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How to Get an eHarmony Free Trial

How to Get an eHarmony Free Trial

To eHarmony or not to eHarmony? That is the question. When it comes to paid dating sites like eHarmony and, balking at the idea of signing up can be understandable. Because there doesn’t appear to be an eHarmony free trial available, it makes sense to avoid it. Why sign up for a paid membership when so many free options exist (here’s an article for an exhaustive list of free dating sites and apps)?

Then again, there are perks to going the paid member route. You’re more likely to come in contact with singles who are serious about finding a relationship. I mean, you don’t often shell out some coin exclusively for a hookup, right? And with apps like Tinder, what would be the point?

People often turn to websites like eHarmony due to its longstanding reputation. The website was launched in 2000. It has long been considered a go-to dating site for singles.

And eHarmony is the only site to deliver a much-touted 29 dimensions of compatibility matching curation system. This system relies on a lengthy personality questionnaire (which consists of over 100 questions) to weed out singles who don’t align with your answers.

While some love this system, others feel that it could prevent them from meeting amazing potential partners. You won’t get to see certain singles in their database if these users don’t fit every one of the features on their personal checklist. People who criticize eHarmony’s curation system prefer the autonomy that is offered on websites like Match and Plenty of Fish, where users have access to the sites’ complete database.

The only way to truly find out if eHarmony for you is to test-drive the site before signing up for a membership. While the only official free option involves a very limited glimpse at the site, there is a loophole in the system. This loophole allows you access to a full eHarmony free trial. In this blog, I’ll give you all the details — just don’t tell them I let you in on the secret, ok?

The 3-Day Window

To get a free trial, you’re going to have to actually register as a paid member. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out.

When you pick any paid membership plan, you have three days before you are completely locked into it. Yes, you will have to pay upfront, but you can close your account within that three-day window and be issued a full refund.

Three days is plenty of time to see how you like the site. If you love it, you can simply keep your paid membership. But if it’s not for you, shut it down and get your money back. Just make sure you don’t go past that window or you will not get a refund.

Now that you know how to get an eHarmony free trial, let’s take a look at how you can get the most out of those three days.

How to Get an Eharmony Free Trial

Tip #1: Make Sure That Your Photos are Awesome

eharmony free trial

If you end up not liking eHarmony and want to quit after three days, it would be nice to at least get some dates out of it, right? Photos are going to be the first thing that catches a woman’s eye, so make sure yours look great and are strategic.

Along with the obvious (your photos should be in focus, up-to-date, etc.), I recommend the following strategies when it comes to online dating photos:

  • Make your first photo a close-cropped headshot so she doesn’t have to pick you out from a crowd. Engage with the camera by using great eye contact and smile.
  • Show what your mama gave you with a full-body shot. Sport a confident stance and wear a nice outfit.
  • Use a social shot with you and your friends or family to give her some insight into how you can kick it and have a good time.
  • Building trust and rapport is one of the most important first steps in a relationship. Use a hobby shot to give her some insight into your passions. If she shares the same passion, you already have something to bond over!
  • Listen up: Cute animals make everything better. Post a shot of you and a cute puppy, kitten or other types of cuddly animal to intrigue her.

Now that you know a few ways to knock your photos out of the park, here are a few things you should avoid at all costs:

  • Avoid a blank, vacant stare. You may think you look sultry, but she’s just going to be creeped out.
  • Don’t cross your arms. This will unconsciously send a signal to her that you aren’t open emotionally and she may feel like she won’t be able to get close to you.
  • When you look away from the camera, it can make you appear dismissive. Looking at the camera shows that you have good eye contact.
  • Don’t cover up your hair and eyes with a hat and sunglasses. Not only is it impossible to show good eye contact with sunglasses on, adding a hat hides your appearance.

Tip #2: Complete Your Profile

Many people make the mistake of not completing their profile, thinking all they need to rely on is their photos and/or messages. But this is not the case. Remember that there is a lot of competition when it comes to online dating, particularly for men.

Here’s a fantastic dating profile example on Bumble for you to checkout.

Because safety also tends to be more of an issue for women when it comes to online dating, women are more shrewd when looking at profiles. They want to have some solid information about the stranger they may agree to meet.

Finally, completing your profile can attract women who have the same interests as you. Remember, shared interests is one of the best ways to build rapport with someone during the early stages of dating.

Tip #3: Be Positive

eharmony free trial

You want to complete your profile and be honest when it comes to filling out all the boxes. That being said, honesty doesn’t need to be brutal. Don’t try to double eHarmony free trial as a free therapy session by writing a novella about how hard dating has been, the details of your divorce, why your ex is the devil etc. With this said, I do recommend being up front about life’s important details (like kids, smoking, and drugs and whatnot), just be careful how you lay it out online.

