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45 of the Best POF Headlines for Guys That Make a Statement

By Emyli LovzFebruary 13, 2019Online Dating
pof headlines for guys

As far as dating websites are concerned, Plenty Of Fish reigns supreme. Boasting over 80 million members, POF claims to add another 55,000 more everyday. POF has been around since 2003 and is by far the most active dating website around. Unlike other dating sites and apps POF differentiates itself by putting the emphasis on written content as opposed to photos. Along with asking users to fill out a lengthy bio, this seasoned website uses a bodacious blue headline to catch the attention of users.

Creating a quality POF headline is the easiest way to make you stand out. To help you craft an intriguing headline of your own, we created a Plenty Of Fish account to investigate which POF headlines work best. Here’s what we found.

Clever POF Headlines for Guys

POF Headline #1: Women Love a Confident Man

This is a popular motivational phrase that started making its rounds on SM platforms a few years back. It’s almost tempting to file this POF headline in the do not use category. But while it may be a common phrase, it’s still not cliché.

Despite having heard this phrase before, the headline still packs a punch because of its wit and fearlessness. This clever play on words suggests that the person who wrote it is ambitious and confident. Not to mention that the ellipsis functions as a trail of bread crumbs that compels the reader to learn more about the man behind the words.

POF Headline #2: Subconciously Target Women with Your Fave TV Show

Flashing a little wit is the best way to get a woman to give your profile a thorough read-through. Headlines should be thought of as concise billboards that have to pack a punch in order to get the attention of a reader.

Better Call Saul is a widely popular show on AMC and a prequel spin-off of Breaking Bad. This crafty POF user simply swapped his name for Saul’s to create instant POF headline gold. Associating yourself with popular shows that everyone knows is guaranteed to get you clicks. Just make sure that show isn’t too obscure or you could inadvertently ostracize some users.

POF Headline #3: Show Her You’re Smarter or More Creative than Your Competition

Sure it’s kind of dumb, but I’ll admit I laughed. Taking a widely known fact and spinning it to add a bit of humor signals that you’re an intelligent and creative guy. Never before has smarts and humor been a bad combination.

POF Headline #4: Subconsciously Target Women With Your Favorite Song

“Everybody knows the dice are loaded” is just one of the many gut-crushing lines from Leonard Cohen’s utterly pessimistic hit, “Everybody Knows.” This headline serves almost as a secret being broadcast to the masses but understood by the few.

This POF headline is meant to attract a very specific type of person. The person who wrote it knows this and is filtering women with the simple use of a song lyric. But even if I didn’t know which song the lyric was referencing the line itself is intriguing enough to suck me in.

Its pessimistic undertone that everything is working against us suggests that this isn’t just another vapid guy mindlessly surfing POF. Don’t be afraid to show some depth of character with your headline.

POF Headline #5: A Witty Play On Words

This user took a too cool for school approach by dissing the very app he was using –and it worked. Within this wittily worded headline we can infer that the user is suggesting that women should take their fishing rods out of the dating pool because they’ve finally found the man they’ve looking for. Women are likely to bite on a tasty headline, you’ve just got to reel them in.

POF Headline #6: If You Challenge Her She Just Might Accept

Whenever I see a sign akin to “Enter If You Dare” I just have to indulge my more wild side, take a chance, and see what happens. This headline is innocuous but also prods the reader into taking a risk. It’s asking women to take a chance in the most polite way possible. Its brevity also gives off a mysterious vibe. If she wants to learn more she’ll just have to strike up a conversation.

POF Headline #7: Make Us Think

We don’t want to invest heavily into thinking about what exactly your POF headline means. Creating a thought-provoking headline that is context-sensitive will make us give pause for an extra moment or two. If that pause is worth the wait, we’ll most likely be interested enough to read through your profile.

