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How to Write an Attractive Dating Profile

By Emyli LovzMay 21, 2017Online Dating
how to write an attractive dating profile

If you’re in the online dating world, you know that your dating profile (here’s an example of a great Bumble profile for you to learn from) is a chance to make an amazing (or not so amazing) first impression. It can be hard to craft the perfect dating profile, as it can be hard to describe oneself and what you want in an appealing way. But have no fear, as an experienced dating coach, I have helped hundreds of people create dating profiles that truly represent themselves and have helped them meet the one via a screen introduction.

As more and more dating sites and apps launch, it is important to learn the basics of what it takes to fill out a dating profile that works, grabs attention, and lands you on a real first date. In this article, I share some simple tips and tricks on how to create an attractive dating profile no matter which dating platform you find yourself drawn to.

Be honest.

The first thing you should focus on for any good dating profile is honesty. Avoid hyping yourself up to create the illusion of perfection. Honest and real responses are essential. No one likes a liar, and finding out someone lied on their dating profile is a major turn off for most people. Being honest doesn’t mean telling your life story; it just means not embellishing too much. A dating profile is not the best place to try your favorite bar line because, trust me, no one is impressed when your story comes to light. Pro-tip: lying about your height or body type is one of the WORST lies you can tell.

Describe the type of relationship you are searching for.

Everyone on every dating site has some idea of the kind of relationship they want: casual dating, hook ups, a long term relationship, or some mix of these. If you know what you want, don’t be afraid to put it in your bio and save you and other people some time. Example: “I am interested in dating leading to a long term relationship, so I hope you’re ready to raise a dog with me.” Using humor while describing your future relationship is attractive, so be creative! If you aren’t sure, just ask me. As an experienced online dating coach I’d be happy to help.

Mention specific interests.

Saying you love Netflix and Chipotle is not enough these days, as the majority of people on Tinder enjoy these as well. Talk about your passion, your job, your all time favorite travel destinations, etc. Your quirkiest hobby could be someone’s obsessions – and there’s your perfect connection. Don’t be afraid to get specific with the things you truly care about, as passion is always attractive (even if it’s about something seemingly “uncool”).

Use spell check.

No one wants to see horrific grammar and spelling in a dating profile, so double check your spelling before publishing your bio. It might seem like a little thing, but it gives a better impression if you have proofread your dating profile. Your future significant other could be a self proclaimed “grammar nazi,” in which case you’d better check your messages as well! 

Keep things positive and fresh.

No one wants to read a downer dating profile, so stay away from negatives, rants, and verbal fits. Don’t mention your break up, your lost job, or anything too unsavory for a first casual meeting – because that’s what this is. OKCupid is not the place to air your dirty laundry – at least not until after quite a few dates down the road.

If You’re at a Loss for Words, Use a Quote

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a bookworm or movie addict, a quote can look good on your dating profile. It doesn’t hurt if it’s a little romantic! However, if you do include a quote, make sure it is from a song/movie/book that you really love or that it accurately represents you.

Be Informative

Mentioning your height, if you have kids or pets, and other things in your life that will always be true is always good. This goes back to being honest – certain information should be given before you meet up with someone, and it’s up to you to decide what that specific information is (ie, no guys, you don’t need to list your weight unless you think that will somehow impact the relationship).

Leave Some Things to the Imagination

It’s great to be informative but we don’t need to know what you had for breakfast. If you’re on an app like Tinder or Bumble it can be better to stick to one paragraph of quality information. If you’re on a site like Match.com, OKCupid, or eHarmony, more information can be good, but be sure to save some saucy secrets for when you actually meet up.

Don’t list what you don’t like.

Keep an open mind and stay away from excluding certain music, foods, hobbies, or personality traits on your profile. For example, stay away from the sentence, “swipe left if…” if the following sentence is surface level details or something that could be construed as negative. Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, don’t write “Don’t message me if you like peanuts” on your profile. Keep things general and positive.

Avoid cliches.

Everyone “loves guacamole” and “has a great sense of humor.” Of course it’s reasonable that you love to eat pizza and watch movies, but if you want to write that on your profile, mention the type of pizza and the movie title or genre. Don’t be another cliched dating profile. Here’s a few of my most popular articles to help you craft your bio, tagline, and more:

Describe the person you’re looking for.

Not physically, but the big picture. Something like “I want to be with a woman who challenges me and is her own person. I’d love to be with someone who is already planning out their next adventure.” This description is good because it does not pinpoint any specific physical (skinny, tall, blue eyes) or personality (“has to be funny,” smart, fun) traits.

End your profile with a question or call to action.

This is your chance to creatively grab the attention of a potential date. Naturally, we aren’t all marketing gurus, but be creative and think outside the box or ask an online dating coach. Whether it’s “Want to let me buy you a drink at your favorite bar in the city?” or “I don’t usually swipe right, ask me why I was intrigued by your profile, I’m happy to share,” this is your time to shine.

In the end, a dating profile is just meant to be an accurate and flattering introduction of yourself, so keep it sweet and simple (depending on what app you are using). If you use the above tips you are sure to have a dating profile that is ready to help you find dates, and hopefully, a beautiful and lasting relationship.

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