Keep it light and positive. Depending on the prompt given to you for each part of the profile, talk about your passions, accomplishments and the kind of things that make you unique. Here’s some articles on some of the best bios and taglines that you can follow. They are Tinder articles, but the examples can be applied on virtually all dating sites.

Tip #4: Craft Compelling Messages

Once your profile is completed, it’s time to find women you want to connect with and message them. Again, online dating is competitive, with men having to shoulder a lot more rejection and unanswered messages than women.

In fact, statistics show that women are much more likely to receive responses from men online and it can take far more tries for a man to get a woman’s attention.

If you want to connect with a woman online in a way that will allow you to meet her offline, you need to craft compelling messages. Don’t rely on a standard “Hey” or “How are you?” When initiating contact, use an opening line that does one of the following things:

  • Use humor. If you’re already blessed with a quick wit, you can use that to give deliver a cute, flirty opener. If humor isn’t your strong suit, consider adding a meme or Gif, or quoting a funny movie that applies to something she mentioned in her profile.
  • Address her interests. This is a must. Always show that you actually read her profile and aren’t messaging her based solely on her pictures.
  • When it comes to addressing her interests, you can either relate to her by letting her know about your experience with a similar passion or you can pose an open-ended question.
  • Always ask open-ended questions instead of “yes” or “no” questions. Open-ended questions are more likely to prompt a response.

Tip #5: Set Up a Date With a TDL

Remember, with the eHarmony free trial, you only have a limited about of time to set up some dates. Don’t take to long going back-and-forth with a woman about your background, your five-year plan, or the fact that your sister recently moved to Austin. You can save all of that chit chat for when you actually go on a first date.

Don’t let more than a few exchanges go by before you set up a date and use a TDL to do it.

In case you’re wondering, a TDL is an acronym for Time, Date, and Location. Pretty simple, right? But there’s a lot more to those three little letters than meets the eye

A TDL is what I refer to as a date’s call-to-action, and using a TDL can be the difference between a woman accepting a date with you or taking a hard pass. When you ask a woman on a date that gives her a clear picture of exactly what the date is, when it will occur, and where it will occur, this takes more stress off of her than you realize.

Women get tons of “Do you wanna go out?” or “Do you wanna grab a drink?” offers, only to be left going back and forth with a guy to figure out exactly when she has to meet him. By taking out all the guesswork, you automatically stand out and also come across as more considerate, chivalrous and organized than other guys.

And when it comes to setting up this very specific date, like your messages, make it one that is creative and compelling.

A compelling date is one that speaks to her interests and also introduces her to a new experience. For example, if the girl you want to ask out listed bacon as an interest (keeper!), you could ask her out to some eclectic bacon tasting event.

Tip #6: Don’t Rely Solely on eHarmony

eharmony free trial

One way to really assess whether you want to leave eHarmony after your three-day test-drive or actually sign up for a paid membership is to use other free dating sites and apps like Bumble and Hinge.

I recommend my clients download at least a few to increase their dating prospects. This will also allow you to get practice with your online dating game and help you decide which type of apps and sites fit best with your personality.

For those of you who want to outsource your dating, consider hiring a matchmaker like emlovz to do the work for you. 

Tip #7: Focus on Getting More Than One Date

Although three days may seem like a short window, it’s still plenty of time to book at least a couple of dates when you use my strategies. If you want the highest chance of finding a long-term partner, you need to see firsthand that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

That’s where MegaDating comes in. MegaDating is the main strategy I used during my 100-date experiment.

MegaDating is the process of dating several people at the same time. This strategy is not to be confused with being a “player” or sneaking around. MegaDating is simply about getting to know different people in order to reach your dating goals faster. When you MegaDate, you avoid chasing after women, getting hung up on “the one,” and settling for the mediocre.

Tip #8: Keep an Eye Out for eHarmony’s Free Events

If you do the eHarmony free trial and enjoy it — but not enough to pay for a membership — keep an eye out for eHarmony’s free events. There’s no set schedule for when these events occur, but because you’ll be happily MegaDating and be using other apps, you also won’t be in any sort of rush.

eHarmony Free Trial Wrap-Up: Get More Out of Online Dating

Did you know emlovz provides full service coaching and matchmaking programs for singles looking to reach their dating goals quickly?

If you’d like to learn more, check out this webinar that goes over our services in more detail. 

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