POF Headline #7: It’s Not Vegas But I’ll Take It

The whole purpose of a headline is to persuade women to take a chance. The headline above gets at that point but without luring the reader in. It’s a good first draft, but if he wants better results he’ll need to add a little originality.

POF Headline #8: The Knee Slapper

Sure it’s kind of out of left field, but it actually made me laugh out loud. It implies that this guy is the real deal. It tells me that this dude’s authentic, masculine, and witty with the use of just six words. Being that we’re all suckers for the movies, it’s never a bad idea to associate yourself with the glitz and glam of Hollywood in a self-effacing way.

POF Headline #9: The Filter

Luckily, most women do. This headline tells women exactly what they’re getting themselves into. The beard-loving women will flock to it and the rest won’t. But the point of this POF headline isn’t to cast a large net, but to only attract a certain type of women.

POF Headline #10: Literally Laughing Out Loud

To be fair, there are two ways to interpret this one. You can think of it as a plea by the author to women on POF to not be serial killers because he’s sick of dating them. Or one can read it as a headline informing women that the owner of the bio is in fact not a serial killer and that she’s finally found her match. The former is funny, the second, less so. As you’ve seen, most quality headlines are humorous, just make sure your humor isn’t be misinterpreted.

POF Headline #11: Almost, But Not Quite

Avoid the clichés. This headline falls short because not only has it been done before on POF but on every dating website and application as well. Clichés are lazy, but they’re made even worse when the cliché itself acknowledges its own laziness. POF offers thousands of profiles for women to browse. Dig deep to find a POF headline that’s shines with novelty rather than slapping a grey cliché on your profile.

POF Headline #12: Being Able To Communicate The Right Sentiment

A headline is considered your badge. It’s the first thing and oftentimes the only thing people will read about you. It should encompass who you are in a limited space. From a headline such as this one I can glean that the headline’s owner is a man that is more than skin-deep. The issue here is that while the sentiment is nice, the message itself falls flat. It’s a bland statement that’s almost pleading with the reader, “If you read my profile, I’ll read yours.” Don’t plead, persuade.

POF Headline #13: The Why Not Try Headline

Truth. Hey, the man is right. I don’t really know who this dude is but I’m hot for a fiery relationship and have been persuaded to be receptive to catching fire. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to open ourselves up and take a chance. A well-written laconic headline is just the trick.

POF Headline #14: The Classic Movie Reference

How often have you seen a woman post a The Office quote and you swear you’ve found the one. Quotes from famous movies or series are great as long as they’re understood. Ideally choose a quote that people can resonate with even if they aren’t in on the joke.

POF Headlines #15: This Isn’t Amazon, But I’ll Take You

Acknowledging that this is a fairly superficial and at times silly means of meeting people is never a bad choice. It already feels like we’re shopping for a partner, so why not call it what it is? Even though it’s not as easy as purchasing love, we want to make it feel that way.

POF Headline #16: I Could Go For That Right Now

Fantasies are best when they’re carried out by a romantic couple. Perhaps a slice and a brew aren’t what we had in mind, but this guy isn’t far off. Turning your headline into an innocuous invitation is never a bad way to go. While this guy was on the right track, try to choose an activity or event that will excite than your average slice of pizza and a cold one.

POF Headline #17: If You Ask, They Will Answer

People just like giving their opinion –barring that opinion be regarding a sensitive matter. Inviting us into your profile with a question that requires a response is a natural way to segue into a dialogue. Just make sure your questions aren’t too sexual or contentious. Pro-choice or pro-life isn’t the right kind of icebreaker for a dating app.

Direct/Interesting POF Headlines for Guys

POF Headline #18: Speak To Our Desires

If you’re using POF it’s because you’re looking for romantic companionship. There is no second-guessing someone’s reason for using the website or application. What women often need when they see a headline is a little push. Reminding them why they’re using the application might just be enough for them to check out your profile.

