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Which Dating Apps Are Better Than Tinder?

Which Dating Apps Are Better Than Tinder?

Which Dating Apps Are Better Than Tinder?

Curious which dating apps are better than Tinder? There’s no denying that Tinder is king. But like the kings of old, it also has its defects.

Tinder boasts more than 8 million users within the US alone and has reigned supreme ever since its inception in 2012. It’s myriad of users means that the mating pool is the largest among dating apps and its interface will keep users swiping until their thumbs are callous. Despite these boons, Tinder is lacking in some departments where other applications are not.

Cons of Tinder

One of the chief cons when it comes to Tinder is that 1/3 of its users are between the ages of 18-24. It’s fair to say that Tinder is by far the best dating app for young lovers, though not so much for those over the age of 24. Another reason to keep your swipe finger in your pocket is that 66% of Tinder users are men; that’s a lot of competition.

Not to mention that as many as 42% are suspected to already be relationships. Lastly, Tinder’s interface seems to pride itself on superficiality. Users aren’t required or incentivized to create in-depth profiles. Each potential match has been reduced to a card in which the user swiping either discards or approves.

The lack of information on many of these profiles makes it difficult to start conversations that aren’t superficial or glean a well-rounded understanding of who another user is. Reducing someone to a couple photos completely strips them of their uniqueness, and in turn makes the swiper believe that potential matches are shallower than they really are.

Despite just unloading a critique of Tinder it’s still a formidable dating app that you should be taking advantage of. However, each user has a unique checklist when considering which dating app to use. Depending on your checklist, these following apps might just be better than Tinder.


BumbleBumble has been billed as Tinder’s feminist sister. Its founder Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder of Tinder but left after filing a sexual harassment suit against the company. Using that experience as inspiration she decided to create Bumble in 2016.

Being that Wolfe helped found both companies, Bumble and Tinder share many similarities. However, Wolfe and her crew of women built this application primarily with the female user in mind, but this doesn’t mean that the male user-experience is diminished.

Bumble User Stats

  • 1.4 million active users in the US (2017)
  • Between 46-59% of users are female

Bumble App Highlights

Unlike Tinder, when a match is made within Bumble, the woman must initiate the conversation. Should she not do so within 24 hours of the connection, the match will be terminated. Single men out there who dread opening conversations should feel more than relieved at being able to sit back and be pursued.

The feeling of being pursued doesn’t just boost confidence but it sends a clear signal that the person you’ve just matched with is interested in you. When you do get a message from a woman, make sure and send her a great response to her note.


The Bumble-Tinder interfaces are pretty similar though there are some key differences.

When looking at a potential match’s profile on Bumble you must scroll down to see more photos. In between each photo the user has the option of writing about themself. In this way users have no choice but to read what others have written on their profiles thus leading to more meaningful matches.

The way in which Bumble helps users create their profiles also makes providing personal information fun and easy. During the profile setup Bumble asks a few questions that users can respond to with multiple-choice answers.

Bumble has a strong feminist culture that manifests itself in the application. As discussed earlier, the onus is on the woman to begin the conversation. It’s this attitude that has attracted so many women to the app. With more women than men swiping you’ll be seen as a more attractive match.

Another cool benefit that Bumble offers is the freedom to swipe right until your heart’s content. Pair that with the free capability of reversing a swipe and Bumble’s free swiping capabilities far outcompete those of Tinder. In this regard it’s certainly better than Tinder.

Once she starts the conversation, you’re also able to express yourself in the form of a photo taken from your very own device. Pro tip: just don’t send any unsolicited vulgar material, women tend not to like that.

Of all the dating applications on the market, Bumble is the only one to offer users unique non-dating features. Within the same app users can switch to BumbleBFF and Bumblebizz in order to swipe for friends and make professional connections.

How About Coffee Meets Bagel? Is It Better Than Tinder? 

coffee meets bagel vs tinderThis ostensible brunch-finder app burst onto the scene after their Shark Tank pitch back in 2015. The founders walked away from a 30 million dollar offer to buy the company outright by Mark Cuban. The sister-owned company was so sure of its prosperity because of its unique matching system that provides each user with 21 algorithm-selected matches everyday at noon.

User Stats

App Highlight

Instead of mindlessly swiping through seemingly thousands of profiles, Coffee Meets Bagel will supply you with 21 potential suitors every day at noon. These prospective matches aren’t randomly selected but are curated by CMB through a unique algorithm that ensures that you’re being paired with people you’re interested in.


As if CMB’s pre-selected profiles weren’t enough to convince you to download, it’s also the most popular dating application in California. The app that chooses quality of quantity has a major presence in the Silicon Valley and is perfect for those that don’t have endless time to swipe through innumerous dating profiles.

The selection process of these 21 pre-screened profiles is simple yet effective. Using both data from your CMB and Facebook profiles, CMB hooks you up with 21 profiles (or bagels) that you’re presented with everyday at noon.

Profiles can consist of up to 9 photos and various bio prompts. Perhaps you’ve skipped past the bio section of your Tinder or even Bumble profile, however CMB has found that the top 10% most liked profiles are 35% longer than the bottom 90%. Because each user is only granted a limited number of potential matches a day they are much more likely to meticulously vet each potential match before liking or starting a conversation.

Another cool feature of Coffee Meets Bagel is that users have a 24-hour window to either like or pass on their bagels. Once a match has been made app users only have 8 days of messaging before the match is erased forever. This short time frame incentivizes those that have connected to swap phone numbers before their chance at love slips back into the digital abyss.

