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Should You Tell Her You’re Dating Other People?

Should You Tell Her You’re Dating Other People?

Should You Tell Her You’re Dating Other People?

Hi guys, it’s Emyli America’s dating coach for men. Are you asking yourself “should I tell her I’m dating other people if the girl I’m dating asks”? Are you racking your brain with this question: “Is she testing me?”

Well, I have some advice that should help you get over this dilemma. Just follow these two tips: 

Should I Tell Her I’m Dating Other People Tip #1

If a woman you’re interested in asks whether you’re dating other women just be honest and keep it short and sweet. 

Don’t tell her that you took Tanya to Denny’s last Friday at 8pm. Furthermore, don’t tell her that Tanya ordered the chicken salad with mandarin slices and almond slivers. 

Also stay away from telling her that you’ve got a second date coming up with Jenna from Long Island and that you are super nervous because she gives you the butterflies in your stomach.

And definitely do not get too deep into the specifics of your dates with other women. They don’t need to know, and they probably wouldn’t want to know if you told them. 

Female Curveball: She may ask you if you’re dating anyone else. She may even appear to want to know a lot about the other women you might be seeing. She may look like she doesn’t care that you’re dating many other people. She may even tell you that she is doing around herself. THIS IS A TEST, DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT.

If you get into hot water, use the old adage “a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.” 

Most women won’t ask you whether you’re seeing someone else until intimacy arises. You should not offer up this information unless it is specifically requested. 

Should I Tell Her I’m Dating Other People Tip #2

You should continue to MegaDate until you’ve agreed to be exclusive with one woman. In addition, you do not have to discuss this fact with anyone else. 

Always be honest but don’t offer up information that is going to mess up the positive vibe you’ve already created with her. That’s just silly. 

When you date many women at the same time, consequently these woman will respond positively to your energy and subconsciously become more curious about you. While she probably will not be able to articulate the subconscious jealousy that she’s feeling, it will naturally exist within her if you continue to date other women. 

This phenomenon will increase your perceived value and boost your self-confidence.

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Well, now you can stop asking yourself “Should I Tell Her I’m Dating Other People?”

Keep up the good work because You Deserve the Perfect Woman.

With Love,

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