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100 Best Hinge Opening Lines For Guys

100 Best Hinge Opening Lines For Guys

Never before have so many people met their significant other while in the bathroom.

With online dating, it doesn’t matter if you’re offloading some duty or at your little cousin’s tee-ball game, you always have a chance to meet a single woman worth courting.

Online dating is a virtual singles bar that you carry around in your pocket. No matter the location or time of day, there are always singles ready to swipe right and get to talking. Being able to meet single women regardless of location almost seems like a superpower. The issue is that every single with a smartphone also has this power.

With easy access to comes competition. Dating apps are dominated by male users. It isn’t uncommon to use an app that has a male to female ratio of almost 2 to 1.

To stand out among a backdrop of thirsty singles you’ll need a little finesse.

Today we’ll take a look at how to apply that finesse to the dating app Hinge. Hinge bills itself as the dating app that’s “designed to be deleted.” The upstart app guards against ghosting, sets you up with friends of your FB friends, and is Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s favorite dating app.

This app is a favorite among myself and my clients (along with Bumble) because it appeals to singles that are serious about using online dating to help find a long-term partner. They have also reported that the quality of users is higher than they’ve found on other apps such as Tinder and Bumble (and if you’re looking for some differences among apps, check out my article on Hinge vs Tinder).

Before we dive into the list of the best Hinge opening lines for guys, let me make something clear.

Opening lines should almost always be informed by her profile. Hinge bios offer oodles of information that you can latch on to and use to help craft an opening line. Look for commonalities and shared interests that you can address in your opening line. Also, pen the first message in such a way that the conversation naturally gravitates towards a TDL.

Generally speaking, opening lines should be kept under two sentences and framed in such a way that they demand a response. Ain’t nobody got time for lengthy love letters or loquacious sales pitches on why you should be her man.

When She Replies To Your Comment (Caveat)

Hinge doesn’t use a swiping mechanism to facilitate matches.

Instead, users are encouraged to like and comment on another user’s answers or pictures. If you already commented on a user’s profile and she responded to your comment, you can’t refuse to respond to what she said and use an “opening line” from below that in no way relates to the conversation.

Feel out the conversation to see if she wants to continue the dialogue or if you can break free and start anew with an opening line.

For example, if you saw she works at Stripe and you, therefore, made a comment that states, “I just switched from Paypal to Stripe and I’m loving it” and she decides to match with you and responds to your comment with, “Yes! What do you like about it?” you then have to drop an opening line that answers her question.

If the dialogue you previously started fizzles out, this is when you can send her one of the following opening lines.

Quite often women that you match with won’t respond to a comment that was sent before the match was made. If this happened to you, use one of the following opening lines.

100 Best Hinge Opening Lines For Guys

Two Truths And A Lie

two truths and a lie hinge opening line

Remember that each opening line should respond to her profile. In this scenario, her bio contains the dating app classic of two truths and a lie.

Example 1:

Her Answer: 1. I used to be a professional rapper. 2. I’ve written an award-winning short film. 3. I’ve never been married.

Your Opening Line: You used to be a rapper? I want to hear your raps 🙂

Example 2:

Her Answer: 1. I’ve hiked the entirety of the Appalachian mountains. 2. I play the banjo in an all banjo-band. 3. I’m not a redneck.

Your Opening Line: Please tell me you’ve hiked the Appalachian trail so that we can geek out about hiking together.

You could respond by merely choosing an answer, “I choose A.” But this response doesn’t lend itself to opening up a conversation. It merely makes you seem like a contestant on a game show that really isn’t a game show. Our example offers up a bubbly response that demands a creative answer. Well done us.

When You Share A Food Interest

favorite food in common

Possible opening lines to her profile might be:

1) Deep dish pizza is my fave too. Ever been to Capo’s in North Beach?”

2) I tried a fried spider (not in Cambodia though) a month ago. It was shockingly good right?”

3) “Hey Em, I saw we are both into deep dish pizza! What’s your favorite place to get a slice? I’m a big fan of Giordano’s.”

4) So you like Mexican food eh? Tortas or black mole?

When You See A Mutual Friend In Her Photos

friends hinge opening lines

1) Small world, how to do you know Rachel (your third pic)?

2) Tim plays on my softball team 🙂 How do you know him?

3) Whoa… I work with your friend Brooke (second pic). How do you know her?

4) Never allow Sam to be the banker in monopoly… he’s got quick hands.

When You Have A Similar Occupation

hinge opening line same occupation

Example 1:

Her: What do you teach?

Him: Hi. I teach in an educational leadership graduate program. and co-directed a gender and sexuality center.

