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9 “I Promise I Won’t Judge You If” Bumble Answers for Guys

9 “I Promise I Won’t Judge You If” Bumble Answers for Guys

9 “I Promise I Won’t Judge You If” Bumble Answers for Guys

Bumble genuinely wants you to get buns.

Not just one-night buns, but long-term buns.

Its authentic attempt to find you a long-term relationship is evidenced in its anti-ghosting feature, women make the first move feature, and its milieu of older, wiser, and more serious dating pool.

There’s one other aspect of Bumble that sets it apart from shallow dating apps; its prompts.

Unlike just about every other app in the game, in order to see a second photo, Bumble requires users to read (or at least scroll over) a Bumble prompt.

What is a prompt you ask?

It’s a Bumble-curated question or brief written prompt that users must complete. The purpose of a prompt is for users to showcase their personalities (something most apps don’t even attempt to do).

One of the most popular prompts is the, “I promise I won’t judge you if…” prompt.

I promise i won't judge you if

I this article I’ll present you with the best “I promise I won’t judge you if” Bumble prompt responses in the game (Spoiler: the response above is NOT one of them).

The following responses are 100% original so feel free to steal them.

You’ll not only have responses to steal and get inspired from but explanations of what does and doesn’t work.

I Promise I Won’t Judge You If

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

There are two things every response should do for you.

1) Display Your Personality

2) Hint At A Date Idea

The most important of these is the first.

More than anything you have to show her who you are.

As it stands you’re just another card in a deck of thousands.

That’s right, you’ve been reduced to a dating resume, one that heavily relies on visuals to communicate how awesome you are. To stand out you’re going to have to use this precious real estate to convince her you’re worth swiping right on and messaging.

Here’s how to convince her.

1) Unpopular Opinions

I promise i won't judge you if

When it comes to your day-to-day life, being polarizing isn’t really a good idea.

It’s a sure-fire way to not make friends.

However, on a dating app, polarizing talk is encouraged — bigtime.

Ya see, there are millions of Bumble users in the states. 

The thing is, you’re not going to go out with all of them, and even if you could you wouldn’t want to.

You only want to go out with people you’re compatible with.

With that said, use unpopular and polarizing opinions to weed out certain people.

Don’t cast a wide net, but a smart one that only catches that fattest, juiciest of fishies.

2) Show Her Your Weird Hobbies

I promise i won't judge you if

At first read, you’d think the prompt is designed to convey what you’re looking for in a partner.

While that’s totally the case and can be used as such, it should be used to talk about who you are. Profiles that are judgey or list a litany of characteristics rarely get swiped right on?


Because the user seems hella picky and fails to offer details about themselves that make the woman want to swipe right.

Use these prompts to talk about yourself.

The prompt above for example clearly conveys that the user isn’t into football but is super into knitting.

This is a perfectly polarizing prompt that you can steal.

Just be sure to swap out knitting for some hobby or interest that piques your interest.

3) Know Your Audience

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

Perhaps you’re an older guy that likes to dance.

Cool, good for you (honestly though we all need more cowbell and twerking in our lives).

The thing is, you’re signaling to younger women (early 20s).

If that’s your audience, great, if not, perhaps choose a trend that appeals more so to the women you’re attempting to attract.

One reason this prompt has the potential to be amazing is because it poses a question AND offers to do an activity IRL.

The women of Bumble often abstain from shooting out a message because they don’t know what to say.

A question gives them something concrete to latch onto and address.

4) Make Her Look

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

This prompt response could have been written very differently.

It could have just said, “you don’t like SM.”

But that would have been, well, lame AF.

You have precious little real estate to convey how awesome you are.

Use as much real estate as is available to convince her you’re the man she should spend her Friday night with.

Even if your response verges on weird, weird gets more swipes right than boring.

Walk a fine line by writing an outlandish first sentence followed by a sentence that walks that first line back and adds a bit of normalcy to the response.

5) Hear Hear!

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

Look there’s a reason it’s been on the air for 18 seasons (and counting!).

People just love ER drama that has nothing to do with the patient and everything to do with who Addison is currently sleeping with.

Don’t be afraid to broadcast your likes (no matter how obscure or unpopular). Your specificity will grab the attention of those that share your likes.

Not only this, but I have a hunch that Bumble uses keywords to put similar profiles in front of each other.

In your Bumble bio, don’t be afraid to use a litany of keywords in an attempt to attract a partner with similar interests.

6) Get Weird

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

Weird always wins over boring.

