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How to Get Women to Message You Back On Online Dating Sites (Part1)

How to Get Women to Message You Back On Online Dating Sites (Part1)

How to Get Women to Message You Back On Online Dating Sites (Part1)

It’s Emyli again, America’s dating coach for men. You’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract beautiful women. Are you wondering how to get women to message you back from online dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and eHarmony? What if I told you that copy/pasting the same online dating opener to dozens of different women is a waste of time? Trust me, it’s true. Good thing I have a better strategy for you! 

In this segment of EmLovzTV, you’re going to learn 3 simple rules that improve your online dating response rate from women online by 35-50%.

Why is this important? Because the point of online dating is to go on a date, not to sit behind a computer and avoid actually socializing with other humans.

The only way to do this is to increase the odds that women you message respond to you. So how do you do it? You’ll first wanna choose the best online dating sites for your particular dating goals. So let’s get into it….to craft the very best online dating openers, the first three steps are: 

#1: Find Commonality & Relate Through Shared Interests

To build instant rapport with a woman, and to get her to actually click on your message – you need to find commonality. If you ask her a question or ask her something from her profile, in the first 10 words to her – she will much more likely to click on your message and respond. The most effective section to search for material is in her favorite books, movies, music, and foods section.

Everything she has listed here are what she chooses to enjoy outside of work or social responsibilities. They are the key items that bring happiness to her every day life, which means it is absolutely vital to pay attention to them. Let’s say she has a favorite song mentioned in this section. Try using a lyric from that song in the first sentence of your message to her. This will make her feel an immediate sense of commonality with you. 

#2: Trip Her Emotional Triggers

Her favorite foods can be even more beneficial as they give you hints about where to take her on a date. Try copy and pasting one of her favorite foods into the first sentence of your message along with a specific opinion question that pertains to something about that food that others wouldn’t know.

For example, if she says she loves Chicago style deep dish pizza – google different brands of chicago style deep dish pizza. Then ask her opinion whether she thinks Geno’s East or Lou Malnatis has a better authentic deep dish pizza. This tells her that you are different than other guys because you understand her. Getting specific about interests that she’s passionate about gives you instant credibility with her. This means she can more readily trust that you are a good guy. 

#3: Mega Message

But wait, there is something you should know. Just because you put in the work with this one woman, doesn’t mean she’s going to respond. And her not responding probably has nothing to do with you. Chances are it’s not because anything you said or what you look like. Beautiful women get messaged so frequently that they may never get a chance to see your message at all.

Want the numbers? Women, especially beautiful women, get literally 50 to 100 messages every day. Now let me ask you something. Who in their right mind has time to sit and read that many messages every day. I mean, you need to be a little worried if they do. What does this mean for you? You cannot only focus on 1 woman at a time. Period. You need to Mega-Message! Your key to success!

Mega-Messaging is the process of messaging many women at the same time, with the goal of soon thereafter, Megadating. Megadating is the process of going out with many women in a short period of time to diffuse your energy and increase your self-confidence. When you date multiple women at once, you don’t form unnatural attachments out of scarcity. You give yourself breathing room to get to know many different people, and learn more of what you like and what you don’t like. By naturally creating a busier social calendar, you build your social value and put yourself in high demand.  

Enough text…now it’s time to watch and learn what this all means…


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After watching this video or reading my tips above….does this help you craft the perfect online dating openers? It’s OK if you are still struggling – there are 3 parts to this blog. 

Click to go to Part 2 of “How to Increase Response from Women Online by 35-50%. (But don’t forget to download my Mega Message template below first)

How to Get Women to Message You Back From Online Dating Sites

So look here…. This is what I’m gonna do for you… I gather that you’re somewhat of a genius since you’re watching this video and all of the geniuses I know, understand the value of saving time and energy.

So since, I’ve already done the legwork, there’s no point in you making any of the same mistakes I’ve seen. I’m going to give you the EmLovz Online Message Template so you can try Mega-Messaging for yourself the easy way.

All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step instructions I’ve laid out in the Template: 

Sign up here to get The Mega Messaging Template.

I want to hear from you, how your experience went and how many more responses you received after using the EmLovz Mega-Messaging method! Share your experience below in the comments section of this blog and let me know what other questions you have about Mega-Messaging, Mega-Dating, or online dating openers. 

Wanna save some time? I’ve helped hundreds of men be more successful at online dating. Check out my online dating profile services page to see how I can help. 

Thanks so much for watching EmLovzTV and keep up the good work because you deserve the perfect woman. 

With Love,

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