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7 Best Dating Apps For Serious Relationships

7 Best Dating Apps For Serious Relationships

7 Best Dating Apps For Serious Relationships

In 2019, 25 million Americans regularly used dating apps. More than 15% of adults in the US have at one point used online dating -and that percentage continues to rise.

This is one way to frame the dating app craze, but there’s another way to look at it.

Sure more Americans than ever are using the technology, but not everyone is finding lasting love.

A study of Norweigan Tinder users found that just 50% of users have ever gone on a date with someone they matched with. Another study conducted a few years ago found that one-third of all dating app users have refrained from dating someone they met online.

So sure, it looks nice that there are 25 million monthly dating app users in the states, but quite possibly half of these users are just window shopping.

What you need to know is that each app appeals to a certain type of single person. Users of say Tinder are more likely to be inactive or up for short term relationships than users of the presidentially popular Hinge.

The issue is that there are dozens of datings apps out there. So if you’re looking for a serious relationship, which app are you to use?

The good news is that there are certain dating apps that attract the type of single women that desire long-term relationships. To safeguard you from being silenced by the ghosts of online dating, we’ll detail the seven best dating apps for serious relationships for you.

1. Hinge

hinge is the best dating app for serious relationships

Hinge is “the dating app designed to be deleted.”

I can emphatically say that Hinge is the least superficial app on the market. My clients almost unanimously agree that Hinge is the best dating app around. Whether the interface has any sway on the romantic behaviors of its users is up for debate. What can’t be refuted is Hinge’s strategy to position itself as the best dating app for relationships.

A relatively new dating app, (launched in 2013) you may not have heard of Hinge until recently when Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg let slip that he met his husband through the application. But don’t get it twisted, Hinge isn’t an exclusively homosexual app like Grindr, rather Hinge is geared towards pleasing a chiefly heterosexual audience.

So why is the app considered one of the best dating apps for serious relationships?

Well, prior to online dating dominating the dating landscape the most common way Americans used to meet their partners was through a mutual friend. Hinge took this practice and digitized it. While most apps introduce users to singles merely based on proximity, Hinge will only show you profiles of people that are friends of your Facebook friends. But has this strategy panned out for single Hinge users? The data says yes.

Hinge might just be the only dating app to collect feedback from its users. A feature called, “We Met” asks users that exchanged phone numbers with each if they ever went on a date. From the feedback received, 90% of users that went on first dates said their dates were great and a whopping 72% said they wanted to go on a second date.

Hinge is one of the best dating apps for serious relationships in part because it only introduces you to users connected to your social circle. Think of it like this. A user is less likely to flake or act like an asshole when the two people dating share a mutual friend. Should the date go poorly, one of the daters may complain to the mutual friend. Another reason the app kicks ass is that it only sets you up with people that are friends with your (Facebook) friends. If you know a Hinge user is friends with a friend or acquaintance of yours that you respect, chances are your date won’t be a complete loser.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

best dating apps for serious relationships coffee meets bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is as big of a misnomer as you’ll find for a dating app. Upon hearing it for the first time you’d probably think it’s a food delivery service specializing in breakfast food. Despite the wretched name, CMB is one of the best dating apps for relationships around.

The app was designed by three sisters down on their romantic luck. Their love lives were so bad that they decided to do something about it. Most people would just sign up for a speed dating class or join a yoga class, but these sisters went all out and created their very own dating app.

CMB founders realized that most dating apps have lopsided male-female user ratios. Upon conducting a bit of market research they found that women want quality of quantity, are tired of being hit on by creeps, and are more interested in finding a long term partner than a quick fling. With these findings in mind, they went about creating an app that pairs high-quality men with high-quality women.

Most dating apps allow you to build a relationship at your own pace. In fact, they want you to chat away for weeks before the conversation fade away. CMB isn’t like most apps in this regard.

Instead of keeping you single as other apps are designed to do, Coffee Meets Bagel prods you into going out with your matches. Matches are only allowed to chat for seven days before the match goes away. This means you have to move fast after starting a conversation.

Along with restricting the amount of time you and your match can chat online, CMB also gifts you a certain number of bagels (high-quality potential matches) for your selection every day at noon.

3. The League

dating apps for long term relationships

The League’s concept is as douchey as its name, but that might work out for you.

Not just anyone can join this exclusive dating app.

Before being accepted, The League’s digital bouncers review your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Gone are the days of only matching with confused, jobless, and immature 20-somethings. How are you expected to even begin a serious relationship with a woman if she’s still living at her parent’s house? A key to any long-term relationship is stability. Stability is one thing guaranteed when you meet a woman on The League.

One of online daters’ biggest issues with dating apps is that it can feel like while there are many women to swipe through, only a handful are actually active. The League addresses this grievance by kicking out users that haven’t been active in the last 30 days as well as users that send randy comments and flaky/nonresponsive users.

What The League does that few if any other apps do is set you up with people that more or less share your same socioeconomic background. This is important because we tend to date people that have similar economic and sociological statuses. Filtering out people of other statuses sounds classist… because it is. If you think the app sounds sleazy, fine, just don’t use it.

A downside of this selective app is that only users in the following cities can sign up: Cleveland, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, London, Philadelphia, Columbus, Atlanta, Miami, Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Toronto, Sacramento, New Haven, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Charlotte, Detroit, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Orlando.

4. Match

is match free?

