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My Most Useless Skill Is… Examples for Your Bumble Profile

My Most Useless Skill Is… Examples for Your Bumble Profile

My Most Useless Skill Is… Examples for Your Bumble Profile

Everybody has something they’re good at.

Thing is, sometimes what you’re good at is completely useless.

Like, being able to stuff 20 grapes in your mouth or being really good at thumb wars.

They sound cool for a second, but ultimately they’re not exactly skills you’d boast about on a professional CV much less a romantic one.

Despite how unhelpful these skills may be, Bumble has given you a platform to boast about these seemingly pointless skills.

Not only do they give users a platform, but the “My useless skills is…” Bumble prompt has become one of the most popular prompts on the dating app.

my most useless skill is bumble

While you may have thought your skill was useless before, now you finally have a chance to leverage it to find you a date.

Not so useless anymore eh?

To jog your memory and get you thinking about which useless skill you should write about here’s a list of the most useless skills you should showcase on your Bumble profile.

“My Most Useless Skill Is…” Bumble Prompt

Why broadcast your most useless skill to the single ladies of Bumble?

If used correctly this can be one of the best Bumble prompts, just like first round is on me if.

Bumble implemented prompts in the first place to give users a chance to showcase their personality. Dating apps are notoriously superficial. Our reason for swiping right or left is 99% based on one’s photos.

Bumble is trying to change this by obligating users to fill in at least 3 Bumble prompts. Not only this, but in order to see more photos a user MUST scroll past a Bumble prompt.

This prompt gives you a chance to really demonstrate your personality, use some humor, and more importantly give the woman you’re swiping right on an easy topic to address when shooting over her first message (as female users are required to do).

With that said, here are some of the best “My most useful skill is…” prompt responses around.

1) Don’t Play By The Rules

my most useless skill is bumble

According to this 2016 study, the average Netflix user spends 18 minutes every day trying to figure out what they’re going to watch.

Chances are that number has only increased as Netflix has added seemingly billions of new shows and movies to its platform.

Knowing that we spend more time searching for a show than watching one, spending less than 5 minutes searching for a new show to watch isn’t exactly a useless skill — and that’s alright.

When responding to prompts, it’s okay if you don’t play by the rules. Not answering the prompt as you’re asked to doesn’t matter so long as your answer is worthy of responding to.

2) Cliche Remix

my most useless skill is bumble

People have literally written articles on cliche dating app trends.

We’ve all swiped by many a profile that glorifies tacos, brunch, and The Office.

You’re better than that.

If you can’t help but talk about one of these cliche topics, do so by expanding on them.

Don’t just say you “know where to find the best tacos” or list The Office as your favorite show. Show a little more character and give her a bit more imagery to latch onto.

The example above perfectly illustrates what that looks like.

3) Nailed It

my most useless skill is bumble

Now that’s what I call useless.

Unless your Uber’s here, but you’ve yet to finish your breakfast burrito and need to shove it in your mouth if you don’t want to throw it out, this is a pretty useless ability.

If you’re struggling to think of a useless skill to write about, ask a friend, or be more mindful of seemingly useless yet interesting things that only you can do.

Before moving onto the next “My most useless skill is…” example, let’s take a closer look at this response.

If the user had simply written their skill, “I can partially dislocate my jaw to get more food in my mouth” the person reading it might be a little grossed out.

It’s the addition of “Just like a snake” that elevates the quality of the response.

It adds levity, an image, and a bit more personality to the answer.

4) Impressive… Wait A Second

my most useless skill is bumble

At first read, this might sound pretty skillful.

Admittedly it’s pretty difficult deciphering which animals are CGI and which are real.

Upon a second read you realize that, yeah, dinosaurs died out like 65 million years ago.

Here’s another case of a user not playing by the rules.

That’s groovy.

Because this response is so witty that women are guaranteed to swipe right because of it.

Look if you’re not going into the virtual dating scene with a sense of humor you’re bound to fail. Take a note from this user and crack a joke whenever possible.

5) Demonic Or Learning Disability?

my most useless skill is bumble

On average women spend about 4.5 seconds on a profile before swiping.

Make her spend just a tad longer by writing something that she just can’t help but read.

Weird, uncommon, or just downright satanic abilities are all perfect fodder.

6) I Can Tie A Knot In A Cherry Stem

my most useless skill is bumble

Not only are we not 11 anymore and thus can no longer impress anyone by pedaling without handlebars, but what’s more we don’t even ride bikes anymore.

This user’s message is funny, but it does more than elicit a giggle.

Riding a bike is a concrete and easy enough activity to do, making it the perfect first or second date idea.

After she comments on your response, you can easily segue into a first-date TDL involving that very activity.

Whenever possible you want to make your responses as concrete and date-friendly as possible. Seeing as how Bumble requires women to message first, if the response merits a response you can then use your answer to segue into a first date.

7) Make It Revealing

my most useless skill is bumble

Bumble prompts give you the chance to tell her about yourself.

To become something that isn’t a mere card in a deck of thousands.

Whenever possible use these prompts to tell her about your personality. Informing her that you know every lyric of a rap song shows her rather than tells her who you are.

Think back to your 11th grade English teacher.

When you were learning to write your first poem they probably told you to “show not tell.” The prompt response above is the perfect example of just that.

8) I’m A Little Jealous

my most useless skill is bumble

When talking about your impressive useless skill that really only a pre-teen could ever be envious of, be sure to draw out your skill.

Just writing “I don’t get brain freeze” is kinda lame.

To do so is like only choosing to talk with your speed dating date for 3 minutes instead of 5.

If you have the luxury, why not take advantage of it?

9) Kinda Impressive

my most useless skill is bumble

It always is, isn’t it though?

Hell, there’s even a movie about Helvetica.

Again, we see the super lame power, and then the bit of humor, “Spoiler: it’s Helvetica.”

When in doubt make her laugh. If you can make her giggle about something as lame as fonts, you’ve probably done enough to receive a swipe right.

10) Super Impressive

my most useless skill is bumble

This text speaks directly to the woman reading it.

It talks about future dates and almost dares her to go out with you.

Vibrating eyes are for sure a little weird, but hey, it might just be interesting enough to make her swipe right.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Obviously, this article’s about the “My most useless skill is…” Bumble prompt, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t emphasize the outsized importance of your profile pictures.

The very first thing a user will see is your photo.

Before she can even take a look at your bio or Bumble prompt she has to look at a photo.

There’s no point in penning a solid response to a prompt if this is your first photo.

how to date effectively

Muscles and Beats be damned.

Bro, it’s a bathroom selfie.

No one’s gonna show this guy love.

Before investing time in creating an amazing Bumble response to “my most useless skill is…” you first need to create an amazing roster of photos.

If you don’t know where to begin, start here.

If you’re not in the reading mood use these bullet point tips to quickly revamp your photo roster:

  • 1st photo should be a close-up headshot
  • 2nd should be a full-body shot
  • Group shots are welcomed, but they have to wait until at least the third photo
  • Hobby shots are a must. Include at least one
  • Wear different clothes in every photo
  • Make sure your face isn’t be obscured by a hat, scarf, or glasses
  • More than anything make damn sure she knows what you look like

Phew, now that, that’s covered you can get back to writing a swipe-worthy response to your Bumble prompt.

But wait!

Even after reading a 1,500+ word article about writing a dating prompt and creating an amazing profile you might still have some questions…… like how to get better matches or how to find a long term relationship in 90 days.

I cover all of this and more in my coaching program.

To learn how this program works, feel free and schedule a 1-on-1 Zoom session with myself or a member of my team today.

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