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How To Tell If She Has A Boyfriend

By Emyli LovzSeptember 3, 2017Strategy
how to tell if she has a boyfriend

Do you want to know how to tell if a she has a boyfriend? Is it hard to pick out the single women from a group of girls at a bar or club? It’s a bad idea to try me take another man’s girl but if there’s no man in sight, how can you tell if she has a boyfriend? Don’t worry–I can help. Once you know the specific body language cues to look for, you’ll realize just how easy it is. 

Does She Prolong Eye Contact?

Gauge what her eyes are doing. Is she looking around the room checking out single guys or is she absorbed in conversation with friends, oblivious to her surroundings? Single women look up when men walk by them and they prolong their eye contact.

Women in relationships tend to look down and naturally avoid eye contact because their intention is not to meet single guys. They are focused on where they are headed and what they are doing. If she has a boyfriend, she may look up for a moment but her eyes won’t linger. 

In contrast, single women are more present in their environments. They look up and make an effort to connect. These ladies are looking for more human interaction with men than women with boyfriends are. It’s clearly demonstrated in their body language. 

If you want to know if she has a boyfriend, I recommend making eye contact with her. When you do, pay attention to her reaction. Does she look up and hold your gaze for more than a couple seconds? If so, this is a strong indicator of interest and she wants you to approach. 

Is She Speaking Loudly?

You can often tell if a woman has a boyfriend based on the volume of her voice. Single women tend to want more attention than women in relationships. Women who want men to notice them talk louder and use bigger hand gestures than women who are taken.

Is She Wearing Heels?

When I was single, I wore heels everywhere I went. I loved looking feminine and well put-together. Now that I’m in a relationship, however, I never wear them. The reality is that they’re super uncomfortable and a huge commitment. When a woman stops looking for the attention of single men, she stops wearing heels. They only come out for special occasions. If you see a woman wearing heels on a Tuesday night-and they’re clearly not work shoes, you can pretty much guarantee she’s single. 

Does She Look At Other Men?

A woman’s behavior can tell you a lot about whether or not she has a boyfriend. If she’s glued to her phone, oblivious to the world, you can safely assume that she isn’t single. Alternatively, if you notice her casually trying to get closer in proximity to single men, subtly glancing at the guys behind her in the line at Starbucks, or just looking at a couple of men across the street, she probably does not have a boyfriend.

Is She Wearing A Lot Of Makeup?

Single women work harder to look good because they want male attention. Women who wear makeup at places like the gym–where most women don’t wear makeup–are doing so because they want men to approach them. When you notice that a girl is wearing a lot of makeup in places where it seems out of place, she probably doesn’t have a boyfriend and wants you to approach her

Is Her Hair Up or Down?

Single women take a lot of time to get ready. Hair is often the part of their routine that takes the longest. That means, it’s also the first place women cut back on when they’re in a relationship. It’s a million times easier to throw your hair into a ponytail but it’s also less sexy. If a woman’s hair is down and curly or glossy, it took her a long time and she did it for a reason. If her hair is in a ponytail, it’s a big tell that she’s probably in a relationship. 

Does She Give You Hints?

Strike up a meaningful conversation and listen closely for cues. Women who have boyfriends tend to mention it early on in conversation, especially when they are talking with men they’ve just met. Many women make blatant statements like “my boyfriend and I” or “Keith and I” to demonstrate that they are taken. Listen for more subtle indicators like “we did this last weekend” or “we have to do that tomorrow.”

Another option is to speak to one of her friends before approaching her. Be polite and respectful. Make sure she knows that you don’t just want to take her friend home for a one nighter. And don’t forget to small talk a bit before you ask if her friend has a boyfriend. 

Once her friend decides whether you could make the cut, she’ll tell you if her friend is single. But if she has a boyfriend, you can be sure that the girl’s friend is still gonna report back. So prepare for some curious glances.

Gain Some Insight

Don’t be easily dissuaded from putting yourself out there- it takes a lot of confidence. Not every girl will want to talk to you. Just like you have different tastes and preferences, so do they!

If you want to gain insight on better ways to approach women, feel free to contact me! You can book a session with me and I will personally help you find the best strategy to sort out available women from unavailable ones.


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