How To Plan an Unforgettable Second Date

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Are you looking for some second date tips? Or are you trying to figure out what should happen on a second date? Click below to watch my first video on establishing sexual attraction, avoiding any money exchange, choosing something active to do, and selecting environments that create the ideal dynamics to increase success and eliminate risk.

More Ideas for Planning a Second Date

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Even More Ideas for Planning a Second Date

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My Final Ideas for Planning a Second Date

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I first started helping people back in 2005 as a health and wellness coach. In 2010 I found myself single and incredibly intrigued by the dating world. The next year, while finishing my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, I decided to embark on a 100-date experiment. That's right I said it...a 100 Date Experiment! My goal was to become a dating expert!

I treated this experiment as a research project - fully analyzing, critiquing, and rating each date based on several key factors. In 2012, with my research findings in hand, I created and launched this website to help others reach their dating goals. 

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