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53 of the Best Date Ideas NYC Has to Offer

53 of the Best Date Ideas NYC Has to Offer

America’s biggest city is not lacking when it comes to the depth of its dating pool. With over 8 million residents, NYC is a single person’s playground. As a hive of activity, naturally NYC has a myriad of tantalizing date spots. With that said, in this article we’ll outline some of the best date ideas NYC has to offer!

Each idea has been recommended by either a NYC matchmaker, dating coach, socialite, or of course the men and women in the trenches, NYC daters.

But before the list is revealed, you must become privy to my dating blueprint. A few years back I embarked on a 100-date experiment. This was a social experiment I undertook in order to find love. Sure it may sound a little cheesy, but after 100 dates you start to learn some valuable lessons about attraction.

Therefore, here are a few rules for the crucial early stages of dating that I have developed that all singles should abide by. They are informed by my experiment and are a fundamental aspect of MegaDating.

First Date

The first date should not exceed an hour nor cost more than $20. Why invest time and money into a complete stranger? There are plenty of people in the big apple that you’ll want to spend time with. Make sure you don’t blow all your time, money, and energy on someone you may not even like.

Second Date

Get active and make it free. A heart-thumping second date will make the conversation flow while keeping money in your pocket.

Making it physical by going on a hike or playing sports. Such activities present a pathway towards making a physical connection.

Third Date

If she’s made it all the way to a third date you’re probably super into her. Throw out the time and money restrictions and treat your new crush to a romantic night out.

Keeping the outline for the first three dates in mind I’ve divided the following NYC date idea recommendations into three categories: first, second, and third dates.

Each recommendation lends itself to the early stage dating blueprint outlined above (although some of my contributors mention first date ideas that might cost a little more than $20). But enough of the foreplay, it’s time that we planned your next date.

First Date Ideas NYC

First Date Ideas NYC #1: Max Brenner’s (Union Square)















“It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with chocolate by the bald man. This is a great first date spot. Gazing across a table of chocolate fondue into the eyes of your date while sipping on a warm “hug mug” of Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate is where it’s at.

Tip: Skip the meal and go straight to the dessert menu, which includes items like Chocolate Chunk Pizza, Urban S’mores For Two and so much more.”

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

Aphrodisiac or not, who wouldn’t want to spend a first date gorging on palate busting high-quality chocolate?

First Date Ideas NYC #2: The Auction House (Speakeasy Bar)

nyc speakeasy date ideas

The Auction House is located on the Upper East Side. Despite being surrounded by some of the most sumptuous buildings in the world, this speakeasy is surprisingly down to earth. For a bar with such allure, prices are affordable with beers ranging from $6-8 and a glass of wine from $8-10. This well-kept secret has a tranquil vibe where you won’t have to compete with blaring cliche pop songs just to get a word in.

-Recommendation by NYC Wingwoman

First Date Ideas NYC #3: Ampersand


“A relaxed, dim lit spot in the Gramercy area that is always buzzing but never crowded. It is nicer than your average “bar” but cozy and casual at the same time. Meet there for wine or handcrafted cocktails. If the date is going well, order some American bites. This is one of my favorite NYC date ideas”

-Recommendation by Alexis Wolfe (@nycdatenite), NYC Dating Enthusiast

Just two blocks away from the 6 train’s 23rd Street Station you’ll find Ampersand. This down to earth dig is quiet enough to have a conversation and cheap enough to not break the bank. Our source recommends splitting some fish tacos and sipping on a spicy Margarita.

First Date Ideas NYC #4: Please Don’t Tell (Speakeasy Bar)

please don't tell

nyc speakeasy bar

Speakeasys scream pricey, pretentious, and overrated. Please Don’t Tell breaks this mold with its unassuming and classic style. What makes this place all the more of an adventure for a first date is that fact that you’ll only gain access after ringing the doorbell, which is actually a retro landline. Show off your knowledge of the East Village as you two make like rum runners and discreetly sneak into this little-known speakeasy.

