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Wondering where to meet singles in San Francisco? In college, meeting singles was easy – wasn’t it? 

Walk out of your room and you’re immediately surrounded by thousands of eligible women your age. Making friends in college was as easy as explicitly asking someone on your floor to get a bite to eat, and bam, you have yourself a friend. Those were the golden days of building relationships. Nowadays, we have to work a bit Keep Reading

how to date in san francisco

Believe me, I hear it all the time: “It’s too hard to date in San Francisco” or “Why is it so hard to date in San Francisco?” 

But as a dating coach based in San Francisco with many clients in the area, I’m here to tell you: No it’s not.

In fact, I’m going to show you how to improve your chances of not only scoring high quality, amazing dates, but how to find the Keep Reading

san francisco matchmaker

Dating can be tricky no matter where you live. But if you live in a major metropolitan city like San Francisco, finding romance can be especially difficult. San Francisco is an amazing place bustling with activities, gorgeous views, and impressive career opportunities. But all that bustle doesn’t always lend itself to the dating world. This is one reason why you might be considering looking up a San Francisco matchmaker.

After all, why go through the … Keep Reading

alternatives to online dating in san francisco

Looking for alternatives to online dating in San Francisco?

Are you tired of swiping? Bored of sending the same “How are you?” and “What are you up to?” messages to strangers over and over again? Ashamed by setting up a date and canceling last minute because you are exhausted from work and have been on several dates this week already?

Or worse, have you been ghosted or stood up yourself? When going on a Keep Reading

dating in san francisco in your 30's for guys

If you’re dating in San Francisco in your 30s, you have a lot to celebrate. San Francisco is an amazing city, teaming with awesome things to do and interesting people to meet. Being in your 30s also offers you a lot of advantages, being that you are in that “sweet spot” where a broad range of women is looking for guys just like you — yes, YOU!

Still, there are tips and tricks that you … Keep Reading

church of 8 wheels sf

If you can perform basic feats of logic, you know that if you succeed on your first date then you will need to put together a second one. If you have been paying attention to the overall dating advice here on EmLovz, then you know that the repeat performance needs to extend the shorter meeting and greeting format of the first date into something more extended and more physical. In this article, you’ll learn some Keep Reading

finding love in san francisco

Are you looking for love, marriage, or a long term relationship here in the San Francisco Bay Area? Let me re-frame that…..are you STILL looking for love, marriage, or a long term relationship here in the San Francisco Bay Area? As a San Francisco Dating Coach, it boggles my mind that so many good looking, fun, and successful locals are still knocking their heads and wondering “why am I still single?”

The San Francisco Keep Reading

Who Pays on a First Date in the Bay Area Men or Women

During my 100 date experiment back in 2011, I quickly discovered that the first date bill could be pretty awkward. Some guys had no problem picking it up, while others wanted to awkwardly split it. Even today my clients continue to ask me “Should a guy pay on a first date?” or “is it ok to split the bill on a first date?”

It’s been a question for ages, so what’s the right answer – Keep Reading