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53 of the Best Date Ideas in Los Angeles

53 of the Best Date Ideas in Los Angeles

Looking for some of the best date ideas in Los Angeles?

Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, you know better than anyone else that LA is HUGE. Where else could you do yoga at the beach in the morning, take a snowy mountain hike in the afternoon, and top it all off with a late-night drink downtown? (Of course, no true Angeleno would ever attempt that in one day, thanks to a bone-crushing fear of the 405.)

So instead, you try to stick to your neighborhood. But chances are, if you’re actively dating, you’ll have to branch out once in a while, because not everyone is going to live within a 3-mile radius from you. 

Eventually, you’ll need a list of really great LA date ideas that can take you from Long Beach to Culver City to Calabasas in a weekend.

Not only that, but these date ideas need to be strategic. Before you plan anything, I always recommend my dating blueprint:

  • First date: Don’t spend more than $15. (Yes, it can be done!). Here’s some additional first date tips
  • Second date: Bond with each other by doing something active, possibly outdoors. 
  • Third date: Go out to a nice restaurant. By this point, the experience will be worth the extra cash.

To make things easy, we’ve decided to dig around and find out what really are the best places to take someone in LA — from both LA dating experts and people who actually live there. Then, based on my blueprint, we’ve separated them into first, second, and third date ideas, so you have one comprehensive, go-to guide.

So without further ado, here are over 50 of the best date ideas in Los Angeles!

First Date Ideas in Los Angeles

First Date Ideas In Los Angeles #1: Ester’s Wine Shop & Bar

santa monica date ideas

“When you find yourself closer to Downtown, Santa Monica and want to get away from the more touristy date options, Ester’s Wine Bar is the perfect wine shop and bar to meet for a first date. 

The retail area is nicely decorated by floor to ceiling racks of wine, so it’s a sight to admire and gives you plenty of options to make small talk and break the ice on a first date. While the charming outdoor patio is a must within a beach city setting, the space is stylish and tucked inside a beautifully refurbished 1937 Art Deco building.

As you sip on a glass of your favorite wine or newly discovered, small producer wines, artisanal beer, or classic stirred cocktail, take in the ambiance in which the Santa Monica coast meets refinement. 

I love that this place offers something for the wine lover or novice, and even if wine is not your thing, the casual yet stylish environment just lends to breaking bread and getting to know your date.”

-Recommendation by Katie Chen & May Hui, Founders of Catch Matchmaking

First Date Ideas in Los Angeles #2: Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica

la date ideas

“Sunday morning Farmers’ Markets in Santa Monica are an excellent way to bond with a first date.” 

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, this Farmers’ Market is the perfect spot for a Sunday morning. Check out fresh produce and quirky vendor wares, and then sip tasty chai lattes together on the grass as you listen to the live band. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the dogs along! Street parking is available as well as a validated lot nearby.

First Date Ideas in Los Angeles #3: Lamill Coffeelamill coffee date idea

“Located in swanky Silver Lake/Los Angeles, Lamill is a vibrant little coffee boutique with elaborately prepared coffee & light Californian fare in a stylish, modern setting.

Great first date place, the ambience alone gives you lots to chat about. It has interesting artwork on the walls and delicious freshly made donut holes that you can share. Come for the coffee and the unique atmosphere, but stay for the brunch.” 

-Recommendation by Jessie Kay, Founder of The Real Matchmaker

Lamill in Silver Lake is a must-try if you’re looking for a first date spot on the eastern side of town. Just keep in mind that this place gets packed, so try to go early if you can (say, before 11am) to grab a coffee before the weekend rush.

Aside from dodging the crowds, your only other challenge will be choosing from their impressive menu of roasts (sourced from the top 1% available in the world!).

First Date Ideas in Los Angeles #4: Culver Hotel Bar

the culver LA

“When you want a place where vintage glamour meets modern chic, meet your date at the Culver Hotel bar for a drink and linger for live jazz and candlelights, starting at 7:30 PM nightly. Then have some shared appetizers or order dinner if things are going well. 

-Recommendation by Katie Chen & May Hui, Founders of Catch Matchmaking

The vintage armchairs, piano bar, handcrafted cocktails, and modern tasty fare create the perfect setting for a first date conversation. It’s intimate, but in case there’s a lull in the conversation, there are plenty of film and classic motifs around you to enjoy and bond over. 

All this ambiance is housed in a structure that is a National Historic Landmark and almost a century old, yet gracefully maintained.

