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30 of the Best Facebook Dating Answers for Guys

By Emyli LovzSeptember 27, 2019Dating Applications
best facebook dating answers for guys

Want a sneak peek at 30 of the best Facebook Dating answers for guys? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re not already using Facebook’s new dating app, you’re missing out. This app has the potential to become the best in its class. The powerful algorithm that has made Facebook a world-class advertising platform, offers all the bells and whistles of the ultimate dating experience because it knows its user better than any other dating site or app out there.

How Facebook Dating Is Different

The difference between Facebook’s capabilities and apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, is that Facebook’s algorithm has collected information about every event, post, and product that users have liked, commented and shared in the past. The app also has data on what your friends have liked, commented, and shared, as well as people who share similar demographics to you. While this could be construed as scary, I believe it is what will set Facebook apart from its counterparts.

More Compatible Matches

In reviewing the app for research purposes, I noticed that I matched with people who shared obscure interests in common with me, repeatedly. A fascinating depth of compatibility quickly unraveled for me when I realized that the app had matched me with people who shared the same favorite book in common. One of my favorite books is from the third grade, and not everyone had to read it in school, making it all the more rare that I’d find users who shared this obscure favorite in common with me.

Does Facebook Use Photo Matching?

And books weren’t the only thing I shared in common with my matches. I also found myself smack dab in a sea of kiteboard surfers, stand-up comedians, and even a guy with a Fight Club shirt on. Fight Club is my favorite movie and was an answer on my profile. But did the Facebook algorithm figure out we’d connect simply based on that guy’s shirt? If I was a worrywart, I’d be creeped out, but instead, I’m fascinated.

What could be possible for the future of dating if people were matched on such unique, obscure, and deep similarities? That is why I’ve made it my mission to find the best answers to the Facebook prompt questions. How you select and answer these question prompts, could very well be the key to helping you find your most ideal partner. What’s better than that?

Overview of Facebook Dating’s Question Prompts

First, let’s look at all the questions. I’d recommend reviewing each of them before deciding on the ones that are most important to you. I’ve also outlined my own tips for which question prompts to select, given your unique goals. If you want a woman who loves to laugh, then answering a prompt that easily accomplishes that goal will be key. On the other hand, if the most important characteristic in your ideal partner is kindness and compassion, then there are several questions that are better answered than others.

Facebook’s Dating App Questions

facebook dating questions

My idea of a perfect day is…

This question reveals deep compatibility. How you spend your free time needs to align with the person that you’re hoping to attract. If you’ve found that a lot of your previous relationships dissolved because you didn’t like doing the same activities, then this question is critical for you to add to your dating profile (oh, and don’t forget to check out my other article on the Best Facebook Dating Bios for Guys).

Make sure your answer details as many elements of your perfect day as possible. What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Where are you, or in other words, what geographic location do you wake up in? Are there key activities that you participate in (even some you’ve never tried) that you hope your ideal girlfriend will also enjoy doing with you? Think through all the juicy details. And hey, newsflash, how much fun is it to daydream about the very perfect day? A lot better than staring at your computer I bet.

One movie I can watch over and over is…

This question is hugely important for sussing out deep compatibility. I’ll give you an example as to why. My favorite movie of all time is Fight Club. The core values expressed in the film resonate deeply with who I am. I disagree with brainless consumerism, I believe working in a cubicle is akin to being a slave/robot, and I hope that every day I create a life where I feel fully alive.

I don’t have to say all this on my profile though, I just have to list my favorite movie. A person’s favorite book, movie, or musician reveals information about their core values. If you happen to share in common the same favorite movie, book, or band, then it’s likely your core values are well-aligned. I’d strongly encourage you to answer this question if you have a solid favorite.

A phrase I often say is…

I can’t think of why this would matter, but perhaps I’m not the target market here. This might be important if you are hoping your ideal girlfriend understands the phrase.

If I could only eat 3 foods for the rest of my life, they’d be…

Food is at the core of our survival. It’s at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy and is rooted in sensation, which is similar to dating. Dating is all about sensation, it’s not about logic. Sharing in common 3 essential foods that you love reveals strong compatibility.

