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Why Did She Push Me Away?

By Emyli LovzDecember 9, 2018Relationships
why did she push me away

“Why did she push my away?”

It’s really difficult to feel a wall go up when you’re dating someone. After spending time and connecting, you’re suddenly blindsided by an icy demeanor. What happened? There are several possible answers to the question, “Why did she push me away?”

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But before we chat 1-on-1, take a gander at some of the most common answers to the question, “Why did she push me away?”

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” She’s Recently Divorced

Is she recently divorced? If so, that’s one reason a woman might be pushing you away. Although she may have entered into dating you with optimism, lingering heartache from a failed relationship can make getting close to people difficult.

Some signs she is an emotionally unavailable woman include:

  • She takes eons to text you back
  • Acting hot and cold with you
  • She bashes her exes
  • Conversely, she may gush over her exes
  • When the topic of exclusivity comes up she says that she’s “not into labels”
  • You notice her making a ton of excuses to not hang out with you or avoids meeting those close to you
  • She’s unnecessarily critical of you

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” She’s Going Back to Her Ex

Yes, this is a sucky reason for a woman to push you away, but it’s not something you should take personally. No, seriously.

There are a ton of reasons that women choose to go back to their ex, including:

  • The comfort of a familiar relationship as opposed to taking a risk with a new one
  • Her ex provides her with financial security
  • She’s still in love with her ex
  • The sex was really good

If this is the answer to “Why did she push me away?” the important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t get down on yourself. More importantly, you shouldn’t try to chase someone who picks someone over you. The fact of the matter is, it just wasn’t meant to be. A bit later in this article, I’ll let you in on an expert strategy that lessens the pain of these types of situations. Stay tuned!

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” You Had Sex Too Soon

Did you have sex on the first date? If so, this could be a reason that she’s pushing you away.

I always advise my clients to wait until at least the third date to have sex. Remember, the first date is intended to build trust and rapport and the second date is intended to increase sexual attraction.

After you have established trust, rapport, and sexual attraction, you can ask a variety of third date questions to help you assess whether the two of you are a good fit when it comes to your morals and values and if you are compatible for a long-term relationship.

When you have sex too soon, things can become confusing. Because of the chemicals released during sex, infatuation can occur at a fevered pitch and the relationship can accelerate way faster than it would naturally.

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” She’s in Emotional Pain

Just as some women are emotionally unavailable, some may be experiencing a painful situation. When you’re working through issues, it can be hard to get close to someone. After all, the more serious you get with a person, the more vulnerable you become.

And honestly, allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be terrifying. She might be scared of getting hurt. And this fear can lead to self-sabotage or the silent treatment.

If you don’t understand why she’s pushing you away and suspect that she is experiencing fear, pain or both, gently ask her about it. Don’t be confrontational or pushy. Simply ask her in a non-threatening, compassionate way why her behavior has changed. You can say something like this:

“Hey. I noticed that you’ve been acting differently toward me. I feel like we’ve been having a great time together, but lately, it seems like there’s a bit of a wall between us. I don’t want you to feel bad or like I’m putting you on the hot seat. But I wanted to check in with you in case there’s anything you need to tell me about. And if you’re dealing with anything right now, I’m here if you want to talk about it.”

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” You Keep Chasing Her

Sometimes a woman may push you away if you keep chasing her. You’ve given her all the leverage, so there’s no need for her to put an effort into the relationship. Moreover, if you’re chasing her…

She Might Think You’re Being Clingy

The last thing you want is to come off as a stage-five clinger. Even the most attractive guy can come off as unappealing when he gets clingy. If you want to avoid being slapped with a “clingy” label, stay away from the following behaviors:

  • Texting multiple times even when you get no response.
  • Obsessively checking the person’s social media accounts.
  • Deciding you are “in love” with someone after not knowing them very well.
  • Constant rumination over the status of your relationship.
  • Attempts to see the person as often as possible or insert yourself in events you know they will be at.
  • Canceling dates and plans with other people to see her instead.

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” You Lack Confidence

If you’re suffering from a lack of self-worth, women are going to push you away. Like it or not, the old adage about loving yourself before you can love someone else is true. You need to work on your confidence if you want to have success in the dating world and other facets of your life.

Check out my article, Why Feeling Worthy Will Help You Attract Any Woman for insights and tips.

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” You Haven’t Fixed Your Finances

Just like you need to keep your self-esteem intact to attract women, you also need to fix your finances before you can expect a woman to stick around.

Fixing your finances is extremely important when it comes to success in your romantic relationships and feeling good about yourself. For insights and tips, check out my article, Top 5 Reasons to Fix Your Finances Before Searching for Love.

“Why Did She Push Me Away?” You Don’t Sweep Her Off Her Feet

If you want to attract and keep a woman in your life, you need to put in some effort. Women want a man who is chivalrous and also knows how to plan a good date. Do you take time to plan dates or does your time with your lady consist of “hanging out,” “grabbing a drink,” or “Netflix and chill.”

Keep the spark ablaze by planning compelling date ideas that use a TDL.

What is a TDL?

TDL is an acronym used to describe the three critical components of a date request’s call-to-action, the time, the date, and the location of the date. The “T” in TDL stands for the “Time” the date will take place. When asking for a date, you must give a woman the time you’d like to meet with her so that she knows whether she is available at that time or not. The “D” in TDL stands for the “Date.”

When asking for a date, you must give a woman the date you’d like to meet her on so that she knows whether she is available on that date. The “L” in TDL stands for the “Location.” When asking for a date, you must give a woman the location you’d like to meet her at so that she knows whether or not she can meet you at that location.

Moreover, this TDL should surround a carefully crafted date that is based on shared interests and introduces her to a new experience. For example, if you’re both foodies, you could culture yourself by taking an eclectic cooking class where you get to try something you’ve never had before. Or, if you love history, choose a coffee shop with a rich history and artwork instead of your standard Starbucks.

Stop Pushing and Start MegaDating

Are you tired of women pushing you away? Do you want to start getting chased instead of constantly being the chaser?

You need to start MegaDating. MegaDating is the main strategy I used during my 100-date experiment. It helped me gain an entirely different perspective on dating. Suddenly, what was once stressful and draining became fun and energizing. This dating process is also what led me to a happy, long-term relationship I’m in today.

What is MegaDating?

MegaDating is a dating process that involves dating several people at the same time in order to diffuse energy by keeping your calendar full. When you MegaDate, you see firsthand that there are truly a lot of fish in the sea.

Furthermore, when you MegaDate, you are constantly practicing your dating approach. And because practice makes perfect, you get better and better at picking up high-quality, attractive women.

What is MegaDating NOT?

It’s important for me to note that MegaDating is not about being a player or sleeping around. It’s simply a way for people who are not in exclusive relationships to increase their confidence and avoid settling for the mediocre.

If you’re MegaDating and one of the people you’re hanging out with starts pushing you away, it’s not such a big deal because you have other options. This prevents you from chasing after people or getting hung up on the idea of “the one.”

Push Past Your Dating Struggles

As mentioned previously, it’s perfectly fine to communicate with a person who is pushing you away. You can ask her what’s going on in a non-confrontational yet assertive way by using the skip I provided earlier in this article.

And remember, I’m here to help you with all the intricacies of your situation. Don’t forget to head over to my calendar and choose a convenient time for us to chat.