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12 Tinder Hacks for Guys That Just Work!

By Emyli LovzFebruary 15, 2019Dating Applications
tinder hacks for guys

62% of the 10 million active daily users on Tinder are men. Did you just feel your heart have a reverse Grinch effect and shrink three sizes? Informing you of the reality of online dating shouldn’t depress, but galvanize the romantic within.

Yes there are a lot of men, but where there are men there are also women. Tinder counts 3.5 million female users among its ranks making it the most popular dating app for women in the USA. To stand out among the legions of males vying for attention use these tried and true Tinder hacks to find your Tinderella.

1. Pen a Bio Even Hemingway Would Be Proud Of

Lists are for remembering what to buy at the grocery store, not for courting a woman. Forget about writing a litany of hobbies punctuated with callow emojis. Instead, think of yourself as a salesman. In your profile you’ll be selling a product that’s near and dear to your heart, yourself.

Women weigh a men’s bio more heavily than men. Being that we’re the less superficial sex, we may spend a second or two more to read your profile before giving you that sought after swipe right. There are many ways to write an amazing Tinder profile, but here are some Tinder profile hacks to keep in mind.

  1. Avoid clichés and emojis like they’re STDs
  2. Keep it concise and positive
  3. No lists
  4. Humor and creativity are always appreciated (just don’t be creepy)
  5. Give the reader something to latch onto

2. Save Group Photos For The Back Of The Photo Queue

The most sage advice a man could receive is to not use a group photo the initial profile picture. How flummoxed are you when a girl kicks her profile off with a group shot? This bewilderment should convince you to push the group shot of you hiking Joshua Tree with your buddies to the back of the queue. Making a fellow Tinder user play guess is a cardinal sin and merits a swipe left.

This isn’t to say that group shots are strictly IG material. A group shot makes you appear likeable, trustworthy, and fun. But not just any group shot will do. The ideal one shows you and a couple friends in a candid pose performing an interesting activity.

Even more ideal is a photo with a couple buddies that look only slightly less attractive than you do. The ugly friend effect is a bonafide Tinder hack that boosts your Tinder ELO score.

3. Show Off Your Jock Side

There’s something primal that makes women swoon when they watch men play sports. A 2016 Hinge study found that pictures that show men playing sports are 45% more likely to receive a like than the average photo. But not all sporty photos are created equal. Technically ping-pong and badminton are sports, but that doesn’t mean they’ll convince her to swipe right.

Contact sports generally tend to attract women more so than non-contact sports. The next time you hit the park for a game of basketball or soccer be sure to ask a buddy to snap a photo or two.

4. Keep Those Selfies in Your Photo Library

Selfies are like Tinder kryptonite. If posting sporty photos is a sure fire way to get matches, selfies have the opposite effect. According to the previously cited Hinge study selfies are 40% less likely to get you a like than the average profile photo. Should your selfie be in a bathroom that number increases to a detestable 90%!

Perhaps our dislike for selfies on dating apps stems from social media being oversaturated with contrived selfies. It’s also possible that solo selfies make you look like you have no friends. Choose whatever theory seems most plausible and purge your profile of them ASAP.

5. Outsource Your Tinder Photo Selection

It’s your profile, but that doesn’t mean you’re the right person to create it. Being that your aim is to attract women why not get some insider assistance and let them pick your Tinder profile pictures. You can read all you want about what profile pictures are best or you can simply leave it to the experts.

Before adding a new photo to your profile send it out to three or four female friends and wait for the results to roll in. Be explicit and tell them you’re considering adding the photo to your Tinder. If you don’t specify why you’re sending the photo they might just be nice and give you an unsolicited compliment instead.

6. Hey! Stop That!

This is a must-follow Tinder hack. The next time you’re having a Tinder profile critique session with a girl friend of yours ask to see her profile. Among the masses of matches she has, most guys will start the conversation off with “Hey!”

Outside of the Tinder context “Hey!” makes sense, but within the confines of the application you’re only going to come off as another dude on Tinder without anything interesting to say.

A vapid hey could undo all the work you put into meticulously creating your profile. Remember that the ultimate goal of Tinder is to receive a phone number and go on a date with a woman in real life, not to stack matches like they’re trophies.

When crafting a Tinder opening line be sure to comment on something in her profile. If she says that she’s into Hawaiian pizza, jokingly tell her that pineapple on pizza is profane but that you’re open to being convinced otherwise. If her bio is chalk full of information to latch onto and build on, don’t neglect it. But what if she didn’t write a bio? You should still be able to glean enough from her profile to use it to inform your first message.