POF Headline #19: The Niche Headline

You’ll form an immediate and powerful connection with a fellow user if you connect over an obscure interest. Telling potential connections that you’re looking for a gneiss girl or someone akin to Joanna Gaines is an easy way to get her talking.

POF Headline #20: Making Your Preferences Known

Be careful with your references. Some –like Joanna Gaines- will be positively received by most. Others however, could land you in hot water. Shouting into a megaphone that you’re looking for the real life equivalent of the deranged Harley Quinn is no doubt a risk. But if real life Harley comes knocking, your risk will have paid off.

POF Headline #21: Bold and Concise

Nike kills it for a reason. With just a few words a slogan can encapsulate everything you want to be. “Never settle” works because it can be applied to one’s life in so many ways. Don’t settle on your dreams, professional aspirations, or your love life. A POF headline with moxy will make a woman think that you already possess the characteristics associated with your slogan.

POF Headline #22: Address Their Fears With Humor

I Promise Never to Ghost You

It’s quite likely that while you may have never heard of ghosting, you’ve already been a victim. Ghosting is what takes place after you’ve been on a few dates with a girl and she never texts back. You thought you two were enjoying each other but out of the blue she disappears. Addressing a real dating fear in such a direct way is a barrier breaker.

POF Headline #23: Making It Known You Play No Games

No Serendipidating Here 🙂

Like ghosting, serendipidating is one of the latest dating trends to be pissing everyone off. It’s when you keep delaying a date in the hopes that something better will come along. Making plans and then subsequently breaking them isn’t some trivial pet peeve; it’s something that gets on everyone’s nerves. Pitching yourself as a no-games type of dude is refreshing. Make some time because soon enough you’ll be stacking dates. If you’re still in doubt, give MegaDating a try.

Funny POF Headlines for Guys

POF Headline #24: Coming Out With The Truth

Look, being callously blunt isn’t going to work for everyone. The thing to remember with a message so directly based on your resources is that you’re attracting a very specific type of person. It’s crass but it’s a means of filtering women. Good luck with the potential gold digger!

POF Headline #25: The No Fuc*s Guy

The virtual world of dating is a murky one. With only so many characters available to express yourself you’ll only ever offer the person on the other end of the screen such a vivid image of who you are. Showing singular interests through your headline will make you glisten among the muck.

POF Headline #26: The Gentleman With Limits

There’s no need to be fake. Give us the brutal truth –just make sure we laugh. Being edgy is eye catching, though not all eyes will look upon your vulgar wit with the same affection. Each message attracts a certain type of person. If the people contacting you aren’t the right type of people, change the message.

POF Headline #27: Let’s Get Religious

Religious messages are awesome if you’re trying to attract other religious people. Being that talking about religion over dating mediums is becoming taboo, doing so will mean attracting other stout followers of the same religion you’re broadcasting.

POF Headline #28: Can I Get That Password?

More so than just being funny, this message tells me about the dude’s personality. There are many ways to stand out. One way is to show who you truly are. Are you the type of person that buys records and listens to entire albums from start to finish? If so, tell us about it in your headline.

POF Headline #29: Always Up For A Challenge

As long as you’re not asking me to explain advanced principles of quantum mechanics, I’m probably up for a challenge. When possible, solicit an interaction from other users. Conversing is after all the point of Plenty Of Fish.

POF Headline #30: Flip The Switch

Normally it’s the female wondering if the dude she’s going out with will be a creep or not. Voicing worries that both parties have makes you seem like an empathetic guy. More than anything when women go out on a first date with a guy they want to feel secure. Demonstrating that you won’t be a creep via your headline isn’t a shabby starting point.

POF Headline #31: The Straight Truth

Sure we don’t place having good credit on our list of dating criteria, but in the back of our heads it’s kind of there. No person man or woman wants to date someone that’s bad with money or might take advantage of them. Such honesty is humorous but it also mitigates our worry that maybe this dude I’m about to go out with is kind of a bum.

