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Why Did She Give Me A Fake Number?

By Emyli LovzFebruary 27, 2019Strategy
why did she give me a fake number

Well done sir. Even though your friends told you it wouldn’t work, that blonde at the billiards table completely went for your cheesy pickup line. But as you’re about to reflect on your successful night you realize that something’s wrong. Stacey’s number isn’t working. It’s possible that she had one too many drinks and mistyped her digits or maybe she was so distracted by your wit that she couldn’t concentrate on punching in her number. Although it’s painful to ponder, it’s also possible that she decided to give you a fake number. Don’t beat yourself up, these things happen. To put the question of “why did she give me a fake number” to bed, we’ve got some theories that’ll help answer that age-old question.

But first, let’s address the primary reason why women give out fake numbers instead of telling you the truth. She isn’t purposely giving you the number of some dude in Ohio because she’s part of the She-Woman Men-Haters Club. Rather, instead of flat-out rejecting your request for a number, she chooses the more convenient option of providing you with a fake. She may fear that to explicitly reject your overture could put her in harm’s way. She doesn’t know you and it’s likely that you’re asking for her number in a crowded place packed to the brim with people and booze.

To respond in the affirmative and forgo an awkward situation is too convenient an option to pass up. She doesn’t want to deceive you; she’d just rather not have the night spoiled by an uncomfortable situation. If you think about it, she’s also doing you a favor. Wouldn’t being romantically shut down to your face put a damper on your night? In the end, scoring a fake number might not be that bad. Now let’s find out why she might slip you a fake number instead of the real thing.

She’s Not Into Libertines

Here’s the thing about getting numbers IRL. Let’s say you’re at a concert. Tonight – because your favorite band Foxygen is playing-  you’re feeling pretty good. So as any man inspired by his favorite tunes and a few drinks will do, you start socializing. It turns out that tonight you’ve made a few friends and consider yourself to be the life of the party. While you see yourself as having a nice guy image – someone who’s just out to make friends and listen to some good music, she sees a playboy of sorts.

Okay, maybe you’re not a playboy, but that doesn’t matter to her. She doesn’t want to be just another number in your phone. She noticed you long before you noticed her. While you were talking with other people she was watching. Even though you came off as a charming, charismatic guy, she thought it best to give you the wrong number instead of wasting time being just another women in your phone.

Avoid this by not broadcasting your romantic intentions to the entire room. If your goal is to obtain the number of a lovely lady, don’t allow this romantic prospect to see you flirt with the entire room. Either be more discreet or invest more time in just that one person.

Why Did She Give Me A Fake Number? Because She’s Not Into Speed Dating

When was the last time you left the house without your phone? In today’s hyper-connected epoch, smart phones function as appendages. That means that should you possess someone else’s phone number, they’re always within reach. It’s almost like having a little person live in your pocket, vibrating and beeping whenever they want attention.

A phone is a personal device. For a woman to be comfortable enough to have you in her phone, you’ll have to put in work. In a short period of time you need to prove to her that you’re a worthwhile addition to the selection of numbers she already has in her phone. It’s likely that she gave you a fake number because when you asked for her digits you were still a stranger. Strangers can get numbers too, however you’ll need to convince her why you’re worth getting to know.

Unless you’re Don Draper, the convincing process might take more than a suave look from across the room. Make sure the interaction lasts long enough so that by the time you ask for her number she’s already decided that she’s into you and wants to find out more.

She’s Already In A Relationship

Just because you opened your phone the next morning to find that the text you sent last night still didn’t go through, doesn’t mean that the intended recipient of the text never had the hots for you. When you two were chatting at the craft beer festival a couple nights ago, did she show you all the signs that she was interested?

Perhaps she giggled vociferously, touched you after every laugh, and even gave you the eyes. Rightly so you’re left surprised to be scratching your head and wondering why did she give me a fake number? You would never know this from how she was acting but she was in a relationship. She loved the attention you were showering her with and in truth, wanted more of it. This is why she didn’t stop you to inform you that she’s off limits. The laugh, touch, and conversation were all signs of real affection, even was the initial intent to give you her number. She wanted the entire interaction to be completely real. But at the very end she thought it best to type in a fantasy, because at that moment in her life she couldn’t offer the real deal.

You Were Drunk

It’s best to keep your wits about you when you’re meeting people for the first time. Unless brazen drunkenness is the standard of the night, it’s typically best to keep your buzz under wraps. This rule has never found a better application than when applied to getting a woman’s number. Convincing the opposite sex of your worth is an upward battle when you’re handicapped by a drunken lisp.

There might be another reason why you received a wrong number. It’s feasible that in your drunken stupor you heard a seven when in fact she said six. She didn’t mean to give you a rejection bomb that would only go off when you realized the text hasn’t gone through. Instead you were too intoxicated to handle the simple task of correctly saving her number into your phone.

She Was Drunk

It’s almost ironic. The reason you’ve been asking, why did she give me a fake number all week is because she was in fact too drunk. All the clichés point to women being easier when they’re drunk, not more difficult to seduce. Two things may have happened.

Just because she was drunk doesn’t mean she completely surrendered her mental faculties to the world. She could however, have been cognizant of her level of intoxication and turned on her defense mechanism. This defense mechanism goes off when women know that alcohol is winning the battle of the wits. In a last-ditch effort to help preserve her life she’ll switch on a defense mechanism. This mechanism will ensure that she gets home alive. That means that even if a charming guy like yourself approaches and asks for her number, there’s something deep down within her that won’t allow herself to succumb to your wish. The one purpose of the defense mechanism is to ward off possible threats. She’ll diffuse these threats by refusing to make any meaningful social connections that last beyond a celebratory salud.

Arguably the likelier of scenarios is that she gave you a fake number that she thought was real. Hey, everyone makes mistakes. It just so happens that mistakes are likelier to be made when drunk.

She Didn’t Feel Safe With You

Although your friends couldn’t care less, she was totally engaged in your government shutdown predictions. You think a new one is on the horizon and that it’ll last far longer than the current record of 35. While in the midst of your clairvoyant visions you noticed that she’s super into the conversation and abruptly pause to ask for her number. Later you learn that a man needs to do more than engross a woman in a political conversation to win lasting affection.

As we’ve touched on, a woman is much more likely to hand out her number if the recipient has made her feel comfortable. Establishing comfort isn’t something that can be done with just a few jokes and political predictions. Only will you have the honor of occupying a contact slot in her phone if she feels that you’re not a creep. Persuade her of this by not acting overly aggressive or sexual. Make sure you stand out, but not in an odd way. Sprinkle some wit and a dash of amiability into your interaction to increase your odds of scoring a real number.

Having your phone alert you that the cute message you just sent to your beloved Juliet never went through can be upsetting. But a false number shouldn’t leave you asking why she gave you a fake number for any longer than a couple days.

In Conclusion…

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