Messages that address her profile aren’t the only way to go. Ask her a stimulating question or her opinion on a timely topic. There are a million ways to message a girl that elicit a response …just don’t say hey.

7. Ask Her Out With A TDL

Chatting it up via Tinder is well and good but if you’re not moving the relationship out of the app and into real life, what’s the point? Next to the odious “Hey!” another common mistake men make is when it comes to asking a woman out. Either men putz around for too long and she loses interest, or they ask her out on some amorphous date.

Once you’ve built up enough rapport it’s time to pull the trigger. Invite her on a first date that lasts no longer than an hour and that takes place during the afternoon, preferably on a Saturday.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve conversed with her via Tinder, at the end of the day she’s still a stranger. Don’t commit to a four-hour long engagement or a three-course meal with someone you don’t even know. Keep your first date exciting, cheap, and brief. Keep this in mind when you use a TDL.

Don’t worry; a TDL isn’t some seedy PUA tactic. It stands for time, date, location. A TDL looks something like this:

“Considering we both share an unhealthy affinity for people watching, let’s meet up for a picnic tomorrow at 1 p.m. at the Lindley Meadow in Golden Gate Park, whattya say?”

Asking a woman out in such a specific manner doesn’t leave any room for confusion. Being direct will elicit a direct response. Don’t let the momentum you’ve built slip away by waiting too long to ask her out or doing so in a non-specific way.

8. Choose a Date Idea That Doesn’t Suck

I’m a huge proponent of MegaDating. Simply put, MegaDating is dating prolifically. The creative obstacle this poses is that first dates must be limited to one hour and no more than $10 should be spent.

The reason for this is that because you’re dating so many women you can’t afford to spend more than one hour or $10 on a date. It’s all about investing your energy wisely. Considering the rules at hand, picking an engaging, brief, and cheap first date can be difficult; luckily I’ve got you covered with these afforadable first date ideas.

Being that MegaDating has fairly restrictive first date parameters you’ll need to get a little creative. No matter what type of date you’re pitching –sporty, café, people watching- tweak it by adding a little bit more flavor to the outing. Do this by hitting up a bohemian café instead of Starbucks. Ask your date if she’d be willing to explore a new part of the city with you via a bike ride or scooter. It’s fine if the date idea is simple. Just be sure to add a little novelty and nuance so as to convince her to spend time with an utter stranger.

9. Show Variety

Whether you admit it or not your life has plenty of variety. It might be difficult to find photos that demonstrate this variety, but try. Do a deep dive into your Facebook and phone’s photo library to find photos that show off different aspects of your life.

Treat your profile pictures like visual poetry. Replace redundancies with travel and sporty photos. Provide Tinder users with different imagery in each photo. Also remember to never wear the same article of clothing twice.

10. Tinder Hacks for Guys: Keep That Swipe Finger in Check

Men have a tendency to swipe indiscriminately –don’t lie I know you do it too. It’s heartwarming that you’re able to find beautify in each and every profile, but Tinder might penalize you for doing so.

You have two Tinder profiles. There’s the one that you’re probably editing while reading this article and then there’s the one Tinder’s algorithm takes into account. You see, Tinder shows you the profiles that it thinks you are worthy of. Soon enough Tinder will realize that to keep you swiping it doesn’t need to fill your deck with gorgeous, interesting women. Instead they’ll present you with profiles that only have one picture in their queues and no bio blurb.

To understand how indiscriminately swiping right hurts a profile we decided to create a test user account. After my thumb had calloused we discovered that – despite having what we deemed to be an above average profile- our test profile received very few matches.

If you’re paranoid that prolifically swiping blind has irrevocably damaged your ELO score there are two courses of action you can take. One involves forgoing the blind swipe and instead only selecting women you’re genuinely attracted to. The shortcut option involves deleting your Tinder account and starting a new one. A new Tinder account will bestow you with a new ELO score along with a natural boost that increases your exposure for a brief time period.

11. Diversify Your Online Dating

One of my favorite Tinder hacks for guys actually has little to nothing to do with Tinder. It simply using multiple dating applications simultaneously. The cliché of never putting all your eggs in one basket never rang truer than when applied to online dating. Whether talking about women or dating applications, don’t invest all your energy into a single person (until you commit) or application.

Each dating application has its own unique user base. Bumble for example attracts feminists while Match appeals to the older crowd that’s looking to settle down. Operating in multiple dating applications will expose you to an eclectic mix of people and will boost your odds of meeting someone worth your time.

Need More Guidance?

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