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Never Give Up On Love

When I first embarked on my 100-date experiment, I wondered if love even existed. I didn’t know if it was possible for me. But by the end of my experiment, I discovered that you should never give up on love.

Searching for love can be a painful and frustrating process. It’s understandable that many people are tempted to throw in the towel and give up. However, we often sabotage our own romantic journey without … Keep Reading

How to Overcome Nervousness On a Date

Even the most confident of singles can fall victim to first (or even third) date jitters. If you’re wondering how to overcome nervousness on a date, you’ve come to the right place.

During my 100-date experiment, I threw myself headfirst into every facet of the dating world by making myself the guinea pig. Going on 101 dates with 52 men taught me a lot about dating and myself. Moreover, it forced me to face … Keep Reading

dating tips for shy guys

Do you feel like your shyness holds you back when it comes to the dating world? It doesn’t have to! As a dating coach, I have worked with lots of guys who feel like their shyness has prevented them from finding a compatible partner. But you don’t have to be a social butterfly or extrovert to attract amazing women. Below are 10 dating tips for shy guys that will help you get out of … Keep Reading

how to get over an ex girlfriend

Breakups are always difficult, and they can be particularly painful if the relationship in question was with someone who didn’t respect you. When it comes to figuring out how to get over an ex girlfriend, there are several strategies you can use to expedite the healing process and get one step closer to finding a long-term, compatible partner.

In this blog, I’ll outline several tips you can use to get through this difficult time and Keep Reading

improve your dating skills with improv

You don’t have to be an actor or a comedian to take an improv comedy class. Improv comedy classes are fun and come with a ton of benefits that will help you feel more fulfilled in your personal and professional life. Improv also teaches you a ton of things to help you improve your dating skills and reach your interpersonal goals.

In this article, I’ll break down 15 specific reasons that you should take an … Keep Reading

why did she reject me

“Why did she reject me?” It’s a question I get asked a lot by my clients. Rejection is something that, no matter how often it happens, seems to leave an indelible etch on people. Rejection can make you shy away from dating and relationships, and it can even make you decide to avoid things like new job opportunities, new places to live, or taking chances on things you’re passionate about.

The thing is that rejection Keep Reading

Does Height Matter to Women While Dating?

Does height matter to women while dating? This is a question I’m often asked by male clients.

Many of the men I speak to are concerned that being short puts women off. They also tell me that many women list a preferred or ideal height for men they would date well above a short man’s height and — in some cases — the height of the average male.

To be honest, the answer to the … Keep Reading

how to be confident when dating a girl you like

Are you wondering how to be confident when dating a girl you like? You’ve come to the right place.

Even the most self-assured people can find their confidence shaken when dealing with the many intricacies of the dating world. And when you start dating a girl you like (I mean, a girl that you really, really, really, really, really, really like), being confident an seem downright impossible.

That’s where I come in. As a Keep Reading