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Bumble Icebreaker Questions: 70+ Example Answers That Get IRL Dates

Bumble Icebreaker Questions: 70+ Example Answers That Get IRL Dates

Bumble has been expanding like mad. Their new Icebreaker questions addition is just another example of their commitment to continuous improvement.

Founded in 2014 the once one-dimensional dating app is now used to network and find BFFs. While these new features are growing in popularity, most still use Bumble as a dating app.

Bumble’s known for being the more grown-up alternative to Tinder. Its users are older, more interested in pursuing long-term relationships, and are much less likely to send unsolicited dick pics. If this sounds like you, Bumble might be right for you.

Another appealing feature of Bumble is that women are obligated to message first. Yep, you heard right. After a match is created, women are provided 24 hours to message. If they choose not to, the match expires. Here’s the thing though. While it sounds nice to for once have the onus put on the woman to initiate the conversation, they don’t always do it. Luckily, Bumble’s found a way to address this issue.

Bumble Icebreakers are questions that are either written by the user or generated by the app. Both men and women can use icebreakers. Using an icebreaker is a quality way to prod a woman into responding. During our testing, our icebreakers had a response rate of 42%. This is incredible when you consider the average guy needs to send 18 messages to women his age just to have a 50% chance of receiving a response.

With these stats in mind, it should be a no-brainer to use Bumble Icebreaker questions.

How To Be Strategic with Bumble’s New Question Icebreakers

Bumble Icebreaker answers will only be revealed once both users have answered. Not knowing what the other user wrote until you both answered, creates tension while beginning the exchange in a lighthearted manner.

As far as strategy goes, your goal should be to stand out. The easy answer is the wrong answer. Use this medium to show off your wit and demonstrate why you’re better than the other dudes she’s talking to. Stay away from overtly sexual answers and avoid cliches. Write a thoughtful, witty message that if possible touches on something she wrote about in her profile.

45 Bumble Icebreakers Examples

What’s the best part about being single?

What's the best part about being single?

1. Never being worried I’ll wake up in the middle of the night freezing because my girlfriend stole the covers… that being said, I could use a thief in my life.

2. Not worrying about saving the last Girl Scout cookie for my GF. That being said, I’d love to meet a woman that inspires me to save the last thin mint for her.

3. I never have to hang out with my GF’s creepy friend Dave. If there’s a Dave in your life too then we need to talk.

How do you feel about your partner being friends with an ex?

How do you feel about your partner being friends with an ex?

This Bumble Icebreaker question demonstrates that the woman in question could be making smart decisions and not burning bridges or cutting people out just because they grew in different directions.

The last thing I want to see is someone who talks a lot of trash about an ex. When I hear this, it tells me they make poor decisions in their own life and that’s a huge red flag. I’d prefer to know how someone has grown as a person because of that breakup or because they had that person in their life.

That way, if I am considering being their next partner, I won’t expect it to end in drama, which suggests a high-level of respect for others.

4. Sure, as long as she also has a therapist I can cry to while she’s out hanging out with him.

5. As long as he’s a eunuch, I’ve got no problems.

6. If the guy’s an Office fan too then it’s cool. If he’s not we’re gonna have to have a serious talk.

How often do you lose your keys or phone (and where do you usually find them)?

How often do you lose your keys or phone (and where do you usually find them)?

7. I wear a fanny pack. So this question isn’t really relevant to me.

8. I purposefully put my phone in hard to reach places at least once a week… I’m kind of a phone addict, but as you can see I’m dealing with addiction in a healthy way.

9. Once or twice a week. Funny how they’re always in my pocket but that’s always the last place I look… humans, what are ya gonna do?

If you could fix a problem in society right now, what would it be?

If you could fix a problem in society right now, what would it be?

10. Refusing to say hi to someone that you see walking your way from a distance. Revolution now!

11. People that blast their music on the subway. While the MTA is making facemasks mandatory why not headphones too?

12. Racism… or when CVS prints out those three-foot long receipts… yeah I guess the second.

Bonus answer: I would eliminate calories from all foods except brussel sprouts. I would take all the calories from the other foods and put them into brussel sprouts so I have a legit reason to never eat them again.