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

First Date Ideas NYC #5: Empire Cake

empire cake

Empire Cake literally has something for everyone.  Grab a cookie, vegan something that no one understands, or a cup of coffee.  There are enough colorful things in the display to discuss and bond over your love for a perfect cookie.  You can also be adventurous and pick out the other’s tasty treat.”

-Recommendation from Sarah F, NYC Local

Who said that alcohol was mandatory on a first date? Sating your sweet tooth with a cookie is a great way to calm any first date nerves. With vegan options galore it’s also a spot that has something for everyone regardless of dietary lifestyles, which makes this a perfect first date in NYC.

First Date Ideas NYC #6: Irving Farm

irving farm

Irving Farm is a small chain of cafes that prides itself on its relationship with coffee farmers of whom they buy directly from. A coffee shop is great for an NYC first date. It’s pocket friendly, quenches any craving an addict might have, and are easy to slip out of. Let’s be serious, not all first dates are good ones. Luckily, if your date’s a downer, you can easily guzzle away your Americano and head for open water.

-Recommendation from Laura H, NYC Local

First Date Ideas NYC #7: Anfora Wine Bar

anfora wine bar

“Comfortable leather booths, a wine variety of cocktails/wine, and a charcuterie board to share. This west village spot meets all my criteria for a perfect first date.”

-Recommendation by Alexis Wolfe (@nycdatenite), NYC Dating Enthusiast

Anfora is designed for an NYC first date. Have you ever been worried that another couple will realize that you’re on a first date? Anfora’s layout and seating design provides ample privacy for couples. Such a design should mitigate any fear you might have about a nosey couple eavesdropping on your conversation.

First Date Ideas NYC #8: Karaoke at The Watering Hole

nyc karoake date ideas

“In my single days this was a “go-to” first date spot. It’s a great way to assess what kind of chemistry you have with someone by singing a duet together. It’s also a good gauge of whether someone is laid back, a good sport and up for anything or an uptight naysayer. When you’re not singing you can enjoy people watching and perusing the karaoke books together in search of  your next song. Tip: Throw a few dollars your karaoke hosts way and let them know you’re on a first date and they will usually look out for you and bring you up to sing more often.” 

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

The Watering Hole might look like your run of the mill American bar/restaurant, but as Amber notes, it’s got a trick up its sleeve. Four days out of the week you’ll find 30-somethings singing their hearts out as if they were ensconced in the shower. Whether you karaoke or not is completely up to you.

Either way the pressure is taken off making small talk as the conversation will inevitably revolve around the vocal ability of the many failed American Idol contestants you’re surrounded by. By the way, this locale also hosts speed dating events every once and a while. Sadly, speed dating and karaoke nights don’t coincide. Nevertheless, this is one of the most fun date ideas NYC has to offer.

First Date Ideas NYC #9: Pause Cafepause cafe first date

If you’re going to hit up a cafe for a first date you better make sure it’s not Starbucks. Nobody will want to say yes to your TDL if the setting of your date is a bland coffee joint that she already knows all too well. Pause Cafe offers a healthy and eclectic menu. Once you’ve made your order, sit back and enjoy this tastefully designed Moroccan themed cafe.

-Recommendation from Hailey T, NYC Local

First Date Ideas NYC #10: Barcade (Arcade Bar)

barcade nyc

Creating the perfect first date is a simple equation. Craft beer + arcade games = a guaranteed second date. With three locations spaced out across NYC there should be no issue finding a spot that’s convenient for the both of you. When’s the last time you were able to start a date off with Frogger before a grand finale of Mortal Kombat II and Pac-Man Battle Royale?