Her: Wow, I love your background and have so many questions about the gender and sexuality center! We should meet up.

Example 2:

“Hey Jen, I’m a graphic designer too. Work on any cool side projects lately?”

When You Share An Interest In A Sport/Physical Activity

best hinge opening lines for guys -3

Example 1:

Her: Dancer ey? What kind of dancing?

Him: Freestyle and Latin 🙂 you?

Her: Fun! Hip hop, ballet, tap, a little salsa, a touch of modern

Him: I don’t dance on a first date, but maybe a second 🙂

Example 2:

“Us Bills fans are a rare breed outside of Buffalo. We should watch the next game together, I don’t like crying in public places alone.”

When You Both Love To Travel

hinge opening lines for travel

Example 1:

Him: Favorite travel destination of all time?

Her: Hmmmm would have to say southern Italy. By the coast. What about you?

Him: Rome. Well, I know what we’re doing for our first date…

Example 2:

Him: Alright Fernanda, you have your choice of vacationing to either Malta, Iceland, or Japan… where do you go?

Her: Wow, tough one. Can I layover in Iceland and then go to Malta?

Him: Considering I make the rules of this hypothetical scenario, I will allow it.

Example 3:

“So what type of traveler are you? Did you plant yourself at the resort or are you more into living like a local during your stays abroad?”

When You’re Both From a Small Town

small town

1) What do you miss most about the country?”

2) Why is it that all small towns seem to have the best ghost legends? What was your town’s local legend?

3) Does it strike you as odd that once you’re in a big city nobody ever smiles while they pass you on the sidewalk? What’s been your biggest shock since you moved to the city?

4) What’s been the weirdest thing about moving to a big city?

When Your Hallmarks of a Good Relationship Are Similar

hinge openers for guys - 9

1) Is it weird that we have the exact same hallmarks in a relationship? Or does that just mean we’re soulmates? Either way, we should get a drink and find out.

2) Umm… I normally don’t start conversations with strangers off this way but… my Mom would love you.

3) You and I both share the same hallmarks of a good relationship. If we ever do date, we might just have the healthiest relationship to ever blossom out of a dating app.

When You Have The Same Fashion Sense


1) So my friends and I are all obsessed with peacoats. We actually called ourselves the peacoat gang, maybe you’d like to join? We hold tryouts every winter season.

2) I’m sorry beanies are the most underrated hat out there. They’re unisex, cover your ears (thus negating the need for gauche earmuffs) and look dope. Demonstrate That You Read Her Profile: “Em I have the best first date idea, maybe you’d want to come with me?! (Because I have something about a great first date idea listed on my profile).

3) The biggest benefit of us dating might be that we can wear each other’s clothes. I don’t mind having a second wardrobe to choose from, you have any qualms?

When You Went to the Same College

hinge opening lines for same college

1) Hey there fellow trojan. What was your best USC memory?

2) Noway, you also went to the bowl game against Minnesota in 2010?

3) Good old Northeastern. What dorm did you live in freshman year?

When You Have A Similar Risk Taken

hinge opening lines for guys similar risk

1) Is it just me or is the scariest thing about skydiving not jumping out of a plane, but making sure you don’t shit your pants on the way down?

2) After trying my first scorpion I kind of became an entomophage. What other bugs have you eaten apart from scorpions?

3) I too once said hi to a stranger on the subway at rush hour. His glare will scar me forever.

When She’s Just Plain Hot

hinge opening lines for hot women

Complimenting an insanely hot girl on her looks is as cliche as feigning surprise at how much your little cousins have grown since you last saw them three years ago. Your job is to stand out, not pen trite messages that won’t elicit responses. Good thing Hinge makes users answer various prompts when filling out a profile.

When You Are Both Entrepreneurs

1) Your latest giving back project looks amazing. What’s been your biggest success yet?

2) I’m also disputing the language translation industry. Maybe we should team up?

3) Your website progress is making me jealous. We’re still in the early stages of designing our first site. Any tips for a fellow entrepreneur?

When Your Pet Peeves Are Similar

hinge openers

1) I hereby promise that if I ever have the honor of holding your hand I will happily let it go so that others can pass us on the sidewalk.

2) I’m shocked that more cultural landmarks don’t have areas that designate selfie free areas. Want to help me ruin someone’s IG?

3) I find the best way to deal with prolific picture takers is just to join in their photos as if you’re one of the crew. Is artful photobombing too odd of a first date for you?

When You Love Her Favorite Karaoke Song (or Have Something In Common w/Her Musical Preferences)

hinge opening lines about karaoke

Him: That’s sweet you’re into Atmosphere. I’m good friends with a lot of the Rhymesayers folks.