Think about it, when did you discover your favorite food? I doubt it was recently. Chances are your favorite food became your favorite because it was deeply embedded in your childhood, family, and friendships. A person’s favorite food tells a unique story about who they are, where they’ve been, and what they’re used to.

I personally wouldn’t be compatible with someone who listed 3 fancy foods in this section because I grew up with pretty basic fan favorites like pizza. Similarly, I probably wouldn’t jive well with a foodie, who preferred the finer things in life. If we think through why that is, it’s likely that our comfort foods would be vastly different. So when I’m having a bad day down the line and I want to order a deep-dish pizza, and my partner gets irritated because it’s not a five-star meal, I’d feel a lack of comfort, which could slowly erode the relationship. I’d encourage you to answer this question and to do so honestly, even if you’re a little bit basic, like me.

The most useless talent I have is…

Other than making her laugh, I don’t see a huge value add in this question. If you have a funny answer, use it, if not, ditch it.

My favorite book is…

Just like the answer to the favorite movie question, the answer to your favorite book can be massively useful. Anyone who answers with the same favorite book as me is someone I want to talk to. It wouldn’t matter what you looked like or where you were from, I’d want to know more about you. Answer this question if you love reading, it’s an excellent prompt.

how to answer facebook dating questions

If all jobs paid the same, I’d be a…

The answer to this question reveals to a woman whether you’re on track with your purpose. If your answer doesn’t match what you’re currently doing with your life, this may hurt you. Make sure you are at least doing it as a hobby. A woman doesn’t want a man who isn’t on track with his true purpose.

My personal hero is…

This is great if you have one as it shows a woman what type of man you aspire to become. Use this prompt if you’re futuristic.

My favorite quote

A person’s favorite quote reveals how they see the world. The answer to this question will tell you how a woman views the world as well. Consider whether you align on your answers. If you do, then it’s likely you share many other commonalities.

One embarrassing teenage habit of mine was…

Embarrassing stories always offer up opportunities to make women laugh. A sense of humor is one of the most valuable characteristics women look for in potential mates. If you have a good answer, by all means, use it here.

If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d want these 3 things:

There are many ways to answer this question, I’d avoid the obvious. Your goal is to separate yourself from the competition, elicit her curiosity, and make her feel, not think. Don’t write “water, food, matches.” It’s trite, quickly losing meaning through overuse.

The last song I sang out loud was…

The answer to this question is powerful. It suggests that you know the words to this song. You could go with something funny or be genuine. If music is important to you, answer this question authentically.

facebook dating questions help

My favorite time of day is…

Important if you have a solid favorite but I personally wouldn’t use this question, as I don’t.

The best thing I can cook is…

Speaking to your culinary skills can be a great way to get a woman to agree to a third date back at your place. If she likes what you cook, then it will be easy to persuade her to join you for a homemade meal. I don’t recommend this option for a first or second date however, as it would be out of sequence to meet at night and too soon for her to come to your place.

If I could live anywhere in the world for a year, I’d choose…

This is an excellent question for people who love to travel. Make sure to answer this and use specific locations and keywords to give yourself the best chance at matching with a woman who shares a love for travel in common with you.

Something I’m embarrassed to admit that I love is…

I would view this question as an opportunity to make her laugh. The ability to make a woman laugh is a rare and coveted skill. It supersedes good looks and a high income and is an essential skill to develop in dating. If you’re looking for a woman who loves to laugh and shares a similar sense of humor, then this would be an excellent question to answer on your profile.

The song that always gets me on the dance floor is…

Music can reveal deep compatibility. Try and use your favorite song here or take the opportunity to use a silly song that’s unexpected to make her laugh. A guy isn’t likely to be obsessed with Brittany Spears, so an answer like “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” might send a message that you’re fun and don’t take life too seriously.

The 3 words that best describe me are…

Think about the characteristics that you hope to share in common with your ideal partner, and list them here.

answering facebook dating questions

A social cause I care a lot about

If a kind and thoughtful woman is exactly who you’re looking for, then I would answer this question and look for her answer as well. If you use specific keywords, it’s more likely you’ll match with people who also use those keywords on their profile.

I’m secretly good at…

This question offers another opportunity to make her laugh but if you don’t have a solid answer, I’d pass on it.

