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10 Perfect First Date Bumble Answers for Guys

10 Perfect First Date Bumble Answers for Guys

10 Perfect First Date Bumble Answers for Guys

Bumble is certainly the yin to Tinder’s yang.

The two most popular dating apps (by some distance) in the states are similar in their interface and swiping technology, but that’s where the similarities end.

Bumble attracts an older more long-term relationship-focused milieu, is female-first, and is much more than a simple dating app.

However, there’s one more important difference that I’d like to highlight.

A few years back this article from Daily Mail went viral…

perfect first date bumble answers

That’s right.

50% of Tinder users have never met a match.

But it isn’t just the Daily Mail that’s reported this.

LendEDU surveyed nearly 10,000 college-aged Tinder users and found that just 26% used the app for romantic purposes.

perfect first date bumble answers

What these studies tell us is that according to its users, Tinder isn’t even a dating app. It’s more of a time-wasting app – the digital equivalent of a fidget spinner.

This isn’t the case with Bumble.

perfect first date bumble answers

Bumble released a study a few years ago with the findings listed above.

They also found that:

  • 85% of Bumble users are looking for marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Less than 4% of men and less than 1% of women on Bumble are looking for a hookup.
  • 63% of men said that “women making the first move” was influential in making them want to use Bumble.
  • 97% have messaged their matches in the last month.

However, this was by far the most telling of stats:

25% of Bumble users went on a first date with someone they met on Bumble in the last month.

Whereas 50% of Tinder users had NEVER dated a match, 25% of all Bumble users had gone on a date with a match in the last month alone.

Bumble users are active little bees.

With that said, users really want to know what a perfect first date looks like.

Bumble gives its users the perfect opportunity to fill in the blank by responding to the “perfect first date” Bumble prompt.

However, not just any answer will do.

Perfect First Date Bumble Answers

The perfect first date bumble answer to the prompt, “Perfect first date…” shouldn’t seek to cast a wide net.

You don’t want a cliche answer like, “wine and cheese under the Eiffel Tower.”

It’s an answer like this that attempts to attract every single woman on Bumble.

Thing is, you don’t want to go out with every single woman on the app. You only want to date compatible women.

That being said, be true to yourself. Don’t fudge the truth or attempt to appease every single swiper. Instead, choose a date activity unique to your interests.

Such a Bumble answer will function as a magnet and only attract women that share your same interests.

First Date Guidelines

Let me ask you something?

Let’s say for a moment that your perfect first date involves gazing at the stars in the middle of the Death Valley at midnight with champagne in hand.

While this may be the ideal activity it may not make for the best date.

This is because the quality of a first date wholly depends on the dynamic between the parties involved.

If this chick’s checking her phone every 3 minutes and recording every second of the adventure for a Tik Tok video chances are the date won’t be as perfect as you imagined.

This is why every first date should last no longer than one hour and cost no more than $10.

Considering 39% of all new relationships began online in 2017, you’re most likely going out with a complete stranger you met from a dating app.

Why agree to spend countless hours and splash the cash on a complete stranger?

Imagine asking a random from Bumble to a steak dinner only to learn she’s the complete opposite of you. She has polar opposite political, vaccination, dietary, and musical views.

Hell, she doesn’t even like steak.

Perfect First Date Bumble Examples for Guys

When crafting your perfect first date Bumble answer, make sure the first date is one you can actually see yourself going on.

Make sure it’s not only feasible and appealing (to those you want to appeal to) but that it also satisfies the guidelines mentioned above (less than 1 hour, less than $10).

With that in mind, let’s get flirting.

1) Put On Them Dancing Shoes

perfect first date bumble answers

A “perfect first date” Bumble prompt is the perfect opportunity to show off your unique skills or interests. Let it be known that you’re not just another Bumble guy that likes to binge Netflix and drink craft beer.

Flex whatever hobby of yours that makes you unique. If she notes that she’s also a dancer you should easily be able to guide the conversation towards salsa dancing and ultimately to asking her out.

Remember when popping the first date question that you use a TDL.

2) First Dates Should Be Brief And Cheap

perfect first date bumble answers

This date idea perfectly fits into the first date MegaDating criteria.

It’s cheap, could easily be under an hour, is easy to accomplish, and is fun.

Whenever scribbling out your perfect first date answer, be sure to be specific.

If your perfect first date involves hitting the beach, don’t simply write, “going to the beach.”

Tap into her senses and allow her to see, feel, and imagine the first date. Making the date as vivid as possible will help make it unique and appealing despite the imposed first date limitations.

3) Add A Little Shimmer To The Cliche First Date

perfect first date bumble answers

Let’s be honest.