What made you laugh today?

what made you laugh today

13. (Say that something in her profile genuinely made you laugh and follow it up with a question)

14. The Office. Honestly, that’s pretty much what makes me laugh every day.

15. My little niece’s first word was boob. My brother’s kind of a perv.

Bonus answer: TikTok videos of people falling.

What word do you hope describes your life 10 years from now?

what word do you hope describes your life 10 years from now?

16. Hay King… hey we all have our dreams, right?

17. Mr. “her last name here.” I’m not much for gender norms anyways.

18. Successful, daddy, hairy (just in the head area). One word I wouldn’t want to be described with is indecisive… you can see why.

If you could wear the same thing every day, what would your uniform be?

if you could wear the same thing every day, what would your uniform be?

19. Commando all day errday. It just solves so many problems. No more need to fold laundry, be confused over which shirt best matches my socks, and I get to feel the breeze in my nether regions.

20. A doctor’s lab coat. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but never felt like spending a bagillion years in med school. But hey, who needs to go to school when you look the part?

21. A onesie when it’s cold and a tank top when it’s warm.

Bonus answer: Dashiki. Mumu. Bathrobe. My birthday suit.

What are the biggest strengths you bring to a relationship?

What are the biggest strengths you bring to a relationship?

22. I can open any lid. I’m talking peanut butter lids, pickle lids, preservative lids… I’m also a really good listener.

23. I always wash my hands for at least 20 seconds and I know exactly how long to microwave popcorn before it burns.

24. I’ll never hog the covers, always put the cap back on the toothpaste, and can cook more than just tacos (I also do burritos).

Bonus answer for the conservatives: Listening, honesty, loyalty, good communication, laughter, love, happiness, support, patience, protection. 

What was your favorite thing to wear when you were 13?

What was your favorite thing to wear when you were 13?

25. The PG answer to that question is a bunny onesie. Inquire for the R-rated answer.

26. My Dad’s signed Yankees uniform. He wasn’t exactly a fan of my style.

27. Heelys, I wasn’t the trendiest 13-year-old, I was, however, the fastest downhill walker around.

What would you do on a rainy Sunday?

What would you do on a rainy Sunday?

28. Jog. Honestly, I’m just a sucker for running in the rain. I love running through what are normally busy streets… I’m gonna miss the pandemic.

29. 2,000 piece Jigsaw puzzle in just one day. While the coronavirus will one day be eradicated, the habits it helped form will live on forever.

30. Bake nutty banana bread while listening to bossa nova… unless my lady came over, then I’d just do her.

What’s one wrong in the world that you’d like to right?

What's one wrong in the world that you'd like to right?

31. People that don’t move to the right of the escalator so other people can pass.

32. Hawaiian pizza… am I wrong?

33. World hunger… or when people just write back “haha” instead of a real response… okay definitely the second one.

What do you feel grateful for this week?

What do you feel grateful for this week?

34. This new app I found that reminds me 5-times a day that I’m going to die… it sounds weird but it helps me stay off social media so I’m into it.

35. Live sports… don’t get me wrong, watching death diving on ESPN The Ocho is great and all but it’s gotten to the point when I miss commentators screaming goal until their lungs collapse… and I don’t even like soccer.

36. Zoom Scrabble tournaments.

What’s one of the nicest things someone’s done for you?

What's one of the nicest things someone's done for you?

37. Drive-by shootings aren’t common in my neighborhood, but drive-by toilet paper peltings are. Every week some random guy throws toilet paper at people walking their dog. This week I was the lucky recipient of a roll of Charmin Ultra Strong TP to the face.

38. One time my parents picked my brother and I up from school one day to take a spontaneous trip to Cape Cod.

39. One time, just one time, I was ballsy enough to smile at a stranger on the subway… and he smiled back.

What’s your creative outlet?

What's one of the nicest things someone's done for you?

40. Sometimes I mute the volume of the TV show I’m watching and provide my own audio.

41. I yarn bomb. It consists of artfully decorating a friend’s bedroom or apartment with yarn. To me it’s creative, to them it’s a 3-hour cleanup.

42. I write stories that end as soon as I put the pen down. Stories range from a few words to pages.

Most random way you’ve entertained yourself in the past weeks?

Most random way you've entertained yourself in the past weeks?