Date Idea #5: FIG Santa Monica

fig santa monica

“At Matchmakers In The City, we plan the first dates for all of our clients, so you could say that we’re the experts at first dates! We always choose a lovely and relaxing restaurant, wine bar, or lounge for an evening date.

The night is so much more romantic and mysterious; day coffee dates feel too much like interviews. For first dates, first impressions are crucial, and FIG is a fantastic choice. Located within the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, FIG always impresses our clients with its classy ambiance and location right near the ocean.”

-Recommendation by Cristina (Conti) Pineda, Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City

Split a $12 strawberry-rhubarb cobbler or peanut butter torte at FIG, and she’ll love you forever. Or, check out their happy hour, “FIG at Five,” for half off most menu items every day between 5 and 6pm. There’s no need to spend more, because the beauty of this venue takes care of the rest!

Date Idea #6: Farmers’ Market in Calabasas

calabasas farmers market

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

Starting at 8am sharp every Saturday morning, the Farmers’ Market in Old Town Calabasas is a great option for a memorable, low-cost first date. With an abundance of free parking, it gets really crowded, so consider going early in the morning or closer to closing time (which is 1pm). Bring your tote bags to collect armfuls of organic produce, and be sure to stop for ALL the free food samples.

Date Idea #7: Milk

milk LA

“An interesting and very wide offering of ice cream sandwiches, cookies and sundaes, Milk has something for everyone even if you don’t like ice cream. The first date spot in Los Angeles is located on Beverly Boulevard, where there are many eclectic shops and even better people watching. Take a walk together to explore or just sit and watch the sunset. Either way your date will thank you!”

-Recommendation by Jessie Kay, Founder of The Real Matchmaker

Stopping in for a dessert at Milk makes for a perfect walk-and-talk first date. Grab a couple of milkshakes (you can’t go wrong with the strawberry shortcake ones) and take a walk down Beverly to peep through the windows of art galleries and high-end furniture stores.

It’s best to consider this one for an afternoon or evening outing, as it’s open from 12pm to 10pm (closed Mondays).

Date Idea #8: Clifton’s

los angeles date ideas

“This place almost needs no introduction and is such a special treat! Whether or not the date at Clifton’s will go well, the environment is guaranteed to be fun and a bit whimsical. It’s a great place to meet and I recommend it whether it’s a first date, second, third or forever date.

I would say take a date, who is more on the adventurous side so that you both can appreciate the many hidden coves, romantic nooks, and amazing sights from ranging from Art Deco, tiki, to remnants of a forest grove.

Clifton’s does house the original fantasy environment that helped to inspire Walt Disney to create Disneyland nearly two decades later. So this will be a fun date, whether it’s a first or forever date!

-Recommendation by Katie Chen & May Hui, Founders of Catch Matchmaking

Date Idea #9: The Original Farmers’ Market in the Heart of Los Angeles

original farmers market los angeles

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

The bustling Original Farmers’ Market at 3rd St. and Fairfax makes for a fun, low-pressure date. Since it’s located right next to The Grove (the trendy outdoor shopping mall best known for its amazing water fountain and live music), you can grab a couple of quick tacos or empanadas and then people-watch as you shop and walk around.

Date Idea #10: Venice Whaler

venice whaler

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz and Former LA Local

Enjoy a pair of mimosas together on the patio of Venice Whaler for a great weekend morning first date. (Made with fresh squeezed OJ, they’re truly amazing!) Try to show up before 11am to make sure you get a seat, though.

Plus, thanks to its convenient location in Venice on Washington Blvd., you’ll be close enough to take a walk on the pier afterward. 

Los Angeles First Date Ideas #11: Grand Central Market

date ideas in los angeles

“Filled with international foods, ice cream, and shopping, Grand Central Market is fun to walk around in.”

-Recommendation by Ekua Hagan, EmLovz Contributor and LA Local

Since there’s such a variety of things to taste at downtown LA’s Grand Central Market (a giant food mall that’s home to many trendy and international vendors), there’s no way either of you will be bored.

From gourmet ice cream at McConnell’s to the famous breakfast sandwich joint Eggslut, your $15 first date budget will go far. It’s open every day 8am to 10pm.

Date Idea #12: Dog Park

dog park los angeles

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

If both of you have dogs, why not go to a dog park together? Hanging out while watching the dogs play will keep things super low-key.

Plus, aside from how the two of you get along, seeing how your dogs get along could be interesting too. Meet up for a tea or coffee first … a little caffeine never hurts on a first date!