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

First Date Ideas NYC #11: The Lobby Bar @ The Ludlow Hotel

ludlow hotel lobby bar

Hotel lobby bars are often overlooked. People may think they’re not allowed to enjoy themselves at an opulent hotel because they’re not guests. The Ludlow Hotel has an inclusive lobby that’s welcome to all. Take advantage of this little known secret when you bring your date here. Not only will she be impressed by your knowledge of obscure digs, but you’ll be able to talk about it in privacy, as not too many people know about the spot.

-Recommendation from Lori Cheek, Founder of Dating App Cheeked

First Date Ideas NYC #12: Meow Parlour

meow parlour nyc

“NYC is filled with unique date choices. If you know your date loves cats/kittens (and hopefully you are not allergic) than surprising her and taking her to MEOW Parlor will definitely set you apart. This is NYC’s first Cat Cafe. You can drink coffee and cuddle up with a kitty as you enjoy sharing the affection with your date. She will definitely love seeing this sweet side of you!”

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

I didn’t know the Lower East-Side had a pet parlour! That’s it, I’m moving. Sorry to say it, but I might be playing third wheel on your next date. As long as she’s not a dog-person she’ll definitely enjoy getting loved on by fluffy cats as your date simultaneously enjoys artisanal sweats.

#13: Pierre Loti

pierre loti nyc

Pierre Loti is a chain wine bar with three locations in Manhattan. While the label of “chain wine bar” sounds a bit tacky, Pierre Loti makes up for it with its extensive wine selection. Happy Hour is everyday from 4-7 – one of the many fantastic NYC date ideas.

-Recommendation from Laura H, NYC Local

#14: Flute Bar

flute bar date ideas

I’ve never gone to this bar on a first date and not ended up making out with the person I was with. It’s chic, comfortable and most importantly…lounge-y. Flute Bar has amazing cocktails and small bites to nosh on. Tip: Don’t recommend drinking more than two cocktails (they tend to be potent) and can lead to extreme PDA.”

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

The Flute Bar is an upscale bar located in the heart of Midtown. I know some of you will have already stopped reading after hearing the bar’s location. For those that are still with me, this bar guarantees that you’ll be able to have a conversation without having to resort to screaming. Also keep in mind that if you’re keeping your budget to a $10 maximum, you’ll be overspending if you decide to buy more than one drink.

#15: Quiet Clubbing

quiet clubbing

“These silent disco headphone parties in NYC are a perfect first date. Unlike the club scene there is not blaring music, so you can actually have a conversation. You also never have to leave the dance floor as you have 3 different DJs/music stations to choose from all night. Based on what color the LED lights of your date’s headsets are you can tell if you have similar music tastes which for some can be a dating “deal-breaker.” Tip: If you’re a bad dancer a la Ellen from Seinfeld try to stay on a different music station than your date and they probably won’t notice.” 

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

If you’ve never gone to a silent disco before, now is your chance. Obviously a silent disco doesn’t suit everyone. This date is best for good dancers, daters with quality social skills, and people that know for sure that they want to spend over an hour with their date.

I say that only those with a high level of social skills will want to try this out as a first date, because it’s kind of odd. You don’t want to be the dude that doesn’t know when to dance with your date or when to try to strike up a conversation. While the idea is awesome, you’ll need to reflect a little bit to make sure it’s right for you and your lady.

#16: Aria Wine Bar

date ideas nyc

Found both in Hell’s Kitchen and the West Village, Aria Wine Bar is a fancy dig that will leave her with the impression that you’re a man of taste. Be sure to lift that pinkie in the air when you’re sipping like a sommelier on a glass of Chianti Riserva from Tuscany.

-Recommendation from Laura H, NYC Local

Bonus NYC First Date Idea: Grab a Coffee & Get to Know Your Date at Elizabeth Street Garden

elizabeth street garden

During a recent visit to NYC (May 2019) I happened to stumble upon the amazing first date location – Elizabeth Street Garden. In my research I found that this park has an approximate 200 year history of being completely free and public to people of all ages.

