bumble Premium is basically an upgraded version of the Bumble Boost Lifetime membership.

Let’s dig into the details to learn more about Bumble’s newest offering and why (or why not) you should swipe right.

Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

What Was Included In The Old Lifetime Boost Membership

Out with the old and in with the new and sexy.

Like you, Bumble knows its worth and realizes when it needs to upgrade.

The Lifetime Boost Membership was great and all but Bumble realized it could do better, so it moved on. But to understand the advancements Bumble has made we first need to look back at what it left behind.

To be fair, the Lifetime Boost Membership was already pretty dope.

It included unlimited swiping, advanced filters, the Beeline, and unlimited match extends.

We profiled the membership earlier this year and gave it a thumbs up.

Despite its good marks, Bumble still wanted to change things up. That brings us to Bumble Premium.

What’s Included In Bumble Premium?

For the most part, Bumble Premium and the Lifetime Boost Membership share some of the same features.

These features are all the same:

  • Unlimited Swiping
  • Advanced Filters
  • Unlimited Match Extends
  • The Beeline

Already Premium is off to a good start.

However, there are also three new services that Bumble adds to this bundle.

They are:

  • Spotlight
  • Travel
  • 5 Super Swipes

Spotlight functions in much the way Tinder’s Boost feature does.

Once activated your profile will be shuffled to the top of the deck of profiles. That means that once a new user signs on, it’s just about a guarantee that your profile will be viewed. In densely populated cities, using the Spotlight feature might be the only way your profile will be seen.

You’ll only be offered the Spotlight option once a month. With that in mind you’ll want to use it when the highest amount of users are online… so when is that exactly?

The Bumblebee cupids have researched this very quandary and have concluded that Sunday between the hours of 8pm and 10pm is the best time to use it. It’s right in that sweet time slot between when users have already binged 3 episodes of The Office and are ready for just one more distraction before the weekend is over.

That’s where you come in.

But Spotlight isn’t the only feature Bumble Premium offers.

Users also have access to Bumble Travel. This feature is a relatively new one for Bumble only having created it this year. While it might be a little late — Tinder Passport came out years ago — it couldn’t be more timely.

As expected enabling Bumble Travel means changing your location so you can swipe anywhere in the world. Want to skip off to Paris for lunch, cool. Milan for dinner, no worries. Or how about spending the weekend in Brussels. Your dating pool just got a whole lot deeper with the help of Bumble Travel.

It can be tempting to virtual jet set around the world, swiping right and chatting with foreign women. Here’s the thing, if you don’t actually intend on ever going to these places, there’s little point in swiping in them. Unless of course, you’re using Bumble to meet pen pals in which case go ahead.

Only use this feature when you intend on going to the city you’re swiping in. Use it before moving, going on vacation, or before a business trip.

The last feature that really sets Bumble Premium apart from the Lifetime Boost Membership is the 5 Super Swipes.

You receive 5 of these swipes a week. A Super Swipe is akin to Tinder’s Super Like feature.

You can use this feature when swiping. When viewing a profile, click on the heart-shaped icon to use a Super Swipe.

When the user you super swiped on sees your profile come up, a colorful ring will appear around your profile that indicates you’ve Super Swiped that user. Using this feature increases the odds that he or she will swipe right on your profile. Both Bumble and Tinder have offered data showing that this is the case. However, you shouldn’t use your Super Swipe on just any person.

Be realistic.

A Super Swipe increases your chances of a match, but it isn’t a magic genie. If you’re a female, use it on someone that’s out of your league. If you’re a guy, use it on someone that might just be slightly out of your league. We all know that women — pretty much regardless of how beautiful they appear in the profile — receive an abundance of likes from men that otherwise would be out of their league. Being that they can seemingly date 90% of the men on the app, guys need to try a bit harder and be a bit more strategic with how they dole out their Super Swipes.

While these features separate Bumble Premium from the Bumble of old, the upgrades beg the question of whether or not it’s worth purchasing?

Is Bumble Premium Worth It?

As a user-controlled inexpensive solution, absolutely.