Her: Stop it. How so? Are you from Minneapolis?

Him: Yup, born and raised. You know they’re actually coming through this area in a couple of months, we should go. Atmosphere fans are meant to be together.

When You’re Bad At the Same Thing

hinge opening lines bad at samething

1) One day I too vouch to own a self-driving car that will parallel park for me. My neighbors shall rejoice when the day comes.

2) I love how when you tell someone you can’t snap, then they feel the need to inadvertently rub it in your face by proceeding to snap out a song in front of them. Perhaps I can’t snap but I can slap.

3) I played college basketball so naturally, I thought making a basket at our annual state fair wouldn’t be that difficult. $40 bucks later I sure proved them wrong. Ouch.

When You Start With An Unpopular Opinion

thai massage

1) Is it just me or are massages socially acceptable forms of torture?

2) For me the most chill time of day is when I get stuck in traffic on the way to work… does this relationship have a future?

3) I freaking hate football. Accented fútbol is acceptable, but I just can’t cheer on a bunch of aspiring wife-beaters running around in spandex attempting to give each other brain damage. Am I wrong?

4) The Beatles are overrated. Do we have any chance at love? And no, I won’t serenade you with Hey Jude to win back your affection.

5) Unpopular Opinion: Mexican food is the most insipid cuisine. 80% of it is just tortilla, meat, and salsa. Am I wrong?

6) I refuse to eat birthday cake. It doesn’t matter if it’s ice cream cake, carrot cake, girl scout cookies cake or angel fo- wait I actually like angel food cake. That’s the exception.

7) God is the biggest narcissist of all. The man needs billions of insignificant creatures whose lives have already been predetermined to bend the knee to him on a daily basis or else he goes and blows up a city. Am I that off?

8) Tea is just hot water and all coffee tastes bitter. Why doesn’t everyone just drink 1% milk for breakfast?

9) I’d rather get multiple teeth pulled out than go skydiving.

Additional Hinge Opening Line Tips For Guys

Dos and Donts

Don’t just like a Hinge photo of her looking hot. Every other guy is doing the same thing and it means nothing to her. Hot girls know they’re hot, they don’t need your reinforcement. Like what she says not how she looks. Here’s another article if you’re wondering how to comment on Hinge.

Best Hinge Opening Lines for Guys: Favorites, Hobbies, Family Members, or Pets

1) Em! What type of dancing do you enjoy most? P.S. I love deep dish pizza as well.

2) I’m trying to pick up roller skating too. Any tips for a newbie like me? -apart from buying shin pads, I learned that the hard way.

3) Is it weird if I think your pit and mine might be more compatible than us? We should hit the dog park and find out?

4) Does Sniffs have an IG? My pitbull, Lola wants to follow her.

5) If dogs had thumbs they would absolutely rule Instagram. So… doggy date?

6) Wow, great family pic. Was your entire family blessed with musical talent? Send that family x-mas album my way.

Show a genuine interest in her life and she’ll be infinitely more likely to respond than had your message didn’t address something in her bio.

TDL With Confidence

“Love the GND look. Let’s grab some time to get to know each other this Sunday, December 10, 2019, at SFMOMA at 10 am. We can grab brunch afterward if we click. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx if you’d like to connect before Sunday.”

A TDL doesn’t need to be included in your opening line. After you dialogue a bit more and ascertain that she’s not a weirdo, ask her out. The longer you delay the tougher asking her out becomes.

End With A Question About A Favorite Food (or Some Other Favorite Listed on Her Profile)

1) Hi Em. So Zachary’s in the East Bay is my go-to deep dish. What’s yours?

2) It’s tough to imagine that Wicked Pete’s doesn’t have the best wings in town. Though I’m willing to have my mind changed. Shall we grab a bite?

3) Jessss! Finally I find another Ethiopian food lover. What’s your go-to spot in town?

Demonstrate That You Read Her Profile

1) Em I have the best first date idea, maybe you’d want to come with me?! (Because I have something about a great first date idea listed on my profile)

2) So you say your passions are reading and listening to music. But what would you choose if you could only live with one for the rest of your life?

Lead with Her Name (Everyone’s Favorite Word Is Their Name)

1) Em, where’s the party at tonight?

2) Jess, who should I see at Lollapalooza, Gambino or Odesza? Help!

3) Steph!! What’s the coolest thing you did this week?

What if Your Hinge Opening Line Doesn’t Get a Response? Be Persistent

Persistence is incredibly attractive but requires a thick skin. While the following example has a few mistakes, it’s always better to be persistent than forgettable – just don’t be creepy.