If you’re date lives near the SoHo or the Little Italy district, I’d highly recommend you have her meet you at a coffee shop nearby, then get to know her in this beautiful setting.

-Recommendation from The EmLovz Team

Bonus First Date Idea: Via Quadronno

first date ideas nyc

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Via Quadronno is a super cute first date idea that’s known for having unforgettable cappuccinos and paninis.

Win your date over by telling her a story of how Via Quadronno selected their logo emblem- in Italy, Prosciutto di Cinghiale (wild boar meat) is considered a delicacy similar to the way we view a “truffle” here in the United States.

But here in the USA, the FDA does not permit the importation of boar prosciutto. In it’s honor, Via Quadronno adopted the boar as a symbol into their logo.

Second Date Ideas NYC

Second Date Ideas NYC #17: Ping Pong at SPIN

spin nyc

“Get some friendly competition in at this ping pong lounge where you can order food and drinks to your pong table.”

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman and Amber Soletti and Alexis Wolfe

Remember the rules for a second date? Stay active and keep it free. Obviously the latter is impossible when you come to a place like SPIN, but hey, for ping pong, rules can be broken. Monday through Thursday after 9 p.m. $9 will get you unlimited ping pong. This ping pong club is also frequented by professionals, hosts leagues, and can get fairly competitive.

Second Date Ideas NYC #18: Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

ice skating nyc

“Every girl loves a fairytale and nothing feels more romantic than holding hands and Ice skating in the middle of Rockefeller center.” 

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

Considering this is your second date, you should have already built a positive rapport with your romantic interest. A second date at the skating rink will give you the opportunity to show your chivalry by helping her up when she falls. There are plenty of chances for light touching while skating around arguably the most romantic outdoor date spots in NYC.

Second Date Ideas NYC #19: Take a Trapeze Class Together

second date ideas nyc

“If you and your date are looking for something a bit more thrilling, sign up for a trapeze class together at Pier 40. You will learn to build trust and push each other to new limits.”

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

Nothing helps accelerate a bond better than a little trapezing. Getting drinks together is nice and all, but indulging in a trapeze class will create a lasting memory. Laughing in the face of death has a way of quickly building a strong connection. When you’re searching for adrenaline pumping NYC date ideas, look no further.

Second Date Ideas NYC #20: Color Factorynew york city date ideas

Care for a little nostalgia on a second date? Nothing says youth like jumping into a ball pit. The Color Factory is an interactive exhibit that opened in SOHO in August of 2018. Tickets can be a little pricey at $38 a piece (so this would fall out of line with my personal second date rec’s) but you’ll be creating an unforgettable second date experience.

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

Second Date Ideas NYC #21: The Ice Rink at The Standard Highline

nyc date ideas

“Go to the ice rink at the standard highline then relax in the winter wonderland heated outdoor area with some mulled wine.”

-Recommendation by Alexis Wolfe (@nycdatenite), NYC Dating Enthusiast

Staring across the Hudson River with wine in hand already sounds like a solid second date. Add ice skating to your plans and you’ve just guaranteed yourself a third date. Ice skating will run you around $17 if you left your skates at home. Whether you hit the rink or not, this is a great place to win the affection of your date.

Second Date Ideas NYC #22: Walk Around Central Parkdate ideas nyc

“Find a swing set and bring out your inner child.  Walk down Literary way, which I’m pretty sure is in 82% of all RomComs. Go sit by the pond and watch people who don’t know how to row boats get around.  Go to Strawberry Fields and hear Imagine played over and over again. Or just find a bench and chat. You can NEVER go wrong in Central Park.” 

-Recommendation from Sarah F and Laura H, NYC Locals

Central Park is a sprawling wonderland that no New Yorker has explored in full. There’s always something new and happening to check out. Grab a blanket and surprise her with a picnic or just go for a leisurely stroll and enjoy the tranquility of the park that covers more than 3.5 square miles. Being this idea is free, and I’ve scoped out the terrain myself – I highly recommend this NYC date idea as a second experience with your potential sweetheart.