Date Idea #13: Library Bar

la library bar

“Both comfortable and classy, Library Bar is a great place to get a cocktail, and walkable to many other places in downtown’s Historic Core.”

-Recommendation by Ekua Hagan, EmLovz Contributor and LA Local

Library Bar on 6th St. in downtown LA is a perfect, cozy lounge spot if you just want to grab a drink. Its swank library-themed decor — from the book-lined walls to comfy couches — makes it a popular hangout for both downtown locals as well as a favorite spot for filming. If you’re going during the week, get there before 6pm to get a good couch seat. Otherwise, you can sit at the bar, tables, or their outdoor patio.

Date Idea #14: Barney’s Beanery

barneys beanery

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz and Former LA Local

Back a few years to when I was a local, this was one of my favorite date ideas in Los Angeles. With locations around LA from Santa Monica to the Valley, you can’t go wrong with getting a drink or an appetizer at Barney’s Beanery. Its fun-loving wall decor, raucous crowd, and zero amount of pretentiousness will practically guarantee a relaxed evening.

They also have huge TVs (one that looks almost theater-size in the Burbank location) for avid sports watching. If you’re getting an appetizer, go with the nachos or the stuffed mushrooms.

Second Date Ideas in Los Angeles 

#15: The Escape Game LA

second date idea LA escape room

Looking for an interactive second-date activity? An escape room is the perfect option!

At The Escape Game LA, you and your partner enter into a one-of-a-kind, multi-room set. From there you’ll solve clues and overcome various challenges to try and escape before time runs out! This makes a great second date option because it’s super fun, highly interactive, and gives you an unforgettable memory together.

There are four adventures to choose from, including The Depths, Special Ops: Mysterious Market, The Heist, and Prison Break. No matter which one you choose, each is an action-packed adventure certain to be a memorable experience for both of you.

#16: El Matador State Beach

el matador beach-Recommendation by Lauren Searles, LA Love, Sex, and Tantric Coach

Haven’t we all said on our profiles at some point that we love “walks on the beach?” Well, here’s your chance to prove it. Of all the Los Angeles date ideas, this particular beach in Malibu is super Instagram-worthy, boasting a multitude of cliffs and rocks.

Be sure to take a long walk, because the further down you go, the less crowded it is. Both semi-private and romantic, walking along El Matador is a lovely setting for a second date. Parking is available in the lot or on PCH.

#17: Runyon Canyon

runyon canyon-Recommendation by Ekua Hagan, EmLovz Contributor and LA Local

Especially if you’re both into fitness, Runyon Canyon in Hollywood Hills is a great choice for a morning or afternoon hike. Keep in mind that it’s very popular, so off-peak hiking times might be better if you want less crowds.

Bring your hiking gear (and even your dogs!) for a fun trek up the mountains, with several lookout spots over the city. Don’t forget your sunscreen, as this hike tends to be more sunny and dry than other hiking spots around LA.

Second Date Ideas in Los Angeles #18: Ice Skating in Santa Monica

santa monica ice skating“We’ve had two marriages come out of having a date there!” 

Recommendation by Cristina (Conti) Pineda, Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City

Like those scenes straight out of romantic comedies, ice skating dates never fail to disappoint. Whether you know how to skate or not, you’ll both have fun helping each other up off the ice, or otherwise skating around and getting your exercise.

If you like ice skating, you’ll definitely want to check out the outdoor skating in downtown Santa Monica roughly between November and January (check their websites for specific dates). They transform the corner of 5th and Arizona into an 8,000-sq. ft. ice skating rink, making it a magical experience for the holiday season.

#19: The Getty Center

the getty center“Between the museum, gardens, architecture, outdoor cafe and restaurant that offers full service with views of the Santa Monica Mountains, it’s easy to please dates with various interests.

With a little planning, the Getty Center is a world class place to have a date and since it does take some commitment to get up to the top of the Getty by tram, I recommend it for a second or third date. You don’t want to deal with too many logistics on a first date.

You can pick the activities so that it can be as intellectual or casual and as short or long as you wish. Either way, the incredible views of LA are guaranteed to impress!

-Recommendation by Katie Chen & May Hui, Founders of Catch Matchmaking

#20: La Brea Tar Pits & Museum

la brea tar pits museum

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz and Former LA Local

If either of you are new to LA or haven’t otherwise checked out the Tar Pits, this is a fun way to spend an hour or two!

