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Are Dating Coaches Worth It?

By Emyli LovzMay 25, 2019Strategy
are dating coaches worth it

Considering hiring an expert to help you reach your interpersonal goals and wondering “Are dating coaches worth it?”

In an ideal situation we’d have a coach for every aspect of our life. Having a cooking, parenting, and wellness coach on call would certainly make our lives easier. This is because coaches are dynamic forces of knowledge that use their smarts to push us towards our goals.

The beauty of hiring a dating coach is that you’ll have a coach that provides you with individual attention as she propels you towards arguably the most important goal of all; making meaningful romantic connections.

It’d be nice to have a coach to help you organize your home or teach you how to rock climb, but it’s clear that some coaches are just more important than others. Americans say that their most pressing problems include a lack of financial well-being, low self-esteem, and an absent romantic life. Sure a tennis coach sounds cool and all, but is it actually what you need right now?

So are dating coaches worth it? That depends on how much you value your own happiness. If you’re an asexual being aloof to romance, then hiring a dating coach shouldn’t be a priority. But if you’re one of the 29% of Americans that didn’t have sex in 2018, you might find that investing in a dating coach is a worthy investment.

You might argue that with a little research and motivation you can find yourself a partner without the help of hiring a trained wingwoman. That may well be the case. That being said, what if you’ve been trying to woo your romantic interests since you hit puberty with little luck? Reading a couple articles and hitting a few more bars with your buddies most likely won’t yield the results you’re yearning for.

A dating coach on the other hand is a trained professional with years of experience in assisting an eclectic mix of men get the woman of their dreams. Hiring a dating coach is a shortcut to romantic success. Of course there’s cost associated with hiring a dating coach. Therefore, let’s find out together if a dating coach is worth it for you.

Who Have You Modeled?

The skills needed to woo your romantic interest should have been organically learned throughout the course of your life. These skills would have been picked up through interactions with women but in particular while watching your models at work. Did you grow up around men and women that taught you what meaningful romantic interactions look like?

Perhaps your parents taught you all you needed to known about effectively interacting with women. If this is the case you probably already seamlessly interact with women in both platonic and romantic contexts.

We receive an education in social interaction through models. Your lack of prowess with women may come from a dearth of role models during your childhood. Perhaps these role models were present but their lessons were never absorbed. If these models had little effect on your social habits, a dating coach might be a worthy investment.

How Is Your Current Dating Strategy Working Out?

Whether you know it or not, everyone has a dating strategy. Perhaps this strategy isn’t analyzed with the help of a post-interaction film session or copious planning, but a strategy exists nevertheless.

So tell me, how effective has your strategy been for you? Have you been able to reach your romantic goals? Do you even have romantic goals? A concrete strategy involves creating reasonably attainable goals and a plan to satisfy these goals.

A dating coach will help you define your dating goals and subsequently create a plan that will help you achieve them. In this way you’ll have a checklist of what must be done in order to succeed romantically. Without a well-defined strategy you’ll be flailing around wildly without understanding which areas of your romantic life need more investment.

You can hash out a plan on your own but you’ll only have so much success. A little assistance from a dating professional is a shortcut that will lead to the building of intimate relationships.

What’s Your Dating Budget?

Let me run some numbers by you.

The average America male spends approximately $1,600 a year on dating. That number more than doubles if you’re dating in a major city like NYC or San Francisco.

There are a couple things to consider here. One is that despite spending more than $1,600 a year on dating, are you being rewarded for your investment? Are women going on second dates with you and are you building meaningful relationships? If you’re investing thousands on women and still not getting the results you want, something is seriously wrong.

You might be reluctant at first to shell out hundreds of dollars on a dating coach. But what if a coach could in the long run save you money? With the help of yours truly you’ll learn how to win over a woman while spending a total of $10 on the first two dates combined.

Clients that sign up for my 3-month Signature Program not only become more effective daters, but save money in the process. This is primarily because those that enroll in the program learn how to implement MegaDating tactics.

MegaDating is a dating practice that focuses on going on a plethora of dates. In the ideal MegaDating scenario you’d be going on at least three dates a week. There are various benefits associated with the dating prolifically. By seeing multiple women a week you’ll become a late-blooming social butterfly, increase your confidence, learn to flirt, learn what type of person you’re interested in, and find a romantic partner in a short period of time.

Let me briefly outline how you’ll save money by touching on basic MegaDating principles.

First Date

Practitioners of MD adhere to strict dating rules. First dates can last no longer than an hour and no more than $10 must be spent on the date. Most likely the person you’ll be going on this date with is a complete stranger. Why would you want to spend half a day and splurge on a complete stranger that you might not even like? An hour gives you and your date enough time to determine if you’d like to see each other again.

Second Date

If you thought first dates were cheap that’s because you’ve never gone on a second date that adhered to MegaDating rules. A second date should be both active and free.

This dating strategy allows you to date various women without it eating up every waking hour of you life. By capping the amount of money for each date you’ll be able to spend less while dating more. These are just the basics tenants of MegaDating. To gain an intimate understanding of this innovative dating solution, select a time for us to chat.

Are Dating Coaches Worth It? Yes, Especially If You Are Not Getting Past The 1st or 2nd Date

Honestly, scoring a first date isn’t that big of a deal. Hell, some girls will go out with a dude just to get a free meal, used daters even came up with a name for it –sneating. It’s great that women are accepting your invitations, but if these dates never lead to the building of a substantial relationship, you’re just wasting your time.

What if you could learn what you were doing wrong and fix these problems? How much would that be worth to you? A qualified dating coach will address this complex hurtle and lift you over any dating hump that you might be encountering.

Who Do You Have To Rely On For Emotional & Strategical Support?

It’s always nice to have a second pair of eyes when examine a situation. Whether it be searching for the right mortgage or recalling a date to figure out what went wrong, it’s always nice to have another person to provide a different perspective.

A dating coach will be there to help you understand your date’s behavior and help motivate you should things not go your way. You can always rely on a friend for support, but they won’t give you the care and attention that a hired dating coach will. Not to mention that it’s more advisable to bounce ideas off of a professional than an amateur.

How Much Do You Value Solutions To Dating Problems?

Not everyone cares equally about his or her dating life. Perhaps you’re too focused on work right now to spend time building a relationship from the ground up. What matters is how much you care about fixing the problems at hand.

Personally, when there’s a major impediment in my life, I do everything in my power to fix it. Usually the most efficient way to fix the problem at hand is to hire and consult with a professional. I’ve hired skin coaches, marketing consultants, and have hired psychologists that have helped me diagnose a few niche issues that me or my clients have had. And many of these coaches aren’t even in my city.

The truth is that there are people out there that are just better in certain areas of life than you are. These people shouldn’t be targets of envy, but should be consulted with so that you can learn from them and improve your life.

I live by the motto that if I have a problem, then I can either learn or hire someone to help me fix the problem. And once the problem is fixed, then I no longer have a problem. Success is always within reach, all you have to do is find the solution.

So now I put the question to you, are dating coaches worth it? To find out why not schedule a 1-on-1 Skype New Client Skype Session with me to find out? We’ll talk about your goals, dating history, create a plan that will help you achieve your goals, and see if my 3-month Signature Program could be right for you.