Second Date Ideas NYC #23: Walk The Highline

date ideas nyc

The Highline isn’t just a 1.5 mile linear park that gives you a unique perspective of the city. It’s also a home to gardens, art, programs, and classes. Strolling along the highline is a great way to get your endorphins pumping on a second date in NYC.

-Recommendation from Danielle S, NYC Local

Second Date Ideas NYC #24: Explore and Chill in Washington Square Parkwashington square park

Harken back to your college days by having a profound conversation in the park or becoming a follower of Hare Krishna for a song or two. Washington Square Park is a hive of activity that is never lacking a conversation starter. Use your surroundings to drive the conversation forward as you not only explore the milieu around you but also the person sitting next to you.

-Recommendation from Laura H, NYC Local

#25: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

moma nyc

Want a cheap date that is plenty stimulating and full of conversation starters? Hit up the MOMA this Friday between 4-8 for free admittance to the MOMA. While the MOMA is a great date spot, make sure that your date isn’t already blasé with hitting up this museum.

For art fanatics who are new to the Big Apple, this might be one of the best date ideas NYC has to offer.

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

#26: The Met

the met

With a pay-as-you-please structure The Met is a great NYC date spot to bring someone if you don’t feel like spending a lot of cash. As one of the world’s largest museums The Met is constantly featuring new and interesting exhibits that showcase art from around the world.

-Recommended by EmLovz Staff & Laura H

#27: Chelsea Piers

chelsea piers

” Try rock climbing, bowling or the golf range at Chelsea Piers.” (Alexis Wolfe)

“Chelsea Piers is a great date location in NYC as it truly has it all. From batting cages, to bowling, to teaching your date how to swing a golf club at the driving range, this fun date location will make sure you and your date are always having a good time.”  (NYC Wingwoman)

-Recommendation by Alexis Wolfe and NYC Wingwoman

It doesn’t matter if you’re a member or not, Chelsea Piers has a range of activities that are bound to put a smile on her face. Rock climb, hit the batting cages, or even jump on an in-ground trampoline.

#28: Rent Citibikes at Governors Island

nyc second date idea

Few people ever decide to visit Governor’s Island if they’re not going for a music festival or sporting event. It’s relatively unused which makes it the perfect place for a leisurely bike ride. Enjoy the scenery and songs of birds as you take a break from the chaos of NYC’s streets.

-Recommendation from Danielle S, NYC Local

#29: Make & Decorate Chocolate at Chocolate Works

chocolate works

Chocolate Works is a fun and delicious date. Here you and your date can have fun while creating your own chocolate (Willy-Wonka style) and then finally getting to eat it! Chocolate is known to increase sex drive and passion so that’s just an added bonus to this date.”

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

Chocolate Works can be found on the Upper East and West Side as well as Downtown Brooklyn/DUMBO. Here you’ll find an assortment of sweets and can even level up your chocolate making ability by taking a course.

#30: Swingers Mini Golf

Mini golf is the perfect second-date idea.

It’s cheap, fun, and makes for easy conversation. But if you really want to take her on a second date that’s a hole-in-one (unavoidable) you have to go to Swingers.

Swingers is the classiest mini golf joint around. It has cocktails, street food and even mood lighting.

It’s also indoors so you can take her during any season, rain or shine.

Swingers has locations in NYC, DC, and London. In fact, this date spot was recommended by one of our students.

best nyc date spots

#31: Gelato, but not just any gelato

Not all gelato is created equal as the emlovz student that recommended this next date idea makes clear.

When it comes to gelato, Anita’s is the spot.

The gelato is so good that our student says that patrons are willing to wait in a line that wraps around the corner just to grab a bite.

