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10 “It’s Meant To Be If” Bumble Prompt Responses Examples for Guys

10 “It’s Meant To Be If” Bumble Prompt Responses Examples for Guys

10 “It’s Meant To Be If” Bumble Prompt Responses Examples for Guys

Bumble gives users over 40 prompts to choose from.

Each one is designed to draw out your character.

For as shallow as dating apps are, Bumble at least makes an attempt to showcase a user’s personality.

It allows singles to choose up to three prompts to display on their profile.

It’s meant to be if…” should be one of these prompts.

it's meant to be if

The question you’re after is, what the hell do I write?

Well, lucky for you, I have some ideas.

It’s Meant To Be If…

It might be meant to be, but if you don’t write a quality prompt she’ll look for her soulmate elsewhere.

You might think that you don’t need to fill out Bumble prompts.

And you could be right.

But getting your flirt on digitally is a game of inches.

70% of Bumble users are male.

Yep, the feminist version of Tinder is a virtual sausage fest.

This means that you’ll have to leverage every little advantage you can to not only be noticed but swiped right on.

That means filling out three Bumble prompts.

To pen an awesome prompt you’ve got to remember these three things:

1) Be Funny

Women love men that are kind, intelligent, funny, and look like Brad Pitt. 

While these are all characteristics you’d love to have shine through on your profile, only one lends itself to the context; humor.

Most guys have the same banal/sketchy answers to Bumble prompts. Stand out by making her literally LOL.

Here’s an example of what that looks like:

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

2) Be Revealing/Specific

Don’t write, “loves the outdoors

Specifically, what do you like about the outdoors?

Tell her that you, “hiked Mt. Doom 3 times” or that you’d give Lance Armstrong a race for his money.

Women want specifics that show her who you are. 

Allow her to easily envision what dating you looks like.

3) Be Ready To Date

Your prompt should prime her for a date idea.

If you talk about hiking in your prompt — something everyone loves — and she comments on it, gently steer the conversation towards a TDL involving hiking.

The Best “It’s Meant To Be If” Bumble Prompts

Are these the best “It’s meant to be if” prompts?

Ehhh, yes, yes they are. 

And guess what?

They’re 100% original.

I don’t advise stealing (jk totally do it, it’s super flattering) so just use these prompts for inspiration.

Here you’ll see a variety of prompts that accomplish either one or all of the prompt response requirements outlined above.

1) Human Peeves

it's meant to be if

I don’t know why they’re called pet peeves when a dog could care less about how much time you leave on the microwave as long as Spot gets a taste of what’s inside.

Misnomers aside, pet peeves are a great way to work up a laugh.

Is it revealing and can you easily segue it into a first date — no.

But it sure is a quick way to make someone laugh and quickly bond with someone that has that same weird pet peeve.

Ohh and if you’re thinking that voicing that obscure pet peeve that few people share is a bad idea, you’re wrong. You don’t want to cast a wide net on Bumble. Wide nets don’t catch fish.

Use keywords, hobbies, references, and pet peeves to broadcast your prompt response to only the women that are most receptive to your message.

The only way she’ll swipe right is if you’re able to build a strong connection.

So get weird.

2) Je N’ai Aucune Idée De Ce Que Je Dis

it's meant to be if

It’s cliche but it’s true, French is the sexiest language of them all.

So if you can speak it does that make you the sexiest man of them all?

Maybe not, but it sure does make you swipe-able.

Don’t be afraid to flaunt your skills. 

Remember that within the context of Bumble you’re just a card in a never-ending deck. 

For you to stand out you’re going to have to do something different.

Another thing worth noting is the length of this response.

I could have simply written, “it’s meant to be if you speak French.”

But that would have been, well, boitex.

So instead I spiced it up by saying that it’s meant to be if we can speak in French, followed by a cheesy pickup line in French.

Look, unless you wrote a super punchy response, you should write at least a few lines of text in your response.

You’re working with crucial virtual real estate here where every empty line represents an opportunity lost to showcase who you are.

3) Let Her Envision Dating You

it's meant to be if

Women love specifics.

She wants to know what you do when you’re not flirting with strangers online.

