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The Best Savannah GA Dating Coach for Men (+ 5 Date Ideas)

The Best Savannah GA Dating Coach for Men (+ 5 Date Ideas)

The Best Savannah GA Dating Coach for Men (+ 5 Date Ideas)

According to US News Savannah, George is the 21st best singles city in the US.

Savannah won this distinction for a few reasons.

Let’s check out the stats:

Metro Population: 390,211
Share of Population Unmarried: 53.4%
Median Home Price: $215,350
Average Annual Salary: $47,510
Net Migration, 2016-2021: 2.42%

As you can see Savannah is a medium-sized city, with the majority of residents being unmarried, is relatively cheap, has a better median salary than the US median, and is growing.

Savannah is also awash with beautiful architecture, culture, and has more females than males.

52% of residents are female and 48% are male.

If you’re a male, Savannah’s a great place to find your next beau.

But just because it’s cheap, booming, and has a lot of women doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to find a partner.

Dating is tough nowadays and even more so after we’ve all been rendered socially awkward because of the pandemic.

You may be looking for someone to guide you through the awkward modern dating scene.

That’s where your new Savannah dating coach comes into play.

But what can a dating coach really do for you?

Let’s find out.

Your New Savannah Dating Coach

There is a handful of Savannah dating coaches out there. But honestly, if your goal is to leverage online and offline dating skills to find compatible women to date, there’s only one coach for you.


At emlovz we preach what we’ve lived through.

A few years back I conducted a 100-date experiment. The idea behind dating a myriad of people was that a larger sample size will increase my chances of not just finding a partner, but a super compatible one.

Date after date I would refine my process to streamline my romantic life. I became pickier, dates were truncated, and I became really good at telling people what I wanted and getting it.

That romantic skill comes with practice, 100 dates of practice.

The process of dating many people at once is called MegaDating and it’s what my program is built around.


The larger the sample size the more accurate the data.

This applies to studies as much as it does to your romantic life.

Simply put, dating one woman every six months isn’t enough.

How in the world are you expected to find the best partner if you’re not being proactive and dating around?

That’s where MegaDating can help you out.

By mining your social channels I can help you find dozens of single, compatible women to date.

MegaDating can help you:

  • Figure out what you’re looking for
  • Boost confidence
  • Refine your flirting skills
  • Quickly find you a partner you want to be with

Think of MegaDating as a shortcut to finding that special someone. It’s a proactive approach that will see you date one or two new women every week.  

But where will you find all these women?

The Perfect Online Presence

The UK projects that more babies will be born to parents that met online than IRL by 2037.

Meeting your partner online is the norm nowadays. At emlovz we of course teach men how to meet women IRL but we do focus heavily on your online presence.

Considering it’s how most new relationships start nowadays, it’s best that you use online dating to help accomplish your romantic goals.

greensboro dating coach

The thing is, online dating is a competitive place. Like super competitive. Tinder and Bumble are online sausage fests with gender ratios of 9 men to every 1 woman for Tinder and 7-3 for Bumble.

So if every guy you went to college with on these dating apps how are you expected to stand out?

We’re not gonna lie, it’s tough, but with just a few simple tweaks you can stand out from the riff-raff on these apps.

In our program Dating Decoded we’ll show you how to:

  • Take and identify the photos that will grab her attention
  • How to write a bio and write prompt responses that stand out
  • Which apps you should be using
  • Dating app strategy
  • Social apps to use other than dating apps

But an attractive profile is only good enough to snag you a match or two. How will you convert these matches to dates?


Women receive dozens if not hundreds of messages every day on dating apps and non-dating apps like Facebook, Tik Tok, and IG every day.

With such competition, you’d think you don’t stand a chance.

Lucky for you most men devote little time and thought into sending opening messages.

Most will message say, “hey.”

99/100 times this is a message that will lead to ghosting.

savannah dating coach

All you need to do is put just a touch of effort to stand out.

When it comes to MegaMessaging we’ll show you how to send an opening message that is guaranteed to receive a response, how to quickly build a bond, make her feel comfortable, and of course convince her to go out with you IRL.