My favorite topic of conversation is…

If you’re looking for a partner who is an excellent conversationalist, answer this question and consider using an answer that is polarizing. In other words, answer this question with a thoughtful answer that would speak directly to the type of woman you want. Don’t be vague or overly general.

The 4 emoji that best describe my personality are…

In my opinion, this is a half-assed question. I’d avoid it but if you love emojis, then have at it.

One thing I’d love to learn how to do is…

This answer on a woman’s profile can help you plan compelling dates that she wants to go on with you. Consider answering this Facebook question prompt with the same keyword you hope to see on a woman’s profile.

The secret to a good life is…

This question reveals deep compatibility. Answer thoughtfully and with rich detail.

The TV show I’m hooked on is…

This question is similar to the favorite movie or book question. I would definitely answer this if you have a favorite.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is…

The answer to this Facebook Dating question demonstrates what is unique or special about you. Think about what sets you apart from your competition. Maybe refer back to old college entrance essays to recall compelling ideas.

My proudest accomplishment is…

Your proudest accomplishment can be similar to the prompt above. Be careful not to get too full of yourself. Humility is sexy.

My favorite place in the entire world is…

Answer this question if you love to travel and hope your ideal girlfriend shares the same location in common. Be specific, use the keyword of the actual destination. Don’t just say “the beach,” tell me what beach specifically.

fb dating questionsThe worst job I ever had was…

Use this prompt if you have a funny answer, but not if your answer is depressing.

It’s Sunday morning. The first thing I do when I wake up is…

Great prompt for determining whether the two of you share the same interests. Be specific and consider what you’d hope to find in common, even if that’s not every Sunday morning. Answer this question as if it’s the perfect Sunday morning.

Something that makes me laugh is…

This reveals whether you have a similar sense of humor. If you’re looking for a woman who loves to laugh, answer this question.

One thing that I want to do that I’ve never done before is…

This answer on a woman’s profile can help you plan compelling dates that she wants to go on with you.

Now Let’s Look At The Best Facebook Answers Guys Are Using

The following examples were selected because they were either funny, creative, honest, or specific. Hopefully, the examples will give you a solid framework for answering your own prompts in a way that garners high quality, compatible matches.

Best Facebook Answers #1: Impressively Unique

best facebook dating answers for guysLove that he demonstrates something that is unique and exciting. He’s doing an excellent job of showcasing his talents and interests. I’m intrigued to learn more.

Best Facebook Answers #2: Daring To Be Different

best facebook dating answersSometimes you’ve got to own your weird. I love that his answer is so absurd. He shows me that he loves to dance and has zero shame. Makes me think he’d be a fun date!

Best Facebook Dating Answers for Guys #3: Unexpected

best facebook dating prompt answers for guysHis answer gives me pause and makes me curious to learn more. Though I would prefer that he list a specific comedian or “people falling” type of answer, I like that he owns who he is and delivers the unexpected. His answer is polarizing, and while I would pass because it seems he takes the world more seriously than I do, I’m sure his ideal girlfriend would swipe right. Precisely what you should be aiming for. Speak directly to the audience you’re aiming to attract.

Best Facebook Dating Answers #4: Date Planning

facebook dating answers for guysI love this prompt because the answer to this question can help you craft a compelling date idea that she would love to go on.

My answer was this…

best facebook dating answers to questions

And what’s great about this keyword “kite surfing” is that after adding it to my profile, I ended up matching with people whose answer to the same question was similar, like…

funny facebook dating answers for guys

Are we compatible? I think so, and probably quite deeply. Consider what activity you would love to share in common with your future girlfriend and add it here. Chances are you’ll match with women who share the same exact answer in common.

Best Facebook Answers for Guys #5: A Great Date Idea

witty facebook dating answers for guysGreat second date idea. I love how this answer plants the seed and speaks to a woman who loves dogs and hiking. Consider using this prompt to suggest a compelling first date idea.

Best Facebook Dating Answers #6: Lava Cakes… Nomnomnomnom

best facebook dating answersThis can be a great way to get a woman to agree to a third date back at your place. I’d be compelled to go to a guy’s house if he promised me The World’s Best lava cakes. Can you remove the calories too? If so, I’m in 1000 percent.

