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4 Ways to Escalate Sexual Attraction Authentically by Reversing Expectations

4 Ways to Escalate Sexual Attraction Authentically by Reversing Expectations

It’s Emyli again, America’s female dating coach for men & women. You’re watching EmLovzTV, your place to be if you are trying to meet and attract the perfect partner. Wanna know what it takes to escalate sexual attraction with your date? If so, you aren’t alone – dating escalation is a major topic and once mastered, will help you avoid the friendzone for good. 

A student of mine was watching The EmLovz Academy for Men (my online dating course) and had a great question that I thought would be helpful to share.

In my “Sexual Attraction” module of this course, I say that using reverse psychology to flip a woman’s expectations about your intentions can be a helpful way to escalate sexual attraction. I give specific examples men can use, such as “I’m not like every other guy” and “a woman has to earn that, I’m not easy after all.”

The question my student had was, how do you work these things in to conversation authentically so it seems natural.

4 Examples to Easily Escalate Sexual Attraction Naturally


Dating Escalation Example #1

Let’s say you two are kissing and she expects you to say, “let’s go back to my place” or you drive her home and you’re kissing and she says “do you want to come up?” Instead of doing what every other guy would do, you could then reverse her expectations by saying “I’d like to but I’m not the type of guy to get intimate before I really know someone.” This would flip her script and make you appear more valuable… as long as it’s not done on the third date, which is the date you do want to become intimate. 

Dating Escalation Example #2

Another example to escalate sexual attraction would be if you’re being really social and talking to all of people in an environment. She might allude to you being a player and say something like “you must be great with women… You can use the “I’m not like other guys, I’m social but I’m also very selective” to raise your value in her eyes. 

You want to stimulate competition in her subconsciously by suggesting that a woman has to earn your intimacy and approval. Not enough men do this but they should. It’s a powerful way to get her to chase you, not the other way around.

Dating Escalation Example #3

Sometimes women will be insecure and allude to the fact that they’re dating a lot of guys. This is because they want to see if it makes a man jealous. Then they may suggest that you are probably doing the same thing and that it’s “ok.” Here is another example where you would say “I’m not like other guys” to completely reverse her perception. This should escalate sexual attraction without you looking like a dope. 

Dating Escalation Example #4

Last example would be if she sees a picture of you on social media or a dating site and there’s other women in the photo. She might allude to the fact that you must be dating lots of women. Again you can use the line “I’m not like other guys, I’m looking for something that’s real” or a similar phrase that communicates that you are selective. 

These are just examples but hopefully they are helpful in solidifying the reverse psychology concept in escalating sexual attraction. It’s important to demonstrate that you’re deeper than surface level and reversing expectations can help you do that effectively. If you’d like to check out my online dating course for men (Emlovz Academy), click the link in this sentence. 

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