Try and ask only one question at a time. Don’t apologize and don’t compliment. Send at least 3 messages before calling it quits. Some people do as many as 8.

My recommendation is to keep it consistent across the board so you have your own narrative that you can build on.

Example 1:

Message 1: Is that your real name? Never seen it before pretty badass.

Message 2: That sentence came out horribly – let me try again: Never seen it before. It’s pretty badass.

Message 3: So that was just a super-lame question, I guess… have to start somewhere. How about more standard ones? How long have you lived in the city? What do you do professionally? What’s your physical outlet – running, cycling, hiking, etc. Beach or mountains? Anyway, you’re way cute and we both like pizza so that’s a solid foundation 🙂

Message 4: Skip the small talk and go right to meeting?

Message 5: Do you have plans tonight?

Example 2:

Message 1: Hey there Sam. Tell me something cool about yourself…

Message 2: There’s nothing cool about you? I don’t believe you. 🙂

End With A Question

1) Hi Em, I just got back from a trip to Iceland and saw our match. I’m adjusting to life without views of glaciers. By the way, I’m a fellow Cal Bear! Where did you live while there?

2) Let’s play a little game to see if we’re right for each other shall we? Bossa nova or country music?

3) Can you tell me a secret that even your closest friend doesn’t know about you?

4) What does the perfect Sunday look like for you -and if it includes mini golf and/or go-carts can I join?

Ask a Question About Her Photo

1) Great pic Em, where was this taken?

2) Your profile pics are putting mine to shame. What’s the secret to snapping awesome pictures -apart from having a symmetrical face and a professional photographer?

3) Noway! I just saw that place in your third picture but am forgetting the name. Where is it?

4) Look Tif, I don’t know if this is going to work out. I’m way to freaking jealous that you’ve already been to Malta? Is it really the dream vacation I think it is?

Best Hinge Opening Lines for Guys: Send A Super Thoughtful Message

Responding thoughtfully sets you apart from 99% of other men who prefer to use the path of least resistance when messaging. It helps to have topics on your profile that would make your ideal type of woman curious to learn more about you and even prompt her to ask you questions.

Her: That’s fascinating, how’d you learn to do that? Have such interesting relationship boundaries?

Him: There are probably some personal reasons and intellectual reasons. Let’s stick with the intellectual reasons. I’ve never been one to accept things as they are:

The fairy tale that you’re going to meet one person who is going to complete you was created by Disney.

And then came the jokes that sex stops with marriage.

And then came the standard comedy bits about the dreadful ball and chain.

That’s our society’s view of normal relationship life. It’s not realistic (see divorce rates). It’s toxic to women (lack of satisfaction at best, feeling locked into a relationship at worst). And men develop terrible communication skills.

Random Message That Catches Her Off Guard and Is Easy To Respond To

1) Should I bring back the beard? (You can use what’s on your profile to pique a woman’s interest or you could use as your initial message).

2) See at the paintball park in 30 minutes yeah? Whoops, you’re not Dave. Umm, you’re too cute for me to rescind an offer to hang out (even if it was an error) want to join?

3) What was the last song you sang with all your heart?

4) What songs should I add to my spring music playlist?

5) What song always brings you to the dancefloor?

6) Describe your perfect date in three emojis.

7) Are electrical toothbrushes really as good as those infomercials say they are?

Exclamation Points!!!

Yes! This works for guys who are quick and sharp. Yes! with an exclamation point is unusual, conveys enthusiasm, is positive, and intrigues the reader. You can tell a lot about the girl based on how she responds to this message. If she doesn’t get it, that might be an online dating red flag (for some guys).

It’s almost perfect because no one expects it. It has roughly a 75% response rate and of those that respond, it’s around a 95% chance that the conversation will convert into a date.

You can also toss in a few exclamation points after writing her name, “Jen!!” Follow up this enthusiasm with a question that relates to her bio.

Trust me, I’m a dating coach.

Wanna Reach Your Dating Goals Faster?

Speaking of trust, who have you been putting your trust into when soliciting dating advice? While your friends may mean well, their advice is a bit misguided. I’ve trained hundreds of men on what it takes to get (and keep) the girl.

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One more thing…

If you want to reset your Hinge Discover Feed, you totally can.

Just go to Settings, scroll all the way down to Delete or Pause Account, then you’ll be asked to tell Hinge why you want to leave. There will be a list of options, choose, I’m not happy with my Hinge experience.

You’ll then be asked if you want a Fresh Start.

Here are the perks of a Fresh Start.

hinge hack

You won’t magically start scoring matches, BUT, after you’ve revamped your profile you’ll get a second chance at making a first impression.

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