POF Headline #32: The Resonator

Well hell yeah I love pizza. Penning a headline that everyone can agree to means that you’ll be able to cast a wide net. If chatting with as many people as possible is your goal, then congrats; you’ve just achieved it.

POF Headline #33: The Series Filter

Even diehard The Simpsons lovers will be hard-pressed to identify this quote. Should someone latch on to your headline you two will no doubt share an inside joke that few other users have the privilege of being privy to. I advise switching up these obscure references every few weeks.

POF Headlines #34: Hit Them With Nostalgic

Are you trying to make me burst out in song? Reminiscing about an old movie inevitably leads to talking about other old TV shows, cultural icons from a bygone era, and soon enough you two are busy yapping away and forgetting what year it is. To offer her a conversation starter she can’t refuse, get old school.

POF Headline #35: The Quickest Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through Her Stomach

In today’s age, women pride themselves on their love of food. Tapping into her foodie side will quickly score you a date. Just broach a new fusion food truck that tastefully blends Maltese and Mexican cuisine and boom. You’ve got yourself a date.

POF Headline #36: Being Innocuous Only Works If You’re Honest

That’s great that you want to buddy up before transitioning into something serious. Honestly there are a ton of women just looking for platonic companionship through dating apps. Being forthright and offering it is refreshing. Just make sure you’re not falsely advertising your intentions.

POF Headline #37: Justified Boasting

Sometimes a boast doesn’t have to be disguised if it’s objectively awesome. Benching 325 is without a doubt awesome. It’s true that women are into big dudes. We just hope your photo justifies your headline.

Curious POF Headlines for Guys

POF Headline #38: Don’t Tempt Me

Asking a question is never a bad idea. Naturally we’ll want to answer you. Asking if we can keep up is a flirty yet harmless way to begin a conversation. Let’s just hope your style can back up your headline.

POF Headline #39: No Games, Just The Facts

It sounds odd, but if your headline can double as the slogan for your local gym, it’s probably a winner. On Plenty Of Fish, women are looking for ways to improve their lives. A Just Do It type slogan hits at a visceral urge to improve our lives.

POF Headline #40: The Curveball

The entire purpose of the headline is to lead women to the next step: reading your profile. If you read this headline on a woman’s profile, would you not read her profile to find out what her deal is?

POF Headline #41: Irreverently Addressing Their Fear

Playing around with a woman’s fear is all well and good as long as it’s happening at a distance. A ballsy headline such as this one peaks our interest just enough to open your profile. The downside to this is that once you’ve sucked us in you’ll have to balance out that bad boy profile with a dose of sanity.

POF Headline #42: Come Fly With Me

Routines are something that we get dragged into far too often. Transcending the day-to-day banality isn’t a godsend, it’s what that cute guy from POF is promising. If you’re offering a fantasy, be prepared to deliver.

POF Headline #43: Escapism At Its Most Romantic

Every woman desires an eclectic man of mystery that can sweep us off our feet. Vague headlines such as this one are acceptable as long as they offer something that we didn’t previously have in our lives. In this case, it’s variety.

POF Headline #44: Appealing to the Intellectual

Diverging from Conventional

Flexing your intellectual muscles is something seldom found on dating apps. Standing out through your intelligence is never a bad move. Don’t be afraid to challenge us mentally by throwing an obscure word or concept into your headline. If we consult Google to find out what your headline means, it means we’re investing time into you.

POF Headline #45: Take Me With You!

Propelling myself to freedom

The theme of the past few headlines has been about breaking away from the grey of the normal workaday life and trying something new. There are many ways you can advertise yourself as an escape, get on it!

Best POF Headlines for Guys Wrap

A headline is only one step towards transitioning a nascent relationship out of an application and into the real world. Many steps must be taken to make this happen. If you’re looking to truly improve your chances on POF, don’t forget to check out our POF Review article. We’ll walk through everything besides the headline that’ll help you score more dates in record time.

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