43. I made my pet an IG. I never thought I’d be one of those people until my friend knitted my dog a sweater. Then it all changed.

44. I started doing 40-yard sprints against my neighbor before work every morning… he cheats by using a car.

45. Every day I move pieces of furniture closer to the positions that I want them to be in. My roommates haven’t picked up on it yet.

What would your job title actually be if it were super honest?

46. “Man Who Clicks Random Bottoms And Hopes Something Good Happens”

47. Bilingual babysitter… I’m a high school Spanish teacher.

48. Man Who Picks Things Up And Puts Them Down

49. Professional Mat Talker

50. Hood Pharmacist

What did you usually get in trouble for as a kid?

51. I used to always give away my Mom’s super nice 80% cacao chocolate bars to my friends… they preferred Hershey’s.

52. In 3rd grade I impersonated my home room’s turtle quite a bit and got a number of calls home from Mrs. Whitney.

53. I used to impersonate my elementary school teachers and write love notes signed from one teacher to another in an attempt to create an awkward network of workplace romances.

54. When I was young I aspired to be the next Banksy. I posted quite a number of wheatpastings around town and only got caught once or twice.

55. When I was still being potty trained I had a tendency to just pull down my pants and just go wherever I pleased… it only happened outside.

Who’s in your ideal quarantine house?

56. You need some dope tunes, so __________(fill in with your fave musician).

57. For musical companionship, Sufjan Stevens, to help me finish this damn jigsaw puzzle, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and to help my ponder the meaning of the universe, Michael Scott.

58. I’ve got to eat right, so probably someone who can cook like a pro. I’ll go with Wolfgang Puck, I feel like Ramsey would just yell at me for using a salad fork when I should be using a deli fork.

59. To workout with Ronaldo, to make music with Still Woozy, and to just binge-watch Tiger King with my cat.

60. Anyone young and healthy who I won’t have to worry dying after we bond and they contract the virus.

What do you often dream about?

61. Honestly just stuff I used to do before the quarantine like baking, hiking with my dog, and blanket forts… so basically the same stuff I do now.

62. I don’t want you to get all Freud on me and think I’m obsessed with genitalia or anything, but I’m seesawing in my dreams. No idea why.

63. All my childhood fantasies that I’ve never completed like eating an entire tub of ice creams in one sitting or riding my dog naked through the Alps.

64. Honestly, I’m just usually at the beach. Not really doing anything special apart from sipping on a margarita and playing the occasional game of volleyball. Read into that one Freud.

65. I’m not really a dreamer so let me make something up… me walking through the streets of Delhi proclaiming that world hunger has now come to an end. I’m dateable right?

What’s something you’ve done that you’re ready proud of?

66. I learned French in a month… seriously though, try me.

67. I jumped out of a plane once and got all the way to the ground before wetting my pants.

68. I never used to run. Then my friend challenged me to run a marathon in 6 month’s time. I don’t think the dare we serious, but I took him up on it anyways.

69. I once stayed up with my little cousin all night helping her prepare for a math test she thought she’d definitely fail… she didn’t get an A but she passed.

70. I never thought I had any musical talent. So a few months ago I said screw it and decided to learn the guitar. I can’t say I’m a great guitar player now but I can at least play a few songs.


Using Bumble Icebreaker questions is an effective way to get your match talking. More often than not I recommend sending a Bumble match an icebreaker question. However, receiving an answer to an icebreaker is among the first steps of the process of  online dating courtship.

After the icebreaker has been answered, either ask her about something in her profile or inquire as to why she responded the way she did to the icebreaker.

With any online dating conversation, your goal is to ultimately date this woman in real life. To do this you’ll have to win over her affection enough to ask for her phone number or ask her out with a TDL. Dating apps should be called introductory apps. When you chat with a woman online you’re not dating her, you’re merely introducing yourselves to one another. To take advantage of dating apps you’ll have to transition from the online world to the real one.

Seamlessly maneuvering this transition isn’t always easy – especially to those new to online dating. Learn how to get the most from online dating when you book a 1-on-1 Zoom session with yours truly. It’s here that we’ll revamp your profile, teach you how to chat with women online, and how to set up awesome first dates. We’ll also discuss whether my 3 month Signature coaching program could be right for you!

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