This is a solid date idea because it’s cheap and close enough to Central Park that you can easily take a walk before or after.

anita's gelato

Third Date Ideas NYC

Third Date Ideas NYC #32: Movie Under the Stars

movie under the stars

“Although I would not recommend this for a first date, this is a great date idea once you have already established a connection. Bring a blanket and cuddle up for a movie under the stars. These happen often during the summer and fall months so stay on the look out:)” 

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

Picture yourself on a third date sharing a blanket with a woman you want to be with, laughing at a classic film with the lights of New York City in the background. It doesn’t really matter what movie you’re watching, the venue already does enough to set the mood.

Third Date Ideas NYC #33: ABC Kitchenabc kitchen

ABC Kitchen is an exclusively organic locally sourced restaurant located a couple blocks from Union Square. Considering its proximity to the ping pong bar, SPIN, you might consider playing a little ping pong before your healthy meal here.

I often recommend merging second and third dates together as one – assuming the chemistry and connection are growing at a high clip.

-Recommendation from Laura H, NYC Local

Third Date Ideas NYC #34: UVA Restaurant and Wine Bar

uva wine bar

“This UES gem is cozy and rustic with great energy. Get a table in the dimly lit inside or choose the more romantic back patio. Get a bottle of red and some small plates/pasta”

-Recommendation by Alexis Wolfe (@nycdatenite), NYC Dating Enthusiast

UVA has outdoor space both in the front and back of the restaurant. Its rustic feel is refreshing after spending a day in the concrete jungle. As Alexis recommends, share a couple small plates and sip on a bottle of red wine as you plan out your future (or at least the night) with your date.

Third Date Ideas NYC #35: Dinner at L’Artusi

lartusi dinner nyc

Found in the West Village, L’Artusi doesn’t get much more Italian. From it’s menu to its wine list, L’Artusi might just be the most Italian restaurant in The Village. With two floors to choose from you’ll have no problem finding an intimate place to wine and dine her.

-Recommendation from Laura H, NYC Local

Third Date Ideas NYC #36: Salinas


“Small and cozy.  Very romantic!  The cocktails are on point and the food is phenomenal. The lighting at Salinas is amazing and allows for sneaking a subtle kiss.”  

-Recommendation from Sarah F, NYC Local

It’s almost as if Salinas turned down the lights because they knew you were coming with a hot date. This Chelsea-located Spanish restaurant is perfect for grabbing some tapas and heading upstairs to the glass-roofed garden for a romantic view of the Hudson.

Third Date Ideas NYC #37: Comedy Cellar

comedy date night

“For a date that makes you laugh keeps both sides wanting more, check out Comedy Cellar for an amazing night filled with hilarious comedy. Or if you want a unique experience check out North Coast at the PIT for a rapping improv experience unlike anything else.”

-Recommendation by NYC Wingwomen and Laura H

There’s no better way to make a date relax than with a little laughter. It doesn’t really matter that you’re not the one making her shoot alcohol out of her nose. What’s important is that you’re the one that’ll be credited when she thanks you for orchestrating a wonderful date night in NYC full of off-color jokes and one too many cocktails.

Third Date Ideas NYC #38: BondSt Lounge

date ideas nyc

“Call to reserve the *lounge*. Meet your second date at this sultry lively underground Japanese lounge for lychee martinis and truffle tuna pizza”

-Recommendation by Alexis Wolfe (@nycdatenite), NYC Dating Enthusiast

A third date generally means that you’re ready to heat things up with your new lady. While PDA is largely frowned upon, BondST has the perfect atmosphere for stealing a kiss from your beloved. As Alexis advises, make a reservation days in advance in order to reserve the lounge.

Third Date Ideas NYC #39: Do a Wine Tasting Event

new york city wine tasting

“Another fun date is wine tasting. Great conversation and tasty wine is a fun intimate date that allows both sides to share in each others favorite flavors.” 

Keep that pinkie finger strong when you and your date flex it out at a wine tasting event. As the cultural hub of the world there are a myriad of wine tasting options to indulge on with you and your date. If you’re not a wine buff maybe do some research beforehand so that you come equipped with the palate and terminology to impress your date.