Does this app seem better than Tinder to you? If you still need more information, check out my other article for an extensive Coffee Meets Bagel Review.

Is Dating App Cove Better Than Tinder?

cove dating appCove has positioned itself 180 degrees from Tinder (the complete opposite path). It’s an app suited for singles seeking relationships, not hookups.

When I tested Cove myself, I appreciated the disclaimer they added into their app during the signup process. It stated that Cove isn’t for one-night stands, but for serious people looking for real relationships. They even give you a list of other apps more suitable for you, if hooking up is your goal. Very cool. 

App Highlights

Cove is different than Tinder because it uses gamification to help people avoid going on bad dates. This, in turn, will save you time and money by not having to meet up with women you’re not compatible with. Pretty epic.

Cove’s gamification process works like this:

  • Similar to Tinder, you’ll swipe left or right on ladies you’re interested in.
  • Once you make a match, you’ll use Cove’s bottom menu area to click on “Messages.” Here’s where you’ll find all your matches.
  • You’ll start each interaction by playing a compatibility game with your match (multiple choice questions asked to both of you).
  • Once you complete the compatibility game, you’ll begin Cove’s 3 gamification levels: text messaging, voice messaging, then video messaging. Once the two of you exchange 3 text messages, 2 voice messages, and 1 video message each — you’ll unlock each other’s phone numbers.
  • Keep in mind you might have to play more compatibility games along the way. And by the way, you only have 7 days to make it through this entire process.

If you’re actively dating and looking for a real relationship, download and give Cove a shot. Cove’s unique voice and video messaging features will save you some dinero as you are MegaDating. And if you’re following my date-plan blueprint, then you know I recommend using 5 dating apps at the same time to diversify your outreach.

Be patient with Cove, it’s still a relatively new dating app and will likely gain more traction the more people discover it. Download it today, login, and swipe just once a day. Consider it one piece of your overall dating app portfolio.

Is OkCupid Better Than Tinder? 

OkCupid is one of the oldest dating applications around. It was launched in 2004 by four Harvard friends and has enjoyed spiraling into one of the most respected dating apps around. Its claim to fame is that it’s the only dating app that asks users thousands of questions to create matches that are bound to stick.

User Stats

  • 50k dates created every week
  • 91 million connections every year
  • Users can choose to identify from 23 different genders

App Highlight

What makes OkCupid unique is its browsing option. With Bumble and Tinder your only option is to swipe through profiles in the hopes of finding someone that interests you. OkCupid however gives users the option to browse matches while utilizing filters that can quickly provide you with a specific pool of potential matches.


OkCupid started as a website and can still be used as such. By functioning as both an application and website it caters to users of different browsing styles. It also gives users the ability to browse profiles as well as swipe left and right in the same vein as Tinder and Bumble.

With the myriad of questions that OkCupid asks its users it’s able to develop a match percentage that accurately shows you which users you’re compatible with. In this way you can save time by weeding out profiles that don’t match your relationship criteria. Like Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid connects you with quality profiles. The major difference between the two is that OKC gives you the freedom to find quality matches while CMB does that for you.

Happn: Is it Better Than Tinder? 

dating apps better than tinderHappn was created by a hopeless romantic Frenchman that wanted to inject a bit of whimsy into the online dating scene. Launched in 2014, Happn might just be the creepiest and yet most playful dating application around. This app plays on the idea of missed connections.

You’ve no doubt made eyes with a stranger en route to the office and always wondered how your life would have changed had you mustered the courage and struck up a conversation. Happn addresses that fantasy by connecting you with only people that you’ve crossed paths with. Think Craigslist’s missed connection page, but easy to use and more socially acceptable.

User Stats

  • 6.5 million monthly active users
  • Active in over 50 cities

App Highlight

Happn relies on geolocation to connect you with only people that you’ve literally crossed paths with. To be specific, users will only be notified when other app users are within 850 feet of each other. 850 feet is far enough away not to be creeped out but close enough to feel a wave of romantic possibility ripple through your body at the ability to connect with those mystery passersby’s.


Like so many of the other dating apps, Happn requires users to connect with Facebook and create their profiles by adding photos and a brief written introduction section. Happn’s bio section doesn’t leave much room for self-expression. Users are most likely to be found appealing to potential matches by displaying magnetic photos along with simply being in the right place at the right time.

Fellow users only pop up when you cross paths with them. At this point you’ll have the option to like or dislike them. Only when two people like each other can a conversation be started. Should you click the ‘X’ button on someone’s profile, they will no longer be able to see your profile nor be notified should you cross paths again.

To protect the user’s privacy Happn also has the option of turning off geolocation when in certain areas. Most people decide to utilize this feature when at work, home, or places they often frequent.

Another cool feature that no other popular dating app offers is the ability to send audio messages to crushes. Along with audio messages Happn allows you to set your status. You don’t have complete autonomy to write whatever’s on your mind, rather you choose from a brief variety of activities such as: going for a walk, run, or getting a drink.


There is no one app that’s right for everyone. Diversifying your outreach will increase your odds of getting more dates and ensures that no potential mate falls through the cracks. Each app has unique features that attract certain types of users. Swiping and browsing on multiple applications means interacting with an eclectic dating pool.

Have you ever considered hiring a dating coach to help you reach your dating goals? If so, I’d love to help you. Check out my calendar and book a new client Skype session with me today. During our intro session, we’ll discuss your questions related to dating apps, diagnose your dating history, create an action plan, and see if my 3 month coaching program is right for you!

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