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The #1 Nashville Dating Coach for Men Seeking Long Term Relationships

The #1 Nashville Dating Coach for Men Seeking Long Term Relationships

Music City, USA, Hollywood of the South, Nashvegas, Buckle of The Bible Belt.

Nashville has many names, each with varying degrees of accuracy.

But to you, Nashville is known as home.

It’s where your friends are, where you’ve planted your roots, and where you’re looking to settle down with a wife and kids.

It’s that last part that brings you here.

Because even though Nashville has slightly more females (51%) than males (49%) it also has a competitive dating scene.

If you don’t own a pair of cowboy boots, can’t croon at least one Willie Nelson song, and the only song you know on guitar is Yellow by Coldplay it’s gonna be a struggle to find a date in this town.

That’s why you’re here.

To meet the best Nashville dating coach the city has to offer.

Because in Music City, USA every star needs someone to harmonize with.

best nashville dating coaches

Best Nashville Dating Coach

You’re tired of being a one-man show and want to add another member to the band.

I get that.

But before you team up with a dating coach keep the following things in mind.

Philosophy, methodology, and history. 

Every high-quality dating coach has these three things hammered out.

They know what they’re about, the best way to teach their philosophy, and will have a track record to prove what they preach works.

Be on the lookout for these three things when assessing dating coaches.


That’s right us.

We’re the ones that will take you from stand-in to front-man.

We do this through our dating philosophy, MegaDating.


At emlovz we don’t just want you to meet a girl, we want you to meet your perfect match.

That’s why everything we do revolves around MegaDating.

MegaDating is the practice of dating various women at the same time.

It’s the practice of trying flavor after flavor until you find the woman you’re most compatible with.

You see, we’ve been fed this idea that happiness in romance will magically come to us out of thin air.

That’s wrong. 

We’ve also been fed the idea that dating women simultaneously means we’re shmucks.

That’s also wrong. 

We’re simply proponents of proactive dating.

To be clear, we don’t advocate for having various girlfriends at the same time. Rather we simply believe the best way to meet your most compatible partner is by meeting as many women as possible.

By meeting a myriad of women you’ll avoid settling, gain confidence, refine your dating skill, and will learn exactly the type of woman you’re most attracted to.

This philosophy informs our entire program.

Our four program pillars include:

  • MegaDating
  • Profile Creation & In Person Strategies
  • MegaMessaging
  • Date Blueprints

With us you’ll learn how to meet women IRL and online.

However, we’ll place a special emphasis on meeting women online.

This is because most relationships nowadays start online.

best dating coaches in denver

To date multiple women a week you’ll first need to meet them.

In order to do so we’ll optimize your online dating profile.

Next, we’ll teach you how to chat it up with all these new matches. HINT: Ask questions and keep the conversation revolving around a mutual interest.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to ask these women out with a TDL and set up amazing first, second, and third dates.

Teaching Methodology

But how will you learn all these new skills?

We have a four-pronged teaching approach.

  • Online Curriculum
  • 2 Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Online Community
  • Mock Dates

We have dozens of videos that go into detail about topics ranging from profile creation to how to turn up the heat on a first date. Our online curriculum is self-paced, accessible forever once you’re a member and is always being added to. Just recently we teamed up with sex coach Tilly Storm to create in-depth content about how to pleasure a woman, foreplay, and female anatomy.

best nashville dating coaches

Our online curriculum is supplemented with 2 weekly coaching sessions with yours truly. It’s in these sessions you’ll have the chance to discuss in a more in-depth fashion with me. You’ll also be able to dive into recent dates you’ve had and figure out what went wrong as well as learn new dating strategies.

Once you’ve learned these skills we won’t just thrust you out into the world to practice them.

Instead, you’ll have the chance to go on a mock date with our mock date specialist, Brooke Nichol. This will give you a safe space to practice your new talents. After the date’s over you’ll receive detailed feedback.

Lastly, we offer an online community exclusively available to men that have also enrolled in our program.

It’s here you will build new friendships, strategize, and support other men in your same position. In our online community, you’ll be able to also receive tips from other members and coaches including our co-founder Thomas Anthony. Almost on the daily you’ll see a member drop a screenshot of a conversation they’re having with a female in the group. They do so to receive feedback from coaches and members alike.

I should also add that our members are based all over the US. We often have members meeting up in person to talk about their dating lives as well as to meet women.

nashville dating coach

Dating Decoded VIP

We realize that some men just want a little more one-on-one time with our coaches.

That’s why we created Dating Decoded VIP.

In our VIP program you get six 50-minute sessions with our coaches. However, you can use these sessions in a variety of ways including:

  • Style session with our personal stylist Hailey
  • SM optimization with Mia
  • 1-on-1 strategy session with Emyli
  • Breaking down and optimizing your online dating profiles
  • Mock dating with Brooke

Use these sessions in whatever way you think would benefit your dating skills most. If you want to go on 6 mock dates do so, it’s completely up to you.


I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t team up with a coach until you know their history.

emlovz has a long history of improving the romantic lives of men from all over the country.

If you want to learn what they have to say about working with emlovz, rub this magic blue button.

Nashville First Date Ideas

After you team up with emlovz you’re going to start scoring dates left and right.

But where should you bring these ladies on a first date?

If you’re abiding by our MegaDating rules you’d know that first dates should cost no more than $20 and last no longer than an hour. We advise this because MegaDating means you’re a serial dater. You don’t have the time or want nor want to spend big bucks on strangers.

Keep things short and sweet.

These are the kinds of dates that will help you do that.

The Candle Bar

Is there anything more intimate and suggestive than making a candle together? 

What about making a candle while guzzling down wine? Sexy right?

It’s certainly an unexpected first date idea but it’s sure to peak her fancy and provide you two with the spark you need to build something lasting together.

Rudy’s Jazz Room

Not listening to good music on a date in Nashville is a bad omen. Keep the bad jujus away by getting your jazz on at Rudy’s.

Cheap wine and quality jazz in a dimly lit jazz bar are just what you two need.

Mini Golf

Mini golfing is one of the best first-date ideas there is.

It’s brief, cheap, and super fun. And hey, even if you’re not into your date at least you’ll still enjoy kicking her butt on the golf course.

Legendairy Milkshake Bar

Coffee dates are so old school. She’s been on a dozen of those and to be honest they feel more like job interviews than actual dates.

Spice things up (or rather sweeten them up) by hitting the best shake joint in town.

Art Crawl!

Dates where you two are seated at a restaurant for hours can feel more like a chess match than a date.

Get out of your seats and get your butt moving by attending an art crawl.

This takes place on the first Saturday of every new month.

The Best Nashville Dating Coach

Now are you ready to get your date on?

If your can’t contain your urges and want a date ASAP, book a 1-on-1 call with me or a member of my team today.

During this call we’ll talk about your dating history, goals, and see how our program, Dating Decoded can help you achieve them.

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