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

#40: Il Buco

nyc third date idea

Il Buco is a rustic, homey, upscale Mediterranean-Italian restaurant. Its beautiful aesthetic fits right into The Village. As many a Google review will corroborate, a late night dinner here is a perfect NYC date idea.

-Recommendation from Lori Cheek, Founder of Dating App Cheeked

#41: I Sodi


“Some of the best Italian food around. Very popular location, make sure and get a reservation as soon as you can, as it’s hard to get in. Worst comes to worst you can sit at the bar as a pair.”

-Recommendation from Hailey T, NYC Local

What I Sodi might lack aesthetically it makes up with in food. Located a couple blocks from the Christopher Street subway stop, this Italian restaurant is one of the best in Greenwich Village.

3rd Date NYC Jazz Music Venues

#42: Jazz at Lincoln Center

jazz night new york

The Lincoln is an awe-inspiring building worthy of any musician. But not just any musicians are invited. NYC’s premier jazz venue only welcomes the most illustrious and celebrated jazz musicians on the planet. Is your third date worthy of a bit of culture? I think it is.

-Recommendation from Sarah F, NYC Local

#43: Birdland

3rd date ideas nyc

Birdland is the exact type of jazz joint you’d expect to see its namesake, Charlie Parker, jamming in. Parker actually headlined at Birdland when it opened in 1949. All the best Jazz musicians in history have made their way through its doors. Let the history be-bop you and your lady into harmony on your third date.

-Recommendation from Sarah F, NYC Local

Third Date Ideas NYC #44: Blue Note

date ideas nyc

Consult any travel guide on where to watch live music in NYC and they’ll all give you the same answer, Blue Note. Arguably the best place to watch music in Greenwich Village, Blue Note has a classic jazz joint feel to it.

-Recommendation from Sarah F, NYC Local

Date Ideas Just Outside Of Manhattan

#45: New York Transit Museum (Brooklyn)

brooklyn date ideas

For just $10 a pop you and your date can subway back in time to a place where the G train took even longer to arrive. The New York Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn houses 7 restored trains and a fleet of retro NYC buses. The museum has done a great job at maintaining the authenticity of the restored trains. This might just be the most underrated museum in all of NYC.

-Recommendation from Lori Cheek, Founder of Dating App Cheeked

#46: Bury the Hatchet (Brooklyn)

brooklyn date ideas

Proving your chivalry by opening the door is one thing but jumping in front of a hatchet to save her life surely makes you a keeper. Bury The Hatchet gives city dwellers like you and your date the opportunity to tap into your inner Chris McCandless and toss an axe or two at a wooden target.

According to their website, axe throwing is actually a sport in Canada. It appears the axe has stuck as Bury The Hatchet is now operating in more than 10 locations across the USA. Just sign a waver and start throwing razor sharp blades while simultaneously drinking craft beer.

-Recommendation from NYC Wingwoman

#47: Union Hall (Brooklyn)

brooklyn date ideas

“Upstairs is a very cool bar that has bocce ball lanes and looks like a fancy library. The basement is a comedy club and the comedians are always hilarious.”

-Recommendation from Hailey T, NYC Local

Even for Brooklyn this place is pretty weird. It might just be the only bar that has two indoor bocce courts. While that would be enough to categorize it as odd, it also plays hosts to a number of live podcast events, standup shows, variety shows, and other types of entertainment that I only feel safe if filed into the miscellaneous category. This versatile spot is ideal for a second or third date in Brooklyn.

#48: Nitehawk Cinema (Brooklyn)

date ideas in brooklyn

To be fair, movie dates are kind of lame. Even though you’re spending hours sitting just inches from your date, there’s no interaction going on. While the two or you are sharing an experience you’re not really learning anything new about each other.

