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10 “Together We Could” Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

10 “Together We Could” Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

Hinge has been making waves lately.

From adding its now viral Voice Prompt feature to its Last Active feature, Hinge hasn’t been idle during the pandemic.

But while Hinge is receiving praise for its newest additions, it’s the prompts that are still its main claim to fame.

Hinge claims it’s the “dating app designed to be deleted.”

It has a number of built-in anti-superficial features designed to make meaningful connections.

There is no more anti-superficial feature than the three written prompts all users are required to write.

One of the most popular Hinge prompts as of late is, “Together we could…”

together we could hinge prompt

In this article, we’ll be supplying you with 100% original “Together we could…” Hinge prompt responses that will inspire you to craft a witty response of your own (or just steal ours).

But first…

Why Even Write A Hinge Prompt?

Well, you don’t exactly have a choice.

Before you’re allowed to court other users you must have completed your profile. 

That means:

  • Answering 3 prompts
  • Uploading 6 photos
  • Providing certain personal information

Hinge is doing you a favor in requiring you to answer prompts. 

Doing so humanizes your profile and gives you the chance to stand out.

Prompt answers are also conversation starters and are often liked and commented on.

“Together We Could” Hinge Prompt Responses

You’re just another playing card in a deck full of profiles just like yours.

The best way to stand out is to take a moment to craft a truly unique prompt response. 

Something that resembles one of these should do the trick.

1) Lure Her In With The Travel Life

together we could hinge prompt

Everyone is a world traveler nowadays, and if they’re not, they binge-watch videos of people just like themselves traveling the world.

Tease her with this fantasy.

Speak to her desires and let her know that you two yearn for the same things.

The beauty with Hinge is that instead of merely swiping right on a profile, you’re allowed to like and comment on certain content. You can like and comment on a photo or in this case a witty prompt response that tickles her fancy.

2) Bond Over What You Dislike (read: hate with an unparalleled passion)

together we could hinge prompt

Polarization is what dating apps are all about.

I mean, of course, they’re all about attracting people and making connections, but the best way to do this is by showcasing who you really are.

That means only using a specific type of bait to catch a specific type of fish.

It’d be a curse to have every woman on Hinge like your profile.

If that were the case you’d waste a copious amount of time getting to know women you’re not compatible with.

So instead, be polarizing.

Write about your politics, pet peeves, and obscure hobbies.

Doing so will filter out women you’re not meant to be with.

3) The Change-up

together we could hinge prompt

Speaking to her fantasies is never a bad idea — as long as her fantasies are yours as well.

I particularly like this together we could Hinge prompt response because when you begin to read it you’re expecting a cliche answer about how you two dominate the world, yadayada, only for the reader to be taken for a spin as they realize that instead of conquering the world, they’ll simply be a jet setter.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

4) Make It Local

together we could hinge prompt

The more local you make it the more likely it is that she can connect with your prompt.

Chances are she’s heard of that bar, gone to that restaurant, or yes, even jumped in that lake.

Making it local not only tells her that you too are a local (thus are probably looking for a serious relationship) but gives you two something super easy to bond over.

Not only this, but it easily allows you to steer the conversation towards asking her out to the place you wrote about in your prompt.

Should she comment on a place you name-drop in your response, simply ask her a few follow-up questions before using a TDL to ask her out.

Ask Her Out With A TDL

TDL stands for time, date, location. 

Remember that you can’t date within a dating app.

The whole point of a dating app is to connect with someone enough to the point that you want to ask them out.

When that time comes (and it should come before 20 messages are exchanged) you’ll want to use a TDL.

Here’s an example of a TDL at work.

“Hey Nicky. Considering our music preferences are so compatible we should hit up Gaga’s for karaoke this Thursday at 7.”

A TDL is specific in that it makes known when and where a date will take place. It allows her to see the date, consider it, and ultimately make a decision.

Ideally, you want to ask her on a first date that:

  • Takes place during the day
  • Is cheap
  • Is brief
  • Located close to her home or place of work
  • Is memorable

5) Make It Zany

together we could hinge prompt

Look, you’ve got to stand out.

Even if you’re writing a seemingly absurd Hinge response, getting noticed is better than having her swipe past you without investing the five seconds it takes to read your prompt.

Granted, the one response above is a tad ridiculous, the point is that getting noticed on a dating app is super difficult.

Especially when the gender ratio so heavily favors men.

