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How to Lose Weight with Body for Life

By Emyli LovzOctober 2, 2015Health
how to lose weight body for life

It’s Emyli here, America’s Online Dating Coach. Would you agree that fitness is important for dating? Well I’d say so. Attraction stems from physical appearance so you want to ensure that yours is on point if you want to attract a high-value mate.

But what about when you’ve already found a partner?

How important is diet and exercise when you’re happy and settled in your relationship? Still pretty important it turns out and seemingly much, much harder.

So… I just completed a 12 week body transformation challenge. Actually, Tom and I both participated and for good reasons.

The competition was put on by a company called Body for Life. Several times a year, the company organizes a 12 week challenge where participants from all over the world can submit before and after pictures and inner transformation essays in the hopes of winning cold, hard cash. 5-Large if you want the specs.

Why did we choose to participate? Well besides the money…

We realized that we were getting complacent with our weight because we were no longer single. I feel like every previously single person who then gets into a relationship can identify with this one.

When I was single, I had tons of extra time to workout. I didn’t ever go grocery shopping, so I’d barely eat, and I was hyper-aware of the way I looked because I was always focused on attracting a partner.

Then, when I got into a relationship, my focus shifted to sharing meals with Tom, going out for drinks and dinner, and cuddling at home on the couch with a movie.

The fact of the matter is that I got kinda lazy because I was pretty happy just being with him. The problem with that, though, is that 3 years later you see a picture of yourself and you freak out because you’ve packed on 15 extra pounds and you haven’t got a clue as to when or how it all happened.

To sum it all up, we realized that we’d kinda let ourselves go and we didn’t want to just get old and fat and lazy. So we decided we needed to enlist a little extrinsic motivation. Thank you Body for Life for the inspiration. Check out the videos below where I explain more about my inner transformation, initial goals, and overall results.

And… I challenge you to participate in the next Body for Life Challenge and to post your before and after pics on my the EmLovz Facebook Fan Page!

Question #1 What was the turning point that made you sign up to compete in Body for Life?

Question #2 What were your initial 12 week goals?

Question #3 Did you achieve your goals?

Question #4 What new goals have you set for yourself?

Question #5 What inspired you to keep going?

Question #6 Who would you like to inspire to enter the Body for Life Challenge and why?

Question #7 If you were selected as a winner, what would your ideal prize be?

Question #8 What 2 suggestions would you recommend that would improve the Body for Life Challenge?

Question #9 Tell us about your inner transformation during the Body for Life Challenge.

Now I wanna hear from you…how did my video help you? Tell me about a time when you decided to get back into shape. Did the dating market respond to your transformation?

Wanna talk it over your specific dating situation with me? Feel free and book a coaching session on my calendar here: Dating Coach for Men or Dating Coach for Women.

And keep up the good work because You Deserve the Perfect Partner!

With Love,

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