Best Facebook Dating Prompt Answers #7: Oreos with a Side of Bacon

best facebook dating answers for guys If you like the same foods, chances are you share a lot more in common. This answer is so specific and unique, it makes me laugh while also revealing so much. First, I didn’t know oreo shaved ice was a thing and he could easily compel me to go on a first date to try some (if I was single that is).

The pork shrimp chive dumplings wouldn’t be my thing but that’s good because if he’s turning me off with his specificity, then he’s probably turning another girl on who loves that type of food. Also, bacon spinach salad? Lol. Who says that as they’re favorite food? Funny and interesting and makes me curious. Well done.

Best Facebook Answers #8: and Wind.

honest facebook dating answers for guysMe too. Love the wind part. Earlier in his profile he mentioned being an avid kiteboarder. Hence the wind comment. Love the centralized theme he’s going for. Clearly, kite-boarding is a passion he hopes to share with his ideal girlfriend.

Best Facebook Dating Answers for Men #9: The Anti-Egotist

creative facebook dating answers for guysI love this answer so much. To me, this demonstrates that he’s thoughtful, kind, and not egotistical. He doesn’t need to prove his value, which ironically makes me perceive him as very valuable.

Funny Facebook Dating Answers #10: Ode to Boy Bands

funny facebook dating answersOk, this one made me laugh. While it’s not deep, it’s funny and I’d love to see him make good on it.

Funny Facebook Prompt Answers #11: Apparently He Has The Gene

This answer makes me want to ask if he thinks cilantro tastes like soap. Supposedly it’s a genetic mutation that some people have. Either way, it stood out to me because it was absurd and unique. Consider what makes you unique and use it to set yourself apart in your answers.

Funny Facebook Dating Answers #12: Kimchiiiiiii

Clearly he’s a fan of kimchi, which surprisingly tells me a lot about him. My first thought would not have been food, so it’s likely he’s a foodie. For those of us who are less familiar with kimchi and the type of dishes it would be associated with, we may end up swiping left. And that wouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s always beneficial for everybody when your Facebook Dating answers are specific. It helps you to avoid people you don’t jive with while magnetizing the types of women you’d match perfectly with. Kimchi on my friend!

Funny Facebook Answers for Men #13: Why 73 times a day?

Any chance you have to make a woman curious, take it. I’d swipe right just to ask him what this means and why it comes up for him 73 times a day. I can’t imagine a world in which I’d say that one time. It’s as if he’s coaxing me to swipe right so I can learn more.

Facebook Answers For Favorite Book #14: Knowledge is Sexy

I’m not gonna lie, I googled it. But the point is, he made me want to Google it. What I found was this:

“In The Phenomenology of Mind, idealist philosopher Georg Hegel (1770–1831) defied the traditional epistemological distinction of objective from subjective and developed his own dialectical alternative. Remarkable for the breadth and profundity of its philosophical insights, this work combines psychology, logic, moral philosophy, and history to form a comprehensive view that encompasses all forms of civilization. Its three divisions consist of the subjective mind (dealing with anthropology and psychology), the objective mind (concerning philosophical issues of law and morals), and the absolute mind (covering fine arts, religion, and philosophy).”

So what we know is this

This guy got me curious to want to learn more. Upon learning more, I became even more curious and ended up with a bunch of questions. These questions could easily become an interesting dialogue if I was to reach out to him on the app. Additionally, I’m certain he’d make for an excellent conversationalist if I was single and intending to meet him in person.

What’s the point?

If you’re a thoughtful human, demonstrate it on your profile. Even if a woman doesn’t understand something you say, if she’s interested, she’ll do her homework. I’d assume this isn’t the type of guy who’s looking for an airhead anyway. He’d probably welcome a woman who wanted to research something he’d read to learn more. Clearly a fascinating character. You can use a similar strategy by adding depth to your answers. Not everyone has to understand every detail on your profile.

Favorite Book Facebook Answers #15: Make Her Want to Shout, “Me Too!”

Love this because I share in common the same favorite book (The Giver). Random too because it’s a book that was required reading in the third grade. Not many people could possibly love the same book.