Your ideal first date probably involves going to a brewery.

Thousands of other Bumble-bros have written the same thing.

Perfect first date… hit a brewery and drink a few IPAs.

That’s cool if this is your ideal first date. You can still stand out by putting a little spin on that cliche idea. The Bumble answer above does so by adding a bit of character.

Also instead of a brewery consider drinking a few glasses of wine on an expansive vineyard with kick-ass views.

I love that this answer also speaks to one’s snobbery. Plenty of Bumblers pretend to be experts in travel, languages, wine, etc. Can you blame them?

Bumble profiles are billboards, it’s no surprise that most want to boast when advertising themselves.

Subtly making fun of oneself is novel and attractive after having read a dozen boasts.

4) Merica!!!!

perfect first date bumble answers

Some smarty pants scientists conducted a study in 2011 that didn’t need to be conducted. 

They found that women are super attracted to funny guys and that the human sense of humor evolved at least partly through a desire to attract the opposite sex.

We all knew that funny guys get the girl, this only confirmed the obvious.

Women love laughing, specifically they love when a charming guy such as yourself makes them laugh.

When in doubt create a funny prompt answer that promises a chuckle or two.

5) Basic Dudes Get Ladies… Or Do They?

 bumble answers


Anybody can write about how much they love watching sunsets on a first date.

But not everyone can add flavor to their prompt answer like the user above did.

It’s humorous, surprising, and ultimately a pretty solid first-date activity.

Remember to always put a spin on any cliche prompt answer you might have. If your first attempt at writing a prompt response doesn’t work, try, try again. Think of creating the best Bumble prompt response as a process, one that includes multiple drafts and editing until the perfect prompt’s been created.

6) Be Someone You’re Not For An Hour

 bumble answers

Chances are if you’re reading this you live in a major city, one that attracts millions of tourists every year.

But you my friend are a local. Sure maybe you’re a transplant but you’ve lived in your city long enough to know the best local spots, use public transportation, and stick your nose up at tourists.

But perhaps you missed something when you uprooted your life and moved to the city. You skipped the tourist phase and immediately assimilated.

Go back in time and act like a tourist for a day with your date.

Take a bus tour, walking tour, or buy a ticket to the tallest building in town and check out the views.

I guarantee you that she’s never acted like a tourist in her own town before.

7) Get Weird

bumble answers

Is it your perfect first date, no?

But sometimes the best prompt answers are the ones that don’t truthfully answer the prompt.

Let’s be serious everyone’s ideal first date is one that eating the best pizza in Italy followed by a moped ride through the streets of Rome at night. But considering how far-fetched of a first date that is, it’s probably not worth writing about.

This “perfect” first date however is realistic, offbeat, and can easily take place on a Saturday afternoon.

8) Get Nostalgic

bumble answers

Everyone wants to turn back time.

We all want to go back to 7th grade and relive summer vacations, recess, and school field trips.

Rollback the years by hitting an arcade and playing some classic games. The idea is cheap, easy, and super fun. Perhaps swap out the slushie for a beer, but apart from that this sounds like a solid first date.

If you’re saying to yourself that your city doesn’t have an arcade think again. Most major cities have arcades that cater to a more adult crowd. If yours doesn’t try out the nearest bowling alley or yes, even a Dave & Busters.

9) Just Do You

bumble answers

Not everyone’s perfect first date involves sweating it up.

However, 50 million Americans consider themselves joggers, 18 million of which signed up for a race in 2018.

That means there are at least 9 million females strewn about the US that would jump (or run) at the chance to jog a 5k for a first date. The ice cream is just a little added bonus and gives you two a chance to chat without worrying about twisting an ankle in a pothole.

Again, this isn’t everyone’s perfect first date, but that’s the point. You don’t want to attract just anyone, you want to attract women that you’re compatible with.

10) You Can Pet But You Can’t Steal

bumble answers

Don’t hide your weirdness.

When you’re swiping for love on a dating app with a gender imbalance you have to think outside of the box in order to stand out.

Bumble has a male-female gender ratio of 7-3. That’s pretty crappy but not when you compare it to Tinder’s 9-1 ratio.

This means you’ll have to pick an amazing roster of photos, write a killer bio, and flirt like a mack.

Shooting your shot in a 24/7 singles bar full of men isn’t for the shirtless selfie-takers.

It takes smarts, dedication, and yes a quality headshot or two in your Bumble bio.

If you need a little help, talk to one of our coaches via a 1-on-1 Zoom strategy session to learn how our coaching program can land you a relationship in as little as 3 months.

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