You’ll also learn how to craft the perfect date pitch by using a TDL.

Dating Blueprint

Let’s fast forward a few weeks.

In this time you’ve signed up for Dating Decoded, have attended a few live coaching calls, binged our online curriculum and maybe even went on a mock date we offer. You’ve applied what you’ve learned and have revamped your dating profile so you’re not scoring matches and chatting up ladies.

It’s at this point that you’re ready to start asking women out.

But what kind of date should you be going on?

If you’re adhering to the MegaDating strategy there’s a specific way to go about dating.

Here it is.

First dates should last no longer than an hour with no more than $20 being spent. If you’re dating multiple women a week you can’t afford to spend $100+ on every first date. Nor do you want to spend big or spend a copious amount of time with a stranger. First dates are for feeling out the woman seated across from you. Quite often the minute you meet someone you know you aren’t attracted to them and that you two won’t go anywhere. If this is the case, why sign up for a four-hour $200 first date with a stranger?

Make it short and sweet.

Second dates are physical and 100% free.

Dating can be awkward. Grabbing a meal or a drink is boring as each side is forced to find similarities and drum up convo from nowhere. So instead let the conversation come naturally by shaping your date around an activity. Hit some golf balls, go for a hike, head to the dog park, or have a picnic on the beach and throw the discus. Physical dates that get the heart pumping, are novel, almost always fun, and lend themselves to easy conversation. I recommend them being free or close to free in order to weed out gold diggers or women that agree to date you simply because they want a free meal.

There’s even a name for this, foodie calls.

If she’s special enough to have made it to the third date it’s time to ditch all time and financial restrictions.

Now it’s time to splash the cash. Take her to a show, a fancy restaurant, and take her out on a night she’ll always remember.

And hey, when you’re MegaDating chances are not every woman will make it this far, most won’t. Once you’re not feeling a woman it’s probably time to tell her and move on. When you’re MegaDating you won’t have the urge to stay with people longer than it feels right.

If MegaDating resonates with you, and you’re up for joining the best dating coaching program and community in the world then book a Zoom call with us here.

The Best First Date Ideas In Savannah

After your Savannah dating coach has refined your dating game it’s time to date.

But where should you bring these women?

Savannah’s a dynamic city with a million and one awesome first date spots.

Here are just a few of my favorite emlovz pre-approved date ideas.

Bar Julian

Bar Julian might just have the best view of Savannah. With in and outdoor seating this is the go-to post work place to grab a drink.

savannah dating coach

Savannah Botanical Gardens

The Savannah Botanical Garden is one of those places everyone says they want to go but never hit. The garden consists of 10 acres of roses, a children’s garden, vegetable gardens, camellia, perennial, shade and fern gardens in addition to ponds and its very own amphitheater.

savannah dating coach

Frames And Games

For a more active first date — one any Savannah dating coach would recommend — I advise hitting Frames and Games for bowling, laser tag, and or classic arcade games.

savannah dating coach

South Georgia State Fair

How could you possibly miss such a classic fair as this one?

Rides, games, food, and everything you could want for a whimsical, nostalgic, romantic and cheap first date.

savannah dating coach

SCAD Museum Of Art

Are you two art lovers?

Even if you’re not super into art she’s been to a million coffee first dates. Change things up by getting some culture in. This museum is located in the center of the city so it should be relatively easy to get to. Not to mention after you two are done soaking up high culture you can snack on ice cream while overlooking the Savannah River.

savannah dating coach

Scoring Your First Date

You know who the best Savannah dating coach is, now it’s time to sign up.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these reviews by our current and former students.

Before signing up let’s chat via a 1-on-1 Zoom session. During this session, we’ll talk about your romantic past and future.

Once enrolled it’s time to start learning via our four learning pathways:

  • Online curriculum
  • Mock dates
  • 2 weekly coaching sessions
  • Online community
  • Access to sex and intimacy training, personal coaching sessions, and much more

Within just a couple of weeks you’ll start learning new strategies that you can apply to your dating life.

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