As you will have noticed, many people fail to even fill in their prompts.

By simply writing something you’ve already created a better profile than 80% of the guys on Bumble.

To take it to the next level you have to write something that isn’t cliche.

Now, many people will provide serious answers to their Bumble prompts.

For this prompt for example they’ll say things like:

I promise I won’t judge you if you voted for the other party/are divorced/are shorter than 5’5″, etc.

While these responses might seem important, they aren’t given the context.

She doesn’t want to hear about your romantic virtues right now, she just wants a reason to swipe right.

The best way to convince her is with a bit of humor that shows her you’re not a creep.

7) LOL Literally

bumble prompt I promise i won't judge you if

Maybe you’re completely out of ideas.

You don’t want to write about yourself, about what you’re looking for, or anything dating-related.

But for some reason, you thought of this genuinely funny response that you really want to post.

When in doubt make her laugh.

8) Get Absurd

bumble prompt

Women take on average about 3 seconds to make their decision to swipe left or right.

If you only have 3 seconds to compel her to move her thumb right, do so by shocking her into action.

Create an “I promise I won’t judge you if…” response that really grabs her attention.

9) Get Nostalgic

bumble prompt

Your connected Spotify account should help you stand out, but if you really want to emphasize your odd taste in music, feel free to emphasize it.

Do you listen to obscure, polarizing, or nostalgic bands?

If you rock out to a band that pulls at the heartstrings you’re going to want to reference it.

Name-dropping emotionally charged bands can accelerate the bond and convince her to swipe right (if).

What Did We Learn?

So class, what did we learn from today’s lesson?

Well, we learned:

  • Never to be basic
  • Be funny
  • Use keywords
  • Get specific
  • Cast a net designed to catch only highly compatible users
  • Use all the real estate available to you

Apply these rules and I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

And hey, when in doubt, steal, steal, steal.

While killer responses to the “I promise I won’t judge you if…” Bumble prompts are needed, there are a couple of other things you’ll want to address in order to create a bomb profile.

Picking The Right Photos

It’s true that while Bumble might be one of the least superficial dating apps on the market, its users still place considerable weight on one’s photos.

With that said, here are some tips to take under consideration when optimizing your photo roster:

  • First photo should be a headshot
  • Second photo must be a full-body shot
  • Group shots come after the second photo
  • Hobby shots are a must!
  • No glasses, hats, or articles of clothing that cover the face.
  • Don’t forget to smile!
  • Selfies are out
  • Keep the shirt on
  • Dog photos get matches
  • Sporty photos are likely to get you a swipe right

There are quite a lot of things to keep in mind when selecting your photos.

More than anything keep two things in mind.

1) Pick photos that show her what you look like

2) Pick photos that show her who you are

When getting her swipe on she wants two questions answered — what does he look like, who is her?

If you give her a good answer to these questions, I guarantee she’ll swipe right.

How To Talk To The Ladies Of Bumble

If you’re tired of reading about how to mack on Bumble, fine, watch this video.

Getting a match is great and all, but if you don’t get that first date, it’s all for not.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when chatting on Bumble.

1) Get In And Get Out

“Dating apps” is a misnomer. You’re not supposed to date within the app, but rather learn enough about them in the app that you’re convinced you want to meet up with them in person.

With that in mind always be thinking a step ahead.

Steer the conversation towards date ideas.

You can do this by commenting on the hobbies she wrote about in her profile or by simply asking her…

So what do you like to do when you’re not flirting with strangers on dating apps?

2) Ask About Her

Chances are most of the women you match with won’t have much in their profile to work with.

Generally, I advise my clients to write messages informed by what she’s written in her profile.

But what if her profile is barren?

If that’s the case ask her probing questions that will open her up and allow you to see her personality.

Say things like…

So tell me something cool about yourself

What song always makes you dance?

Tell me something your parents don’t know about you

Basically, any of the questions from NYT’s 36 Questions To Make You Fall In Love will do.

Now It’s Your Turn

Not only do you now have some of the best I promise I won’t judge you if Bumble prompts to choose from but you also have learned which photos to prioritize and how to chat up the lovely ladies of Bumble.

But it’s at this point that you may feel as though something’s missing.

That something you can find in my program.

I teach men everything they need to know about dating in the 2020’s and ensconce them in a supportive environment of men just like them.

If you think my program’s right for you, talk to one of our coaches this week. 

During your client introduction session, you’ll provide a snapshot of your dating history and we’ll assess whether dating coaching might be an effective mechanism to refine your dating ability and attract higher quality women.

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