That being said, a movie date at Nitehawk Cinema is unlike any other. That’s because this movie theater exclusively plays indie/classic movies with a twist. That twist includes speciality cocktails that are delivered to your seats. If you’re going to resort to a movie date I advise having a drink after the film or at least going for a brief after-movie jaunt.

-Recommendation from Hailey T, NYC Local

#49: X2O (Yonkers)

yonkers date idea

“Again, not technically inside NYC, but very close, in Yonkers—X20. James Beard Award winning chef, on the Hudson, beautiful views as well.” 

-Recommendation from Julie VD, NYC Local

There’s a reason that you don’t go to X20 on a first or second date. Some may not think a third date isn’t even worthy of such a place. This is that case for two reasons. One is that it’s in Yonkers. I know, I know. It’ll take some research to figure out how to get there if you don’t already own a car, but it’s worth it.

The second reason why it may not be right for even a third date comes down to the affordability of the menu. But if you’re serious about that woman you’ve been dating, this is a direct way of telling her how you feel about her.

#50: Penthouse 808 (Queens)

date ideas long island city

“Inn Long Island City, Queens. Penthouse 808. It’s a rooftop bar/restaurant with an amazing lobster pot entree, live jazz and beautiful city views.”

-Recommendation from Julie VD, NYC Local

Nothing says romance better than a rooftop bar that involves lobster and live jazz. While Dutch Kills might not be your usual date locale it’s nice to mix things up. With an outdoor dining area adjacent to the Queensboro Bridge you and your date will be enchanted as your enjoy the view and feast on Asian fusion dishes.

#51: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

brooklyn date idea

Transport yourself to the country for a couple hours when you picnic at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. With spring finally here you’ll want to enjoy nature while everything is finally in bloom. With events galore you can even take a conservatory tour or learn how to naturally blend perfumes.

-Recommendation by Amber Soletti, Dating Expert & Co-Founder of OnSpeedDating

#52: Jane’s Carousel (Dumbo, Brooklyn)

date ideas around new york city

Jane’s Carousel works as a first, second date, or third date. But seeing as it’s a cheap and quick activity you’ll want to combine it with perhaps a picnic, coffee, a stroll, or dinner. If a first or second day are going well and you want to throw a surprise at her, why not pick a point close to the Carasol to meet her and then casually surprise her by suggesting that you two hitch a ride on a mechanical horse?

-Recommendation by Hailey T, NYC Local

#53: Walk Around Domino Park

domino park

domino park tacos

domino sugar refineryI stopped by Domino Park on a recent visit (May 2019) to NYC for my cousin Hailey’s college graduation. After the big event the group wanted to unwind, walk around a bit, and grab a couple of tacos. Since the graduation was in Queens and we were on our way back into NYC, this location was perfect.

During my visit to Domino Park I realized what a fantastic first or second date idea it is. Grab a coffee or simply walk around this 5 acre park located along the east river in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you really want to impress your date, walk her over to the abandoned Domino Sugar Refinery building and discuss it’ss history (you may want to do some research first).

-Recommendation from The EmLovz Team

NYC Date Idea #54: Paint And Sip

There are a million-and-one paint-and-sip places around the city, but one of our students had a particularly awesome time at the Painting Longue in Brooklyn.

For $50 per person you and your date can sit it slow and paint a masterpiece for about two hours.

Supplies are included (but of course bring your own drink) and yes even amateurs are welcome. He chose this date idea because his date recently had knee surgery and wasn’t able to walk much. What’s awesome is that you two can share this amazing experience and walk away with art that you made and can hang up in your home! Every time she sees that painting she’ll think of you.

And hey, even if the date is crappy, at least you have a fun activity to distract you from your date, lol.

Date Ideas NYC Wrap-Up

NYC is bursting with awesome date ideas. If this list doesn’t serve you, throw up a map of NYC, close your eyes, and throw a dart at it. Wherever it lands there is bound to be something cool that works for an NYC date idea. In fact, this can be the pretext for your next date.

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