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8 Bumble Audio Note Tips for Guys

8 Bumble Audio Note Tips for Guys

8 Bumble Audio Note Tips for Guys

No dating app adapted better to the pandemic than Bumble.

Understanding our need for connection Bumble enabled a number of features to help us navigate the virus-filled landscape of pandemic dating.

Over the past couple of years founder Whitney Wolfe’s females-first app has made a few crucial adjustments:

— Video chat

Night In feature

— COVID questionnaire

— Country-wide distance filter

These additions have gone quite a ways in setting the beehive apart from other dating apps.

However, there’s one truly unique feature that no other dating app comes close to having replicated.

The Bumble audio note.

bumble audio note

The audio message feature is simple, yet only Bumble seems to have implemented it as of writing this article.

The Power Of Audio

All dating apps have one thing in common.

They’re superficial.

Even the ones that have expansive filters to choose from and attempt to oblige users to fill out extensive profiles such as Bumble.

You, my anonymous user, are tasked with making yourself as real as possible.

Upload a variety of (personality) revealing photos, answer Bumble prompts that will make her laugh, and have conversations that aren’t basic.

Yet despite doing all this you still might be seen as just another Bumble bro.

Luckily, Bumble’s given you a tool you can use to humanize yourself – and it’s located right next to the keyboard.

bumble audio note

You should tap the audio note button in every Bumble conversation you have.

Whenever we chat with a stranger we want the conversation to flow as normally as possible — but that’s a bit difficult when chatting on an app.

Getting to know someone via audio notes is a much more human way to connect than by reading lifeless texts.

Audios add nuance to communicate by way of inflection. It doesn’t matter if your name is F. Scott Fitzgerald, nothing you can write will come off as normal and human than if you were to say it via an audio note.

Shooting her over a quick voice message will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Most guys won’t use the audio message. They’re too scared or lazy to do so.

You on the other hand aren’t scared or lazy (well maybe you are, but that’s not what she’ll think when she listens to your message).

But before you press the button, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Bumble Audio Note Tips

Bumble audio notes aren’t inherently good.

Like any other tool if used incorrectly they can backfire.

Forks are awesome… until they aren’t. If used effectively they’re integral to the everyday meal, but if used incorrectly they can poke you in the eye, stab you in the hand, or be choked on.

Bumble audio notes are the same.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use them.

This is the right way.

Make Sure You’re in a Somewhat Quiet Environment

Audio messages can pack quite the punch.

In just a few seconds they have the potential to reveal so much about you.

That’s why we love them so much.

That’s also why (as with a fork) they must be handled with care.

Before using your quicksilver tongue to conjure up a spell you’ll have to make sure you’re in the right environment.

By “right” I mean a quiet one or one with light music in the background.

The worst thing you can do is send an audio that’s obscured by wind, random people shouting, or your little cousin cursing at Fortnite.

Wait until you’re in a tame, quiet, and controlled environment before shooting off an audio note.

Sending an audio during your commute that’s full of background noise shows that you don’t really care to take the time to record a quality audio message.

If you don’t care, there are plenty of other men in her match funnel that will.

Careful With The Trigger

If there’s one critique I have for Bumble’s new audio note feature it’s this.

After recording an audio note and taking your finger off the button, the message automatically sends.

There is no review or editing process.

Just remember that before you mess up an audio, try to start over, and end up sending a string of 1-3 second audio files.

bumble audio note

If you do mess up there is an abort button.

Well, it’s not a button as much as a swipe.

Just like with profiles you’re not interested in, if you want to cancel an audio simply swipe to the left.

Get Her # Earlier Than the 10th Total Audio Note

Dating apps aren’t dating apps.


You can’t actually go on a highly nuanced date and build emotional attraction with someone on a dating app.

Dating apps are actually “introduction apps.”

We’re given surface information about a bunch of people, we learn their names, (hopefully) what they look like and little else.

To get the most out of dating apps ironically you’ll need to get off them.

Despite the name, you can’t date someone on a dating app.

Before you two get too comfortable corresponding in the app, you’ll want to ask for her number and pitch her a TDL.

Do so before having sent 10 audio messages in total.

To get off the app, send her a message like:

“Shoot me your number and we’ll make plans”

“I can’t believe we have that in common. You should give me your number so we can plan on meeting up in real life.”

Ideally after talking about a shared interest or something that sounds like it takes place in the real world (food, concerts, walks, places of interest) segue by asking for her number and telling her you two will make plans to go eat that thing, listen to that band, go bowling, or whatever other thing you were just talking about.

If she wants to stick on Bumble, that’s fine.

TDL her by the 10th message.

If she still gives you trouble she might be one of the 50% of dating app users who are using the apps to boost their confidence.

bumble audio note

After you have her number in hand it’s time to ask her on a date.

Continuing the Bumble conversation via SMS will lead to pen-pals, not a girlfriend.

Don’t Send An Audio Note Right Off The Bat

Sending an audio note as a first message is like bringing a bouquet of flowers on a first date.

It’s too much.

Get a feel for each other and only send an audio note when the moment is right.

Send Brief Audios

How long do you think it takes the average woman you chat with to read your text messages?

Most likely 1-15 seconds.

Sending an audio longer than 45 seconds is kind of rude. It’s like giving buying someone a book they didn’t explicitly ask for as a Christmas present.

Do you really expect them to invest hours upon hours reading something they might not even be interested in?

Same thing with long audios.

She’s got better things to do than listen to some guy talk about his pandemic hobbies.

Try to send no more than one audio at a time, with each being no longer than 45 seconds, ideally 15-30 seconds per audio.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix in Some Texts

Spice things up.

Send a few texts, then an audio, then text, maybe a meme, etc.

Inundating her with audios gives off the impression that you’ve got nothing better to do than talk to strangers all day.

Even if you don’t have anything better to do, NEVER give off that impression.

Did that all caps make that clear enough?

Always End With A Question

The audio format lends itself to digression and tangents.

Reign in your thoughts by going over what you’re going to say before you press record.

When ending a Bumble audio note be sure to ask a question.

Questions that invite her into the conversation have a much higher response rate than simply talking about yourself for 45 seconds.

Ask open-ended questions that she almost needs to respond to via audio. Just be sure to keep the deep questions tucked under your tongue until the date arrives.

bumble audio note

Trying to learn all there is about a woman on a dating app is kinda like having a friend unwrap a present for you and later telling you what it is.

One experience is infinitely more enjoyable and rich than the other.

Sure you’re learning about her either way, but the way you’re going about it couldn’t be any more different.

Keep the Conversations Based On Good Vibes

She has no idea who you are.

Everything she knows about you comes from your photos, written bio, and now that you’ve matched, your conversation.

If you bitch about your work, friends, and the impending end of the world, she’ll think you’re a debbie downer.

When chatting it up, always keep things positive.

Even if you’re not feeling it, crack a smile and try to sound jolly.

Everyone wants to be around a guy that’s happy and confident, not the guy that’s sad and diffident.

Getting to know someone via a dating app is a pretty odd process.

To make that process feel a bit more natural book a 1-on-1 Zoom session with one of our top dating coaches to learn how our coaching program can help you find the relationship of your dreams in just 90 days.

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