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It’s Emyli again, America’s dating coach for men. You’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract beautiful women. In this segment of EmLovzTV, you’re going to learn how to approach beautiful women. Plus, I’m gonna explain to you why it’s easier to attract a perfect 10, than it is a 7.

So… I went to this Halloween party a few weeks ago and was completely shocked at what I saw. Men and women standing across the room from one another like it was a 6th grade dance.

Hello people! Why aren’t these guys talking to any of these beautiful women? Going further, why aren’t any of these single guys approaching women? Everyone is standing in groups, looking around, waiting for someone else to make a move.

HOLY TOLEDOS BATMAN! (Literally, Batman was there)

This is a recipe for disaster!

Guys, here’s the thing: less than 1% of all women ever approach men first. It is not the normal method of interaction for a woman. In fact, it feels super unnatural.

What this means for you: if you want to talk to improve the outcome of whatever event you’re at, YOU have to be the one to initiate the action. Suck it up and start approaching women. 

I know, I know. You didn’t land on my blog for a lecture. You probably want some answers or tips. We’re getting there.

First check out my video below on how to approach beautiful women. You’ll learn how to approach a woman you don’t know, including why it’s easier to attract a 10 than it is a 7.

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Beautiful Women (10’s) Get Approached Less

One thing you need to understand before we dive into approaching women. Simple truth- most men have an intense fear of rejection. It’s painful to feel unaccepted, and it’s easy to seem inadequate in the presence of a beautiful woman.

The secret that most guys don’t realize is that beautiful women (10’s) who put in an effort to look attractive do it for the simple fact that they crave attention and validation.

This makes them easier to attract than sevens, eights, and nines alike. The reason for this is threefold: for the simple reason that they seem intimidating and get approached less, 10’s crave attention more, 10’s are only trained to handle compliments.

This is hard to believe, but it’s true. The fear of rejection is relative to the amount of social value someone has. Therefore, it feels more painful to get rejected by a beautiful woman than it does a mediocre one. Think about it- it’s easier to make up an excuse to say face when you get rejected by a seven: “she’s got a big nose” or “her foreheads too short” or “she has a third nipple.” You weren’t into her anyway. 🙂

But that story is harder to believe when a woman is clearly demonstrating a high social value (a 10). Since social value is relative, the higher a woman’s value- the lower your perceived value is if you get rejected. And this leads to my next important theory regarding regarding approaching women.

But first, if you’re worried about rejection, take a look at my article on “Why Did She Reject Me” to learn about some common reasons why women reject men and a little personal story about my fear of rejection. 

Beautiful Women (10’s) Are Only Trained to Handle Compliments

What this means for you is that because so many men fear this rejection, they play it safe by talking to women they think they have a better chance with.

That leaves about 10% of men who actually mustered the courage to say something to the beautiful woman. What’s more is that of this 10%, 9 out of 10 men will play the compliment card, because they figure only a biatch would reject the nice genuine complementary guy.

And if the beautiful woman does reject you for complimenting her, a biatch is exactly what you’ll call her to make yourself feel better. 

Guys listen: even the nicest woman in the world becomes a biatch when she has to hear “you’re so beautiful” a hundred times a day. Yes she wants the attention, but she’s also trying to weed out the try-hards and find a man of superior social value.

She doesn’t go around telling guys how hot they are, duh. She’s a 10, she doesn’t need to do that.

So what do you think she instantly knows about a guy who complements her physical appearance right off the bat? You got it- “this guy ain’t in my league.”

Beautiful Woman (10’s) Crave Attention More

Okay I know you’re probably confused: “So Emyli, you’re saying that a beautiful woman wants attention and doesn’t get approached as much as a seven or eight? And that she rejects every guy who complements her?”

YES- so isn’t that kind of counterintuitive.

“Well then why should I go for her and not the 7?”

Because seduction is counterintuitive. Yes she wants your attention, but she also wants the right kind of attention. If you can give it to her she’ll be easier to attract then a 7.

Like attracts like, therefore a high value woman desires a high value man. Since value is relative, if you increase her perception of your social value you can easily attract her.  

To do this you have to get her to question her own value. Dating industry folk call this Negging, and the famous book the Mystery Method defines it as a “subtle yet negative statement that puts a target off guard and makes her question her own value increasing yours on a relative basis.” There are good and bad ways to “neg.” I always recommend if you are going to neg – make it light and fun and never personal

Here are three examples of what you could say: “I have to ask you where you got your necklace, my girl would love that.” Or: Can I ask you ladies a question, I need a female perspective: where would you recommend taking a woman on a third date?” Or if you are bold: “If I was three years older you’d be my type.”

Negging can be used to reverse the normal patterns a beautiful woman expects, in order to get her to chase you. Additional examples include hitting on her friends who are obviously less attractive while challenging them to some sort of competition. I go into this further in my online dating course for men.

The important fact is that you actually have a better chance with a ten, if you break the mold and don’t compliment her. Try it and see.

Talk to three beautiful women this week and lead with a light and fun neg. It’ll take the pressure off of both of you, and will increase her perception of your social value. 

Wanna discuss approaching women with me? Struggling to understand where to meet women you can actually approach?

I’m here to help – head over to my calendar and book a new client Skype coaching session with me. Let me know you are struggling to learn how to approach beautiful women, and I’ll help you create a personal strategy for your particular situation. 

With Love,

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