I also couldn’t believe he had Handmaid’s Tale on there because it just became my favorite TV show. That algorithm Facebook has is seriously magical. I’m surprised by his answer because I thought Handmaid’s Tale was a chick thing. This makes me want to know more about him.

Best FB Dating Answers #16: Word Big Bird

He gets me. Or at least that’s how it seems. I’m a classic over-thinker and can totally relate to this. Love it.

Facebook Answers for One Movie I Can Watch Over and Over #17: Cinephilia

If you’re wondering what a “cinephile” is, you’re not alone. I had to Google it too. According to Google’s dictionary, a cinephile is “a person who is fond of motion pictures.” Now that we have that figured out, what is great about this answer is that he’s speaking to an audience who probably knows what a cinephile is without having to Google it. Bingo.

Always best to be specific and targeted in the keywords you use on your profile. Who cares if 90% of people don’t get it. The 10% who do will be very intrigued and you might find that you match with other women who use precisely the same word on their profile. A match made in Heaven? I’d like to think so.

Favorite Movie Facebook Answers #18: Science Fiction Fanatic

Love the idea of listing more than one answer. Because he gave me two favorite films, I know more about him. It’s clear he has a preference for sci-fi, which suggests he might be into other, similar areas of interest. He probably has a vivid imagination and I’d assume he’s a big thinker.

Makes sense we would match, I’m a sci-fi nerd too. If he’d have answered with something freaky like Human Centipede (don’t ever watch it) or Friday the 13th, I would have super swiped left. Movies speak volumes about a person and are a great indicator of chemistry, or the lack thereof. 

Facebook Answers for Favorite Movie#19: Will Ferrell for the Win

Alright, while I’m guessing this dude isn’t super deep, I can certainly appreciate his sense of humor. And who doesn’t love watching a funny movie over and over? Some of my favorite movies are too intense to watch for a second time, so I get it. I feel like Anchorman would land above Stepbrothers for me, but maybe this guy actually has a stepbrother. Bet he’s into other Judd Apatow films, which would suggest that we’re pretty compatible.

Facebook Answers for Favorite TV Show #20: Hits Home

This answer caught my eye because I just discovered Mindhunter and am loving it. Even if I’m iffy on a guy’s profile, if we share something in common like a favorite TV show, book, or movie, I’ll swipe right regardless. That and if he has a cute puppy or barnyard animal in the photo. Don’t judge me, it’s a girl thing.

Creative Facebook Dating Answers #21: Seriously?

Great answer because it’s so off-the-beaten-path. Makes me curious to know more. It would be an easy first message for me to send to ask “why.” Consider how you can make it easy for a woman to message you based on the answers you provide on your profile.

Creative Facebook Answers #22: Out-of-the-Box

This guy has a unique perspective, which is clearly demonstrated in this answer. If the rest of his answers weren’t meaningful, I wouldn’t like it as much because it doesn’t reveal a ton about him. His other answers were solid though, so I like this because it tells me he views things from a unique perspective. Definitely not basic.

Honest Facebook Dating Answers for Men

Demonstrating vulnerability in dating is powerful. When a man doesn’t hide behind his ego, it can do wonders for his ability to connect to women on a deeper level. If you’re in touch with your authentic side (bonus points), then I’d encourage you to try using at least one honest, or vulnerable answer on your profile. Doing so will stimulate a women’s innate need to nurture. We love when we get to be in our feminine as women. When a man is vulnerable it makes it that much easier.

Honest Facebook Answers #23: So True and So Different

His answer speaks to me because I believe in the power of positivity and gratitude. We can view life as a half-full cup or a half-empty one. Some people find happiness in the simplest of places, it’s all a matter of perspective. If I was single, I’d want to meet him to experience how he sees the world.

Honest Facebook Answers for Guys #24: A Rare and Powerful Skill

This is such a compelling answer because it’s a soft skill that not many people have and even fewer people think about. I’d love to observe him and see how he operates with people. Perhaps he could teach me some things.

Honest Facebook Dating Answers #25: Gut Check

Serious face on. If this was a passion of mine as well, it would speak volumes. I’m very lucky that I haven’t known anyone who has committed suicide, but my friends who do are super passionate about suicide awareness. While this might not resonate with everyone, it’s a powerful answer that would resonate deeply with those who have been affected by it. Gives me goosebumps. Always good to make a woman feel, rather than think in dating. Dating is sensational, not logical. This guy nailed the feeling response.