Known for its impressive collection of fossils and skeletons from prehistoric animals in Los Angeles, this museum includes an interesting excavation tour of the asphalt areas where many of Ice Age animal bones were found, and a cool gift shop where you can score some kitschy dinosaur-themed gifts.

Try to find parking along 6th St (otherwise, they have a paid lot). It’s also right next to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) so you could double up on both if you feel like spending more time in the area.

Second Date Ideas in Los Angeles #21: Wisdome Immersive Art Park

art parks in los angeles

-Recommendation by Lauren Searles, LA Love, Sex, and Tantric Coach

The Wisdome in downtown’s Art District is a totally unique experience that’s worth every penny. It offers different audio and visual art displays in a series of 360-degree domes, as well as special events for an added price.

Not to mention, live music and vegan food trucks abound. Hipsters, unite!

#22: The Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier

The Santa Monica Pier: air hockey, arcade games, carousel rides, people watching, and margaritas.”

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

No list of Los Angeles date ideas would be complete without Santa Monica Pier. Ride the Ferris wheel, get a couple of funnel cakes, and watch the sunset.

Summertime is obviously the best time to visit, since you’ll have warm weather on your side, as well as live bands. There’s plenty to see and do, so you’re both sure to have a good time (and you’ll get points for a date well-planned).

#23: Santa Monica State Beach

santa monica state beach

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

If you’re not into the crowds on the pier, a walk along Santa Monica’s beach itself is always a great alternative. Hit the sand at dusk, and you might be lucky enough to catch a drum circle before watching the sunset.

#24: The Last Bookstore

the last bookstore

“If you want to merge your first and second date into a single date, this would be a good idea. Grab a coffee nearby, then walk over to The Last Bookstore to create a second experience out of your first.”

-Recommendation by Ekua Hagan, EmLovz Contributor and LA Local

Take a stroll through The Last Bookstore, located right in downtown’s Historic Core where all the action is. Flip through coffee table books together, explore your favorite subjects, and don’t miss the color-coded $1 book area upstairs.

The top floor also has a bunch of art studios where you can browse paintings by local artists.

#25: The Botanical Gardens at Huntington Library

botanical gardens huntington

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman and Lauren Searles

The botanical gardens at Huntington Library are a must-see. With 16 themed gardens over 120 acres, there’s plenty to explore (don’t miss the orchids!).

Also, they have a free day once a month, so set yourself a reminder to nab those tickets if you’re interested. (Once they’re available, they usually give them all away within minutes.)

#26: Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

Use the public telescopes at Griffith Observatory to look at the night sky and point out the constellations together. When it comes to interesting, romantic date spots in Los Angeles, this one’s a must. Did we mention admission is free?

Second Date Ideas in Los Angeles #27: Shrine Temple

meditate at shrine temple

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman and Ekua Hagan

This temple, shrine, and meditation garden is free and open to the public, featuring a gorgeous walking path around a lake. It’s dedicated to the teachings of spiritual teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, so if that interests you, pop into the gift shop and check out their free talks on Sunday mornings as well.

But even if it doesn’t, the one hour or so you’ll spend walking the grounds will be well worth it. Take a little extra time to meditate together on one of the benches for a truly peaceful experience.

#28: Street Fairs

la street fairs for dates

-Recommendation by Julie Ferman, Legendary Matchmaker & Dating Guru

Dating in LA comes with many built-in challenges. So why not meet up at a festival or street fair for an easygoing, relaxed date. Especially as summer approaches, there are many to choose from in LA, many of which are either free, or close to it. Search TimeOut LA’s events calendar or simply Google for options.

Third Date Ideas in Los Angeles 

Third Date Ideas in Los Angeles #29: Opaque 


-Recommendation by Terrance Thames, LA Local and Renowned Success Coach

If you’re looking for third date idea in Los Angeles that’s also a unique experience, look no further. At the Santa Monica restaurant Opaque, you will literally “dine in the dark” (meaning entirely pitch black) for your entire meal.

Talk about an adventure for the senses! Needless to say, while the “dark” theme may feel gimmicky, it’ll at least guarantee you won’t get distracted from each other.

#30: Il Cielo

il cielo

Il Cielo is one of our all time favorite date spots.  If you want to bring on the romance, bring her to Il Cielo!”

-Recommendation by Cristina (Conti) Pineda, Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City

Il Cielo in Beverly Hills is absolutely gorgeous inside and out, so if you’re looking to make a good impression and enjoy a long romantic evening, this could be your spot.