Not only does this Bumble response allow her to see into your private life, but it spells out your first date.

It’s likely that her opening message will comment on this response. Once that happens you’re just a few messages away from scoring a first date.

4) Be Polarizing

it's meant to be if

Pew Research recently did a study on dating preferences as they relate to one’s political leanings.

This is what they found.

bumble dating prompt

As you can see, 7 in 10 Dems wouldn’t even toy with the idea of dating a Republican. On the flip side, just half of Republicans say they’d consider dating someone that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Is dating someone with the same political background important for you?

If so, make that known.

Doing so will quickly filter out those that don’t align with your political beliefs.

5) Your Ideal Match Digs A Solid Reference

bumble dating prompt

Everyone loves The Office.

And everyone waxes poetic about the show on dating apps to the point that professing your love for the show is cliche.

The thing is, most people merely write that they love The Office or quote a popular line from the show.

Here, you’re giving new life to the cliche.

You’re making a kind of meta-reference while letting her know that you inspire to have a Jim and Pam kind of relationship. That’s something most Office fans would look forward to.

If you’re not down to beat a dead cliche further into oblivion reference some other show or movie that’s a bit more obscure.

Remember: Obscure references cast smaller nets, but are more likely to catch something. 

6) Trigger Warning!

bumble dating prompt

There are two things worth pointing out about the response above.

One is that there’s a grammatical error.

Can you find it?

Grammar errors are turn-offs.

Think of your responses as drafts. After writing a first draft, go back and revise, edit, and make sure there are no grammatical errors.

Secondly, this message is for sure going to ruffle some feathers, but that’s cool.

People are going to swipe right (and to be fair left as well) on this profile simply because they agree with this super unpopular stance.

7) Andale Pues!

if it's meant to be bumble prompt

Openly admitting you prefer soccer to football in the states is ballsy.

People will question your patriotism, blow on you and expect you to fall to the ground screaming, and just straight up ignore you.

But every once in a while a woman will appreciate you for being the oddball you are and swipe right on you.

A dating profile isn’t the time to hold back.

Show her how much of a contrarian you really are.

8) Your Name Is Dave

if it's meant to be bumble prompt

Like I said, when in doubt, make her laugh.

This prompt reveals nothing more than that you’re a humorous guy.

But that’ll lightly be enough to secure you a swipe right.

Swap out your name so that this prompt makes sense and you’ve got a wholly unique prompt response that no one else comes near to replicating (unless they too have stolen it from this article, in which case, whoops).

9) Tell Her About Your Rituals

if it's meant to be bumble prompt

Can she hang with you and your friends?

Give her insight into what you do with your buddies?

Tell her about your bowling league, monthly camping session, or weekly karaoke night you attend.

Give her specifics about what it would be like to kick it with you and your buds.

If she swipes right, it’s a good sign that her interests align with yours and that she too is up for a little political bingo.

10) Man’s Best Wingman

if it's meant to be bumble prompt

If you have a dog and he or she doesn’t make an appearance in your profile you’re missing out.

Dog photos have a record of boosting a user’s desirability rating.

I recommend users have at least one dog photo in their profile along with a mention in their Bumble bio.

Women dig dogs. Period.

Play up that aspect of your life as often as possible in order to score points, I’m sure your dog wouldn’t mind.

Getting Her To Swipe Right

There you have it friends.

Remember that each of your three prompt responses should do at least one of the following:

  • Be funny
  • Be revealing
  • Suggest a date idea

If your Bumble prompts can do these things you’ll be just fine.

However, I understand that reading a quick article about building a dating profile won’t magically turn you into a pro.

The only dating world is brutal.

With just about every dating app heavily dominated by men, guys have to do everything in their power to stand out.

To learn the hacks necessary to get matches and score dates online, enroll in my Dating Decoded Program. 

Learn more about how my program can help you succeed both online and in the real world when you book a 1-on-1 Zoom session with one of our coaches.

During your new client introduction session, you’ll provide a snapshot of your dating history and we’ll figure out whether our transformational dating coaching program might be an effective mechanism to refine your dating ability, attract higher quality women, and find the love of your life. 

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