Honest Facebook Dating Answers #26: Yaaaas Queen

Sorry, not sorry. Love that he owns who he is and what he likes. Haters gonna hate, but I like. Rock on with ya bad self!

Honest Facebook Answers #27: Matzobro?

Wikipedia to the rescue: “Matzah brei, sometimes spelled matzah brie or matzo brei, is a dish of Ashkenazi Jewish origin made from matzah fried with eggs. It is commonly eaten as a breakfast food during the Jewish holiday of Passover.” 

I’d be down to try something new. How exciting! Plus, if he’s looking for a nice Jewish girl, he’s legit speaking her language. Good job!

Unattractive Facebook Answers #28: Chemical Dependency Much?

Eeeeesh. You smoke weed first thing in the morning bro? I mean, I don’t want to judge here but, that might be a little TMI. Makes me think your life sucks. While I might be wrong, it’s the message I’m getting from his answer. Not a lot of quality babes looking for a dude who has to get baked to survive. Hard pass amigo.

Scary Facebook Answers #29: Yikes

His answer makes me feel afraid. Lose the swear words and never opt for vocabulary that could be related to murder, please. Women care about safety more than anything else. Don’t blow it by alluding to dangerous topics on your profile.

Depressing Facebook Answers #30: Sad Life, Bro

If the best time of your day is when you get done living the majority of it, find a better life. No woman wants to be the girlfriend of a guy who hates his job. That sucks. Get a life you dream about and you’ll find the girl you dream about as well.

Creepy Facebook Answers #31: Yuck

This answer makes me sad and scared and I don’t want to meet him or visualize a life with him. Super swipe left.

Facebook Dating Messaging Tips

Being strategic and using the best Facebook Dating answers will help increase the number and quality of matches you get. But, once you match, you’ll still need to ensure you craft a compelling message. Avoid using what I call an H-Factor, that’s anything beginning with the letter “H” (outside of “Have you been…). This means don’t say “hi,” “hey,” “hola,” “how was your weekend,” “hello,” or anything else that begins with an “H.”

Too many people are doing this and the dating apps are saturated with thoughtless, valueless messages. A woman doesn’t have time to reply to these. If you need help crafting compelling messages that get responses and win dates, check out my Signature Program. I teach this strategy in detail and even give my Signature Program clients a list of proven messages they can easily copy and paste to get more responses from beautiful women.

The Cardinal Rule of Messaging

There is one rule that applies to all of messaging, be it messaging on dating apps or text messaging between dates. And that rule is this: Always message with intent. What is the intent? The intent is always and only to get on the date. That’s it. You’re not here to build rapport, that’s impossible over text.

Trust and rapport happen in-person when you’re on a date. Anything else is your imagination. Your job, as a smart, successful man is to convert your message to a date as quickly as possible. Too many messages sent before a first date kills mystery and causes the spark to fizzle out. Quit doing this. Invite her on a date using a TDL within your first 10 messages to ensure that you don’t hurt your chances of actually meeting her in real life.

What is a TDL?

A TDL is a call-to-action that gives a woman the information she needs to say “yes” or “no” to your date request. A TDL stands for time, date, location. Get it?

  • T.ime
  • D.ate
  • L.ocation

Bad Scenario

When you’re inviting a woman out on a date, you can’t just say “we should hang out sometime.” This means nothing to a woman and whether she says “yes” or “no” doesn’t mean anything because it doesn’t put an actual date on a calendar. It also does not provide a compelling reason for her to meet you, and if she doesn’t know you, she needs a clearly compelling reason to mobilize.

Lastly, if you say “we should hang out sometime,” to a woman you’ve met in-person, not on a dating app, it’s unclear that you’re even asking her for a date at all. She might think you’re inviting her to hang as friends or for networking purposes. No joke, this happened multiple times in my 100-Date Experiment. The moral of the story is, use a TDL when inviting women on dates and use the word “date” if expectations are unclear because you didn’t meet through a dating app.

