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How To Let Go Of A Woman You’re Dating

By Emyli LovzJuly 24, 2019Strategy
How To Let Go Of A Woman You’re Dating

Let’s first make things clear. Figuring out how to let go of a woman you’re dating is different than breaking up with a girlfriend. This article pertains to the former. If you need some advice on how to axe your soon to be ex, avert your attention this way.

Now where were we?

If you’re a MegaDater, you know what it’s like to date multiple women in order to find your most compatible mate. But seeing as how Cupid can’t be everyone at once, you’ll eventually have to end some of these nascent relationships. Learning how to effectively snub a woman will ensure that you don’t carry on a relationship out of pity.

There are plenty of ways to inform a woman that you no longer wish to see them romantically. To make this act of rejection easy for you, let’s outline a few ways you can let go of a woman you’re dating.

How to Let Go of a Woman You’re Dating Option 1: Ghosting

Ghosting is the preferred method of young people to signal their disinterest to the person they’ve been seeing. It’s worse than getting flaked on.

Much maligned by the older generations, old-school lovers use ghosting as just one more example of how socially inept the younger generation is. Though no matter the age, it’s likely that we’ve all been ghosted at one point. But what is ghosting?

Imagine if the girl you were dating died. That’s right. If she died, she isn’t able to answer your calls, texts, DMs, LinkedIn messages or any other form of communication. That’s basically what ghosting is, comprehensively ignoring the person that you’ve been dating. It sounds bad, but could be the best method of rejection you have in your dating toolbox. Let’s dig into the pros and cons.


Not every breakup warrants an emotional sit-down conversation. Let’s say you went out with this woman twice and spent a total of three hours of your entire life with her. Unless she’s completely infatuated with you, she won’t want a detailed reason as to why you don’t like her. There’s no reason to make people feel bad without reason. In this situation giving her the silent treatment might be the way to go.


Ghosting won’t work for every woman you want to stop dating. Can you tell that she’s super into you and is already becoming clingy? Ghosting a girl that’s really into you is like slowly killing someone with a pillow. They’re fighting the entire way, but eventually their eyes roll back into their sockets. Sorry for the imagery but you get the point.

When ending it with a woman you always want to create the least amount of pain as possible. A girl that’s infatuated with you will hold onto the hope that one day you might hit her up. Don’t leave room for hope, tell her how it is.

How to Let Go of a Woman You’re Dating Option 2: See Her Less Frequently

The more frequently we see someone the more we tend to like them. During the early stages of an affectionate relationship we want to spend all our time with the person we’re seeing, but as time passes our affection for them may cool. We may not know all at once if we’re not interested in the person we’re dating anymore. Perhaps instead of attraction abruptly ending, it fizzles out over time. Ideally the time we spend mirrors how much we like the person we’re dating. In this way we signal our disinterest in a natural manner.

It’s best to gradually decrease the amount of time spent with the person you’re dating if either you see no future with them or if you want to transition into a friends with benefits relationship.


The breakup isn’t a jarring experience. Should the moment ever arise when you need to vocalize your interest in not seeing her, she shouldn’t be taken aback. Your actions have mirrored your feelings thus giving her hints that feelings have faded. Subtly decreasing the time you spend with her is a gentle way of putting an end to the relationship, one the most likely won’t lead to any hurt feelings.


If you know the relationship has no future, why continue to invest time and money into seeing them? You shouldn’t have to waste resources just because you don’t feel comfortable being upfront and telling her how you feel. Not only are you wasting your time, but hers as well.

If she’s not perceptive in discerning your feelings, your actions might be viewed as unethical. If you initiate dates or even accept them without voicing your intentions about the future, you might be leading her on.

How to Let Go of a Woman You’re Dating Option 3: A Face-to-Face Sit-Down

Just like in the old days, when two people no longer wanted to see each other they would explain their reasons for not wanting to, in person. This option is right for you if the woman you’re dating is head over heels for you.


On a personal level you’ll get a chance to practice using tact. We often avoid sensitive situations within relationships because we don’t know how to talk about the issue that’s plaguing us. Whether it’s not wanting to share a bank account, go to a family gathering, or expressing a desire to try out a new sexual position. Learning to talk about difficult matters will improve the quality of your relationships going forward.