While Hinge’s male-female ratio isn’t as lopsided as Tinder’s or Bumble’s it’s still a sausage fest.

best hinge prompt

As you can see, 64.7% of users are male while 35.3% are female.

This means women can be as picky as they like and still score oodles of matches.

To stand out you really need to invest in creating a response that stands out. This means writing down a few response options, A/B testing, and revising until you’ve found one that works.

6) Make It You – “Together We Could” Hinge Prompt

best hinge prompt

Like, ain’t always chocolates and roses.

Sometimes it’s more like doomsday prepping and mental breakdowns.

This is the time to tell her who you really are (or make a hyperbolic joke about the state of the world we live in).

Whatever you have to do to get noticed and build rapport – do it.

Just be sure that whatever you’re writing targets a certain type of person.

What Makes A Good Hinge Response?

By now you should have some idea of what a quality Hinge response looks like.

To be considered a high-quality response, your prompt answer should do at least one of three things.

  • Make her laugh
  • Reveal specifics about your personality
  • Lend itself to a first date idea

Your goal with these responses is to humanize yourself. 

The best way to do so is to write responses that are humorous and reveal aspects of your personality.

Ideally, you write a response that does all three of these things.

But considering that’s not always easy, a response that accomplishes at least one of the three should be just fine.

7) Living The Italian Dream

best hinge prompt

Take her on a tour of your future.

Show her what life with you will look like.

Talk about all the amazing things you’ll do together, places you’ll go, and dreams you’ll see come true.

Even if it’s all bologna, it doesn’t matter.

She wants to be wooed.

She wants a guy that will stand out, one that will fantasize with her.

In other words, she wants you.

8) Yeah, There Are A Lot Of Two-Person Activities Out There

best hinge prompt

There are some things in life that were just meant for two people.

Tell her what you’re interested in as well as throw out a first date idea or two by listing the many activities you’re into that require two people.

Some other things include:

  • Drinking wine and painting
  • A dictionary partner
  • Hiking buddy
  • Dog walking companion
  • Tandem bicycling
  • Monogamous sex

These are just a few activities you might consider popping into your profile.

When in doubt, give her ample information about yourself. Sooner or later something you say will resonate with her.

9) Well That’s New

best hinge respones

As far as together we could hinge prompts go, this might be the most out there.

But that’s okay.

In fact, if she likes your brand of humor it could be better than okay, it could even get you a like.

As you can see, this prompt doesn’t suggest a first date idea nor reveal too much about your personality (apart from that you’re a jokester). What it does do is genuinely make her laugh out loud and smile, both of which are always welcomed responses to a Hinge prompt.

10) Well That’s New: Together We Could Hinge Prompt

best hinge respones


People love talking junk about conspiracy theories (even other conspiracy theorists).

People also love hanging out with other like-minded people. Talking smack about QAnon and conspiracy theorists is a quick and easy way to filter out certain people while attracting other people (read; reptilians).

Whether you’re bashing a group or not, always try to inject a bit of playful humor into your response.

Too many people would simply write, “make fun of QAnon.”

But such a laconic answer doesn’t have the kind of punch and wit that would encourage a woman to like your profile.

Really take full advantage of the 150 characters you’re provided to write an answer that’s longer than just a few words.

 All About The Photos

While Hinge is known as one of the least superficial apps out there, it’s still a dating app.

This means users will place great importance on how you look.

If you don’t have a solid 6-photo roster of photos you need to your Hinge photos in order.

Here are some must-heed photo tips:

  • No selfies
  • No photos with exes or only women
  • Smile, smile, smile!
  • Keep that shirt on
  • Never obscure your face with glasses, scarves, hats, etc.
  • HD photos are a must

If you’re wondering about the types of photos you should display, consider these:

  • First photo: headshot
  • Second photo: full body shot
  • Third photo: group photo
  • Fourth photo: hobbie hsot
  • Fifth photo: GQ shot
  • Sixth photo: Sporty or animal photo

The Next Steps

Feel like a Hinge prompt pro yet?

Not really?

That’s fine.

Learning how to create a profile that gets positive attention takes time.

That being said, if you want to take a shortcut, consider enrolling in our Dating Decoded program.

In this program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of online dating along with every other crucial dating skill you’ll need to succeed in 2022.

Book a 1-on-1 Zoom call with one of our coaches to learn more about how our program can help you. During the call, we’ll listen to your dating objectives and help you determine if our program is a good fit for you.

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