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15 Benefits of Dating a Single Mom

By Emyli LovzSeptember 8, 2018Strategy
dating a single mom

Dating a single mom – plenty of guys will balk at the idea. If you’re unmarried and don’t have kids, you may believe that dating a single mom means that you’re going to have to deal with a ton of baggage, a crazy ex, and a child who isn’t going to like you. But, in many cases, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Yes, a single mom could potentially bring baggage with her to a relationship, but think about past relationships you or your friends have had that went awry. Did everyone who displayed red flags have kids? No. People can bring baggage and drama for all different reasons, so you shouldn’t believe being a single mom is synonymous with drama.

In fact, there are several benefits and tips for dating a single mom.

Benefits of Dating a Single Mom #1: Patience

Patience is extremely important in a relationship. Anyone with children understands why patience is such a virtue, particularly if the parent is a single parent.

You’re less likely to have to worry about a woman sweating the small stuff when dating a single mom.

Benefit #2: She Doesn’t Play Games

Often, when you are dating a single mother, you will find that she doesn’t play games or attempt to get you to chase after her. This is because she is going to take the dating process seriously and is more likely to be interested in finding a long-term partner than a fling.

Ultimately, she’s going to want to bring a serious partner around her children, and that partner should be someone she can trust and respect. You’re not going to have to worry about her being wishy-washy on what she wants in a relationship.

Benefit #3: She’s Independent

Dating a single mom means dating a woman who is strong and independent. In order to raise children alone, you have to have thick skin and provide for yourself.

There are many benefits that come with dating a strong and independent woman, including:

  • She won’t use you for your money.
  • She won’t be clingy and codependent.
  • She’s more confident in herself.

Benefit #4: She Will Appreciate You

A single mom isn’t trying to take advantage of you financially or expecting every date to take place at a Michelin-starred restaurant. She doesn’t get breaks from her very busy life often, so she’s going to appreciate the things that you do for her. Even little gestures will go a long way.

Most importantly, the fact that you don’t judge her for being a single parent and show her compassion will be reciprocated tenfold. Compassion and vulnerability are two very important things when it comes to building an intimate connection with someone. When you’re dating a single mom, this type of vulnerability may actually come more naturally than it would in other relationships.

Benefit #5: She Can Cook

Even if you entered adulthood unsure of how to boil water, once you become a parent, you’re kind of forced to know your way around the kitchen. And you don’t have to whip up a five-star meal to be a good chef.

A single mom is more likely to cook for you and a fun thing about this is that you two can turn each other’s cooking skills into a fun, cheap date idea. There’s something special about cooking for someone you care about and also creating a meal together. This is just one more thing that often makes building a connection with a single mother deeper and more organic than other relationships.

Benefit #6: She Won’t Lead You On

Ultimately, a single mom is going to want to introduce you to her children and the continuation of your relationship will likely hinge on how you connect with them. Moreover, because a single mom doesn’t have time to mess around with flings, she’s going to be able to determine fairly quickly whether or not you guys will be a good fit.

Because of all this, you normally don’t have to worry about a single mom leading you on or dragging out a relationship that inevitably won’t work.

Benefit #7: You Will See What Type of Mother She Is

If you want kids, then you will be able to see exactly what type of mother she is, and what type of mother she would be if you two had kids together. This will give you a unique perspective on whether or not you two would be compatible as far as child-rearing goes. Most couples don’t have this insight and have to either figure it out as they go or discuss how they want to parent before starting a family.

Benefit #8: She’s More Mature

When you become a parent, it ages you — in a good way. A single mother is going to have more maturity than a lot of other women in her age group. Not only is she raising a child, but she’s doing it on her own, which builds a lot of strength.

You’re not going to have to worry about her staying up all night at the club or trying to find a bunch of random guys to hook up with.

Benefit #9: She Can Handle Challenges

She’s not going to run away from a challenge or throw in the towel at the first sign of conflict. Dating a single mother means dating someone who understands how to deal with the challenges that life throws at her. This will make it easier for you to overcome bumps in the road should you two develop a serious relationship.

Benefit #10: She Won’t Judge You

If you have gone through a divorce or also have children, she’s not going to judge you for it. This is one reason why single parents often date other single parents. You will both understand the challenges and rewards of your circumstances and are more likely to value a serious relationship. Because you’re both on the same page, it can be easier to enter a relationship and be upfront about exactly what you want.

Benefit #11: She Knows What She Wants

If she’s choosing to date you, it’s because she saw something in you that she felt was compatible with her. A single mom is usually someone who has also had at least some serious relationship experience, which means she’s had time to figure out what she wants.

Benefit #12: She Knows What She Doesn’t Want

Along with knowing what she does want, she also likely knows what she doesn’t want. Again, this is just one more reason you don’t have to worry about your time being wasted when dating a single mom.

Many single mothers are divorced or have gone through the demise of a serious relationship. When you overcome heartache, you grow as a person and learn exactly what you don’t want in a relationship.

A single mom is less likely to be one of those women that will constantly try to change you or begrudgingly continue a relationship for the sake of having a relationship, even though there are things that she finds very incompatible about you two.

Benefit #13: Single Moms Have Got it Goin’ On

Along with Stacy’s mom, single moms basically have got it goin’ on. When it comes to attraction, confidence is one of the sexiest traits someone can have.

A single mother tends to be more comfortable with herself, confident in herself and ultimately that makes her more attractive to men like you. This is one reason why you definitely shouldn’t rule out dating a single mom or assume that her having children can make her less sexy. If anything, the qualities she has developed through her experience could make for amazing chemistry between you two.

Benefit #14: They Are More Forgiving

A single mom isn’t going to expect you to be perfect. Part of being a parent is being patient, kind and understanding, which is something she does every day with her children.

When you need to practice patience and kindness in your home life, that ultimately lends itself to other relationships. You won’t have to worry about her blowing up at you over little things or holding grudges over insignificant missteps in your relationship. She understands conflict, how to resolve it and move forward.

Benefit #15: They Want a Strong Man

Are you tired of seeing players and freeloaders getting the girls you’re interested in? Do you get sick of being put in the friend-zone, only to see the girl who friend-zoned you out and about with a serial cheater?

Single moms have had the opportunity to grow and mature at a rapid rate. They have their children to protect and part of that means steering clear of the jerks, freeloaders, and players of the world. Dating a single mom means dating a woman who will celebrate your strengths and the parts of you that make you a good person and role model for her children.

Things to Consider

Now that you know about the various benefits of dating a single mom, let’s consider some of the caveats that can come with this type of relationship.

For example, if you date a single mom there is always a risk that she has drama with her ex, the father of her children. In that case, the ex may be in the picture until the children are 18, and you’ll have to deal with hearing about that drama and possibly being dragged into it.

Dating a single mom also means being prepared to change your plans last minute, including date nights and weekends away. If one of her children gets sick or has an emergency, she’s going to have to drop everything, including whatever you had planned. You won’t and shouldn’t be a single mom’s priority, which is something you have to be prepared to accept when dating a single mom.

I’m not mentioning these things to deter you from dating a single mom, but simply as a way of giving you a balanced picture of what dating a woman with kids could entail.

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