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How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles Who Just Want Your Money

How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles Who Just Want Your Money

How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles Who Just Want Your Money

Spotting fake dating profiles is getting more and more difficult.

In 2019 over 25,000 singles reported being scammed to the Federal Trade Commission.

how to spot fake dating profiles

As dating apps become more and more mainstream scammers and people with unromantic motives are flocking to them.

More than anything though fake accounts are just annoying.

It sucks to match with a hottie, start chatting, to invest time (and yes sometimes money) only to later realize that you’re being scammed.

To make sure this never happens to you (or happens again) we’re sharing 7 signs that she/him/it/the bot is probably fake.

9 Signs to Spotting Fake Dating Profiles

To be fair, just because she’s doing one of the following things doesn’t mean she’s fake.

However, if she’s guilty of 2+ of the following, you might want to consider investing your time in another Tinderella.

Too Good To Be True Hot

Be honest with yourself.

If this is the first picture in your profile…

how to spot fake dating profiles

You probably don’t match with women that look like this on a regular basis…

fake dating profiles

You know what I’m saying?

Everyone has a pretty good idea of how desirable they are.

If you’re a 6 that gets matches every once in a while with pretty — although not stunning — women, you should be a little surprised when a 9 matches with you.

When it comes to dating apps, generally speaking women tend to match with men out of their league — not the other way around.

This is because there is a dearth of women on dating apps. Regardless of the app men will just about always outnumber women.

spotting fake female dating profiles

Credible stats are tough to come by as dating apps rarely release data on gender ratio however some estimate that 75% of Tinder users are male.

Imagine walking into a party and seeing a ratio of 4 men for every 1 woman?

Even if you’re a good-looking guy it’s gonna be difficult to court a woman in your league much less one outside of it.

Chances are she either made a mistake or wants to use the app for nefarious purposes.

But hey, I could be wrong. Especially if you improve your dating app photos. Hint, hint!

Let’s see if she does anything conspicuous after matching.

She Sounds Like A 5-Year-Old

There could be two reasons for this.

One is that she’s an actual child on a dating app. That’s not only a red flag but should be reported.

The second reason is also reportable but much more sinister.

Often people trying to scam you will come from countries where scamming is a national pastime like India, Nigeria, or Russia.

This means that English isn’t their first language. And despite having access to Google Translate, something about the profile still seems off. Especially when the user appears to be from the US yet speaks in broken English.

Her bio might be written correctly but once you start chatting you’ll notice that her English is broken despite her insisting that she’s from the US.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

how to get unbanned from Tinder

Of course, the states are full of immigrants so you shouldn’t be surprised when the woman you’re chatting with doesn’t speak flawless English.

Again, for the chances to be high that she’s a scammer she must display a number of these online dating red flags, not just one.

Wants To Jump Into A Serious Relationship Before Meeting

Whether she’s a scammer or not this is still a red flag.

fake dating profiles

This scammer most likely has fake dating profiles with high-quality photos, is desirable, and yet she wants to rush into a relationship?

That doesn’t make any sense.

Not to mention that chances are she lives close by.

So why in the world would a beautiful woman that lives within 10 miles of you want to get into a relationship before meeting face-to-face?

Don’t get me wrong you’re probably a catch, but even the laziest of fishermen don’t keep every one of their catches.

This strategy of rushing into a relationship works because, well, if you’re using dating apps chances are you’re single and possibly even lonely.

These scammers know how to use your emotions against you.

Be leery of women acting outside the norm.

When in doubt ask her to meet up in a public place during the day. Really, that’s how all first dates should go down.

This message below is part of a longer thread. The female in this case (white messages) has only exchanged a few messages before already telling the man (who she knows next to nothing about) that she could imagine seeing him as her man.

how to get unbanned from Tinder

The conversation gets even weirder when she pops this doozy of a question.

how to get unbanned from Tinder

Contact Info Is In Profile

There’s no doubt you’ve seen your fair share of profiles where nothing more is written in the bio than the person’s PayPal, Venmo, email, phone number, or another form of contact info.

What women in the right mind would only leave sensitive contact information such as this in their profile?

It’s not that she’s super picky and only matches with guys she wants to have her number, rather she’s plotting to steal your money rather than your heart.

Inconsistencies In Her Profile

When it comes to scamming, it’s a numbers game.

Scammers have a success rate lower than a telemarketer cold calling a woman about ED medication.

It doesn’t matter how crap the profile they put together is. What does matter is that if they try hard and long enough they’ll find someone that bites.

Seeing as how you’re dealing with a scammer rather than a beautiful single woman with an in-depth knowledge of online dating there are bound to be some inconsistencies in her profile.

For example.

Look at this woman.

fake dating profiles

Now, look at this woman.

fake dating profiles

When you’re glancing through a profile that contains both of these photos you might be tempted to think they’re the same person.

They’re not.

But seeing as how most men look at a single photo before swiping chances are you’ve matched with a scammer or two in the past.

These predators bank on the knowledge that you’re fairly indiscriminate with your swiping.

Before socializing with any woman, look at her photos and read her profile.

You’re primarily doing this to improve the conversation and create an opening message that receives a response. However, if you do happen to notice some incongruences just be aware that she might be a scammer.

She’s More Interested In You Than A Bee Is In Protecting The Queen

Again, chances are her photos are super hot.

If she’s such a hottie she probably has like, oh, I don’t know, a billion matches.

If that’s the case don’t you find it just a little odd that she’s spending so much time chatting with you?

And also isn’t it weird that she immediately responds to you no matter the time of day?

And that she keeps prodding you with messages even if it’s only been a few minutes since she’s sent the most recent one?

This is because the only way a fake person can achieve their goal is to keep you talking.

Once the line goes dead they lose their lead.

Now a fake person may ultimately ask for money, a number, a follow on IG, or an odder request like to send a package somewhere or meet someone that isn’t her in a sketchy place.

Excessive Compliments

Beautiful women don’t bombard guys they met on Bumble with compliments, it’s just something we’re not into.

Sure a compliment here and there but damn even you know your face doesn’t resemble George Clooney’s.

Compliments are the quickest way to build rapport — at least that’s what they think.

A compliment here and there could do wonders, but too many should raise a flag.

This is a lesson for you as well.

Compliments should be earned rather than doled out indiscriminately.

Doesn’t Share Personal Details

To be fair, most women won’t.

It’s not because we’re scammers, but most women on dating apps are either lazy or fearful to share too many personal details.

A sure-fire sign if you’re trying to understand how to spot fake dating profiles and scammers is when she posts two smoking photos but nothing else.

Here’s a little newsflash, women take photos, especially the ones with symmetrical faces.

If they have 2 high-quality photos they have 50.

So why only post two?

Chances are the scammer doesn’t want to get caught. Only using two decreases the odds of someone seeing someone they recognize and realizing the profile is fake.

Or the scammer doesn’t have access to other photos.

Or, or they’re just lazy.

It’s most likely this last one.

She Wants To Get Off The App ASAP

Let’s have a look at exhibit A.

fake dating profiles

Clearly, this woman isn’t interested in a long-term relationship.

It’s not only the fact that she’s rushing into a relationship (even one that’s short-term) but look at the language she uses.

“Send me an email we’ll arrange a hookup.”

Arrange a hookup?

That sounds a bit professional, doesn’t it?

It sounds like a bot is trying to court you.

9/10 times a woman will not ask you for your number.

10/10 times a bot, scammer, or fake person with malintent will.

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