I can almost guarantee that your sit-down conversation won’t be as bad as you had imagined. Tackling this issue now will imbue you with the confidence to address the issue again down the road. MegaDating will present more uncomfortable moments in the future. Managing the discomfort now will deter you from ghosting people like a 21st century asshole in the future.

The last positive takeaway from letting her go in-person is that your conversation will put a definitive end to the relationship. No more putzing around the issue, going on pity dates, or leading her on. Squashing the relationship will save you and her time and money.


Rejection sucks (here’s my story). No matter in what form it’s presented, rejection is a bummer. Imagine what will happen when you tell her that you’re no longer into her. Most likely it’ll ruin her week.

Yeah it sucks being the reason that someone frowns and feels bad about themselves. But telling them why you two aren’t compatible can actually help her in the future. Maybe she was late a few times, made some oddball comments, or treated the waiter poorly. Being honest will hurt her feelings upfront, but it could help her in future relationships.

How To Let Go Of A Woman You’re Dating Option 4: A Phone Call

To break up with someone via a phone call might once have been a cowardice act. Today it’s neither cowardly nor brave -just weird. A phone call might be in the cards if –like in the case of option 3- she’s more into you than you’re into her. Any lengthy explanation should be done vocally.


Rattling off a litany of reasons why you no longer want to see her will surely put an end to the relationship. Stalkers have a tendency of sticking around if they’re ghosted, but few will waste time stalking a dude that squarely let her go after a few dates.

Talking over the phone will save both you and her face. If you’re at all afraid that she’ll make a scene, then there’s no shame in hiding behind a phone. A physical skirmish and becoming a spectacle can both be avoided when you chat over the phone.


Who enjoys talking over the phone anymore? From your dating experiences you understand the worth of non-verbal cues. Stripping the conversation of such a fundamental part of communication degrades the value of the interaction. To meaningfully get points across you need to make eye contact and read the other person’s gestures.

Talking over the phone is a halfhearted attempt to be the nice guy and explain your reasons in depth. But it’s still much better than letting her go via text message, but still a bit cowardly.


I’ve touched on MegaDating before, but now it deserves a proper explanation. MegaDating isn’t some PUA BS that you use to get into the pants of the women you lust over. It’s a dating practice that aims to find you a woman worthy of you in a short period of time.

MegaDating entails dating various women within a brief timeframe. Going on multiple dates every week with different women sounds far-fetched, but with a little help even you can become a prolific dater. Let me explain.

MegaDaters have various social channels that they tap in order to find dates. Every channel from dating sites and apps to co-ed sports leagues and speed dating are used to mine potential suitors. Once you have dates lined up for every week, it’s only natural that you and some of your dates won’t connect. Once this happens you’ll need to employ one of the various tactics for letting a woman go that we’ve just outlined.

Think of the process of MegaDating as gold panning. Sifters spend hours combing through dirt to find a speck of gold that’s worth a damn. MegaDating gives you the tools to sift, all you have to do is keep you eyes open and spot the flake of gold.

MegaDating is a great way help answer the question of how to let go of a woman you’re dating. Be upfront with the women you date. Tell them what MegaDating is and why you do it. They might be turned on by the idea and start using it as well. Being transparent with your dating philosophy helps create realistic expectations. Women shouldn’t be throwing all their eggs in one basket when they start dating you. In the back of their minds they should know that you’re seeing other women and that if you stop calling, it’s because you found someone more compatible.

Despite being aware of your dating strategy, some women will still need a heavy hint when the time has come to stop seeing each other. Luckily if you start dating more women, informing them that it’s time to move on should soon become second nature.

If all this seems a bit much to take on alone, feel free to book a New Client 1-on-1 Skype session with me today. When we talk, feel free to broach the topic of how to let go of a woman your dating or any questions you might have regarding MegaDating.

The dating scene can be messy, allow a professional dating coach to help you straighten it out a little. During our session together we’ll also further diagnose your dating history, create an action plan, and see if my 3 month coaching program could be right for you.