To be clear, Bumble Premium costs $50 more than the Lifetime Boost Membership. The total comes to $199.

For a lifetime membership, this is a pretty solid deal. Let’s just hope you don’t need to use it for the entirety of your existence.

Remember that each of the new features offered in Bumble Premium can be used without the use of Bumble Premium. However, they come with a cost.

To use Bumble Travel for just seven days you’ll have to cough up $8. A single Spotlight costs almost $3 depending on the package of coins you purchase. A Bumble Super Swipe costs $2. These prices don’t include unlimited swiping, advanced filters, access to the Beeline, or any of the other features you get when you use Bumble Premium.

However, Bumble Premium is only worth it if you use the app in the way it’s meant to be used. Many a user will swipe while on the toilet to kill time or late at night when they’re in need of a confidence boost.

Don’t be that person.

Use the app as a dating app. Don’t just let matches collect like trophies and refuse to strike up a conversation.

50% of Tinder users have never met up with a match, and while that percentage is probably slightly lower for Bumble users, it can’t be by much.

Swipe around, start a convo, and use a TDL within 10 or so exchanges. Your goal is to transition the dynamic from one’s that’s exclusively virtual to one IRL as quickly as possible.

If you’re in a rural area, where you pretty much know everyone within a 100-mile radius, then Bumble Premium probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand you’re in a densely populated area and are ready to meet people you match with in the real world, then yes, Bumble Premium is made for you.

It is after all a dating app… so use it like one.

Do Previous Lifetime Boost Members Get Premium Free of Charge?

Yes they do!

I’ve read in another article there may have been a glitch when Bumble converted the lifetime users to premium. If there’s an error with your profile simply message Bumble via their FB page – they get back to you really quickly.

Is Bumble Premium a Complete Solution?


No dating app can magically find you love. A dating app is nothing more than a tool. If I handed you (a novice tennis player) a tennis racket and asked you to hit an ace you probably couldn’t. There’s little use in having a tool at your disposal if you don’t know how to use it, or refuse to use it.

If the problem is being romantically alone, Bumble’s premium service might not be the complete solution.

A complete solution is a bit more hands-on.

It involves a bit more coaching and matchmaking.

But o where, o where could you possibly find a service as comprehensive as this one?

Yes, of course, we were going to pitch our own services. Look, it’s not that we’re cocky, we’re just really good at turning you into a dating pro.

With emlovz, you have coaches and matchmakers on your team. Instead of logging into an app whenever you have a romantic need that needs satisfying, you can instead consult with the experts.

So how exactly do we go about finding you love?

For our coaching clients, we teach you how to date.

Look, there’s no reason in setting you up with the date of your dreams if you’re a lousy date. Before sending you up to the plate, we first need to teach you how to swing a bat.

We do this by offering 12 sessions over the course of a 12-week span. You’ll have the option of taking these weekly sessions alone or in a group of 6-12 other singles in your exact same position. Throughout the course, you’ll learn the skills needed to become a master dater. We’ll teach you how to create a compelling online profile, how to effectively create first, second, and third date, how to MegaDate, and of course how to mine for dates are your own.

If you’re too busy to look for dates on your own, we also offer matchmaking services.

When our matchmakers set you up on dates (with super compatible matches btw), we’re not picking a name out of a hat like other matchmakers. Instead, our team of love recruiters comb through our database and just about every social media site in your city on hunt for potential matches that you’re compatible with — according to the preferences you’ve provided.

Our matchmakers vet and interview every possible match just for you — only setting you up with the most qualified matches. You’ll get a 50 minute onboarding session with your matchmaker, pre/post date coaching for each date, email/text reminders so you stay on track, and a few other goodies.

Look, Bumble Premium is great and all, but alone, it may not be enough to find you a partner. You may need that little extra help to ignite your love life.

That’s where we come in.

Get started now by booking a New Client Session with me or one of my coaches today to learn more about how we can turn your dating fortunes around. Together we’ll create a tailor-made dating plan aimed at fulfilling all your dating goals.

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