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How to Get Her in the Mood on Date #3

How to Get Her in the Mood on Date #3

How to Get Her in the Mood on Date #3

Congrats, you’ve made it to date #3 with that special gal. This is the time to make your move, as date #3 is the perfect moment for you to seal the deal – so you’d better be sure you know how to get her in the mood fast. If you lose your chance on date #3, you’re on your way to the friendzone, and that is a place you definitely do not want to be (especially after two amazing dates!). As a dating coach that’s conducted a 100 Date Experiment I’ve discovered that Date #3 is a turning point in any early relationship, and knowing how to get her in the mood decides the success of this date.

So how do you make sure you know how to get your date in the mood? Use my proven tips below to get your date in the mood so you can close the deal and enjoy an excellent third date.

Make Sure Date #2 Was Physical

The best way to ensure an exceptional date #3 is to have successfully completed a physical activity together on the second date. This could have been a hike, jiu-jitsu class, a cooking class, playing frisbee in the park, or another fun and casual physical activity. Here’s two articles on physical second date ideas that get you moving and 13 other second date ideas that’ll knock her socks off.

This allows you to touch her a few days before you do the deed, thus warming her up to you and getting her in the mood for your date – and after date activities. You can also check out my article on where to touch a girl to get her in the mood if you need further help with this topic. 

Warm Her Up Before the Actual Date

This can be as simple as sending her a sweet text a couple of hours for before date number three. A sweet pre date text helps to break the ice and calm her nerves, since date #3 usually means sex if everything goes well. Sending 4 or 5 texts maximum to her the day of the date is a great way to get her in the mood without going overboard. This allows you to flirt and build tension with her before the date. Here’s an example of how to get her in the mood by texting: “Hey cutie, just letting you know I’ll be on time for our dinner at 8pm. Looking forward to seeing you :). Can I get a sneak peek of what you’ll be wearing?”

Saturday Night Fever

Another surefire way to get her in the mood is a Saturday night get together. If a woman accepts a third date with you, make sure you schedule it for a Saturday evening. There’s a much greater likelihood she’ll be in the mood during the evening. Plus, she’s most likely off work on Sunday, so she’ll be able to relax more knowing she can sleep in the next day. This rids your date of any worries of a rushed weekday morning.

Further to this point, my 1-on-1 clients always ask me “how to get her in the mood without her knowing“.  Using tips like scheduling a third date on a Saturday evening is a great subliminal way to achieve this goal, and get one step closer to intimacy! 

Immediately Increase Your Touching

Slowly hug your date right when you meet her. If you’ve kissed already, then kiss her right away when you meet her. Make sure you reserve a booth at the restaurant. Sit next to her so you can have your hand on her thigh the whole night. DO NOT sit across from her, as this conveys a business feel, and no girl will get into the mood if they think they are on an interview. Get saucy and split a dessert with her – that always gets women in the mood. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream, anyone?

Have an After Dinner Spot Picked Out Ahead of Time

If your date is not sold on closing the deal with you at the end of dinner, take her to a preselected lounge for an after hour drink. Make sure to compliment her as you are walking her to the next space of the evening. An honest compliment is a proven way to get your date in the mood. Be prepared for the night cap. Have a bottle of alcohol at your house that has a story to go with it. This way during the date you can tell her all about this amazing exotic rum/vodka/whiskey/wine that you got to get her excited about it. Then naturally suggest she come up to try it for a night cap. That’s an effortless way to get her to agree to come with you to your place and get her in the mood fast. 

Be Clear and Direct with Your Intentions

At the end of dinner or at the lounge, tell her what you want. You can make a simple and sincere statement like, “I want to take you back to my place and spend some more time with you.” Then take a minute to be silent and see if she says yes. Make sure you are being direct, but not crass, and she’s bound to give you an honest answer. Being direct is a real turn on and a great way to get your date in the mood fast. Nothing is more sexy than a man who’s straightforward and knows what he wants.

Utilizing the above tips can not only help you know how to get your date in the mood, but can ensure she’ll be coming back for more. I want your date #3 to go smoothly and be enjoyable, which my 6 tips should help you accomplish. The third date is a big step in any relationship and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For more third date resources, see the below articles: 

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If you’d like more personalized third date advice, or more tips on how to get her in the mood, try booking a coaching session with me. Working directly with a dating coach can make a huge impact on your dating life, and of course on your upcoming make-or-break third date.

Haven’t gotten to a third date with someone special in a while? Perhaps my dating profile services could help you improve your overall online dating game. I have packages for all coaching needs, ranging from a basic profile assessment to a full blown dating profile writer service plus coaching sessions. I’d love to put my experience to use and help you find the woman of your dreams and ensure you have all the knowledge you need to know how to get her in the mood.

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