Match is an online dating pioneer. The company launched in 1993, and has managed to become the most successful online dating company in the world. What began as a dating site is now Match Group, a company that owns dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge among others.

Match has risen to fame because of its user demographic. Nowadays dating apps are mostly associated with younger people, generally those ages 25 and younger. But Match has always targeted an older user base. According to the company, 48.6% of its users are between the ages of 30-49. Another 26.5% are 50 or older meaning that a paltry 25% of users are under the age of 30.

Naturally, the older we get the more serious we are about our romantic relationships. A 20-something’s life is in flux. She’s changing jobs every other year, is moving cities, changing roommates, saving money, traveling the world, and dating around. The older we get the more ensconced we become. We settle in, begin having families, and invest more in long-term relationships.

Match’s demographic is the chief reason it’s one of the best dating apps for serious relationships. That being said, the app clearly isn’t for everyone. Even 20-somethings looking to settle down are discouraged from using the app simply because there aren’t many users their age to choose from. Luckily, I’ve got an app for you.

5. Bumble


Bumble is a female user’s solution to dealing with toxic men on dating apps.

Its founder, Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble after leaving Tinder, a company she co-founded. Wolfe left Tinder after she was sexually harassed by fellow employees. Its thought that this experience played a crucial role in developing a dating app where female needs are prioritized.

Bumble puts women in the driver’s seat by requiring women to initiate conversation with new matches. The love gurus at Bumble designed the app this way in order to empower single women. The team wanted to attack the antiquated notion that women are timid and need a man to take the lead. This feature also prevents men from bombarding the inboxes of female users with shallow and salacious messages.

It’s this feature and perception as a feminist app that attracts a certain type of female user.

Female Bumble users are given the ability to be extremely selective with who the chat with. Being that men can’t message first, women hold the key to starting a romantic relationship. This being the case she’s not just going to message every dude she matches with. She’ll only reach out to the best of the best. If she guesses right, and she did, in fact, find the needle in the haystack, it’s unlikely that she’ll use her match for a quick shag and then ghost him.

Women sick of trends associated with modern dating use Bumble. That means she isn’t into ghosting, one night stands, or being objectified. Bumble users know this and act accordingly. Ya see, even if the app isn’t a feminist gauntlet, the app’s perception appeals to a certain type of user. It’s this perception that makes the app one of the best for relationships.

6. JSwipe


JSwipe is widely known as Jewish Tinder.

It’s a niche dating website targeted at, you guessed it, Jewish millennials.

Its interface is pretty similar to that of Tinder. The difference lies in its users. Nearly all are Jewish. That’s right, the app won’t discriminate if you’re not Jewish, though it clearly discourages non-Jews from using the app.

So why exactly is Jewish Tinder great for meeting women interested in a serious relationship?

As we’ve discussed, we all want to date people similar to us. The stronger the identity the more likely it is that we’ll date someone that shares said identity. That’s why Jews tend to date Jews, gym buffs date gym buffs, and Yankees fans date other Yankee fanatics.

That being said, female Yankee fans are plenty willing to shag a Red Sox fan, but date him? -never.

That’s why users of JSwipe can often be found on non-Jewish dating apps. But when it comes time to find a serious partner, she’ll choose one with a shared Jewish background.

I don’t recommend gentiles use JSwipe. Doing so would be the same as appearing fit in your Tinder photos only to show up to a date 100 lbs overweight. It’s false advertising. You don’t see cat lovers using dating apps designed for dog-lovers do you?

An internal JSwipe study found that 71% of its users are looking for a marriage partner via the application.

7. Tinder

best dating app for finding a girlfriend

Ironic isn’t’ it?

Multiple lines of this article have been dedicated to bashing Tinder, yet here I am arguing that it’s a great app for finding a serious partner. Allow me to hedge by saying Tinder is only great if used correctly.

Using Tinder correctly doesn’t look like indiscriminately swiping right on every profile that pops up. Unlike the other apps on this list, to find women that are interested in starting a long-term relationship, you’ll have to dig a little.

Men always claim to not know what women want, but maybe if they just read their Tinder bios they’d crack the code. Unlike most men, women tend to actually write a bio. It’s here that you’ll be informed as to what the female user is looking for. Some will say they’re just in the city for a week, others will rant about how much they love tacos, and others will explicitly write that they’re looking for a serious relationship.

But not all women need to spell out their romantic goals for you to glean what they are. As a general rule of thumb, the longer, more well written, and formal the bio, the most likely it is that she’s looking for a serious partner. The women that just want a quick fling won’t provide oodles of details because women don’t care that the dude she’s going to shag and ditch knows her darkest secrets.

To discourage casual Tinder users from swiping right on your profile, write in your own Tinder bio that you’re looking for something serious.

The End?

Is it though?

Reading one article on the best dating apps for serious relationships isn’t exactly setting you up to be a Don Juan.

Sure you know which apps to download, but how do you create an awesome profile, get a phone number, or transition the dynamic from the app and into real life? Where do you go on a first date, how do you touch her in a way that doesn’t remind her of her creepy uncle?

All these questions need answers if you want to land a serious relationship. Sure you can scour the web looking for quality advice, or you can just talk to a professional. Book a new client 1-on-1 Skype session with me today to get those questions answered. I’ve helped hundreds of men find high-value romantic partners. Together we’ll mold you into a dating pro and help you find the woman you’ve been dreaming of.

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