Better Scenario

“Let’s meet at the Cat Cafe on Tuesday at 2 pm.” This is a better scenario because it gives a woman the information she needs to give you an answer. Even if she says “no” it’s helpful because she’s likely to say one of the following:

  • I can’t do that time
  • I can’t do that day
  • I can’t do that location

These objections are very easy to overturn. All you have to do is adjust the one piece of the puzzle she objected to. If she says “I can’t do that time,” don’t ask her what time would work better. Instead, demonstrate your sexy leadership qualities by suggesting another time. Ok, how about 5 pm? This makes it easier to overcome her objections without going passive.

When you become passive, it forces her into the “masculine role” and she doesn’t want to be there. She wants you to lead and she wants to believe you’re a strong leader that will introduce her to an exciting new world. Try three times before asking her what works better for her.

Try to lead as much as possible. It’s sexy and it’s what we women want. Half the time we object because we’re subconsciously testing to see if you are persistent. All women love persistence. Never give up after only one try.

Make Sure Your TDL Pitch Is Compelling

Real-talk, anyone can grab a coffee at Starbucks anywhere, anytime. This is why Starbucks is not a compelling first date–unless the Starbucks is epic. Either it’s located in an amazing location or it offers something that other Starbucks do not. That said, if you can do better, please do.

Side note: for my farmers and guys who live in remote areas without many options, I have a strategy for you too. I understand that you don’t necessarily have artisanal chocolate shops and glitter confetti ice cream stores at your disposal. If this sounds like you and you’ve been struggling to find compelling date ideas, book a session with me and let’s strategize.

Example of How I’d Pitch Your Date Idea:

  1. Message #1: Did you know + a fun fact about something on her profile that relates to your TDL.
  2. Message #2: Have you been _________ (location of your TDL)?
  3. Message #3: The value add of the location in your TDL + the actual TDL request itself.

An example of what that might look like:

Your 1st Message

(You see that she loves cats and lives in San Diego) Did you know a cluster of cats is called a clowder?

She’ll likely answer with a short, not super compelling message back. Even if it is a one-word answer, that doesn’t mean she isn’t interested. Don’t be discouraged. Continue to lead the conversation toward your TDL.

Your 2nd Message

Crazy right… have you been to the Cat Cafe in SD?

She’ll say yes or no and probably not much else. She’s still interested, I promise you.

Your 3rd Message

Yeah, they have cats you can adopt that just hang around while you drink coffee. They’re actually having cat yoga Tuesday at 5:30. I’m going to check it out. Want to join me?

Boom. And you’ve likely won yourself a date. Pro-tip: Once she says “yes,” say “Great, what’s your number? I’ll text you the address.

Once you have the number send a short message that says “it’s Eric” or whatever your name is. Then avoid texting again until you’re one day out. At this point, confirm the date by saying something like “looking forward to this crazy cat yoga experience. Here’s the address. See you tomorrow at 5:30 pm. If the dynamic is right, you can add a sexy challenge to the end of your message like, “wear something cute 😉” to stimulate a little healthy sexual tension.

Don’t Rely Solely on Facebook Dating

I genuinely believe Facebook Dating is going to crush the dating app competition, but it’s still early. To ensure success, it’s best to have a two-pronged approach to dating. You should have a strategy for meeting people in-person as well as on the apps.

For your dating app strategy, I recommend that you use five different apps simultaneously. This is because each app draws a different audience, performs in a different way, and offers unique strengths and weaknesses. When you use several, you’re able to utilize the strengths of each of the apps, without succumbing to a glitch that wreaks havoc on your entire dating funnel (it happens). It’s similar to the idea of diversifying your investment portfolio. You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Best Facebook Dating Answers for Guys and Beyond

If you don’t have a solid strategy for meeting women in-person and on the apps, then we should talk. I can help you fill up your dating funnel with lots of high-quality women. Plus, I’ll teach you simple ways to meet more women in-person, without going up to strangers and asking for their number. Ew.

Book a 1-on-1 Skype session with me today to discuss my Signature Program and see if it might be a fit for you. We’ll chat about your dating goals, troubleshoot any obstacles you might be facing, and create an action plan so you can start having success right away. I look forward to connecting with you.