The decor inside is amazing, filled with endless florals and sparkly string lights, and their candlelit outdoor seating is just perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not cheap … but it’s definitely a classy choice for a special date.

#31: Nobu

nobu la

“Enjoy a menu that will invigorate your tastebuds and take in the eclectic decor at Nobu Los Angeles or a beautiful view of the beach at Nobu Malibu.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

One of LA’s most notable Japanese restaurants, Nobu, actually has two locations — Nobu Los Angeles (in West Hollywood on La Cienega) and Nobu Malibu. If you want a view of the beach, make sure to go to the Malibu one; if not, the West Hollywood location still has a cool, dimly lit vibe that you’ll both enjoy. Definitely order sashimi, and Instagram it ALL.

Third Date Ideas in Los Angeles #32: Jones

hollywood date ideas

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

The brick walls, checkered tablecloths, and low lighting at the Italian restaurant Jones make it feel like it’s straight out of The Godfather, while the crowd is pretty hip and trendy. People rave over practically everything on the menu, so it’s impossible to go wrong.

Third Date Ideas in Los Angeles #33: Delilah

third date ideas los angeles

“Have a romantic candlelit dinner at Delilah and enjoy cocktails while watching a sultry jazz performance afterwards.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

Sunday is Jazz Night at Delilah, and you don’t want to miss it. You and your date will be transported into another era as you listen to soft tunes as you dine. And if you stay till 10pm, you’ll also catch the burlesque show.

#34: Movie Night in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Cinespia)

movie night la

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

Bring your own food and drinks to Hollywood Forever Cemetery where they screen movies outdoors on the grass. If you’re really into your date, the cozy atmosphere will be just what you’re looking for.

Try to get there early if you can, to get a spot in the front. This is a popular thing to do in LA on summer evenings, so keep checking their calendar if there’s a movie you definitely want to see.

#35: Idle Hour

date ideas los angeles

The Idle Hour is a whiskey barrel shaped bar in North Hollywood. It represents the glory days of a novelty roadside architecture. It’s delightfully charming with a variety of delicious dishes and unique mixed drinks.

This is a great unforgettable casual date night or day restaurant. You like being an unforgettable date!”

-Recommendation by Jessie Kay, Founder of The Real Matchmaker

With live country bands often playing on their back patio, this western-style bar is a fun place to go for a third date. Check it out for either for brunch or dinner, as there are so many tasty options to choose from.

It could also be a good first date spot if you just get a drink during happy hour. Regardless of when you go, it’ll definitely be lively!

#36: BOA Steakhouse

steak dinner date los angeles

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

There are some items on BOA’s menu that you simply can’t ignore: the 21-day aged Porterhouse, seared scallops in brown butter, and crab & black truffle gnocchi, for starters. With locations from West Hollywood, to Santa Monica, to even Abu Dhabi, there’s no excuse not to try it at least once.

#37: Otium


“Great place for a third date. The vibe is really romantic and cool yet slightly lively. They have yummy shared plates and unique cocktails to try together.

The staff is so engaging — it makes you want to share your experience with them. I really love how the light penetrates throughout the dining room, it makes for a lovely unique date night.”

-Recommendation Jessie Kay, Founder of The Real Matchmaker

Otium strips away all the mystery from high-end dining with an airy, open floorplan (including full view into the kitchen). Favorites include the NY steak, burgundy truffle butter naan, and of course, the funnel cake.

Located right next to the Broad museum, you can visit both for a truly unforgettable date.

Third Date Ideas in Los Angeles #38: The Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel 

the huntley penthouse

“Make reservations for dinner at The Huntley and sip signature cocktails, while taking in the 18-story view of the city of Santa Monica.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

Being 18 stories high in any Los Angeles building is sort of rare, so this penthouse restaurant in Santa Monica’s Huntley Hotel is definitely a cut above the rest. Its gorgeous interior with beach views will take your breath away. Try it for a lazy weekend brunch, intimate dinner, or casual drinks in the lounge.

#39: STK


-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

Head out to Westwood for dinner at STK, a high-end steakhouse in the W Hotel. With it’s dark, intimate lighting and live DJ, it’s the perfect ambiance for an enjoyable night out. You can’t go wrong with the lobster ravioli and donut holes for dessert!

 #40: Hollywood Bowl

hollywood bowl

“Summer in L.A. is sweetened by the Hollywood Bowl season. Since it’s opening in 1922, the iconic silhouette of is concentric-arched band shell is familiar to all live music lovers.

The Hollywood Bowl has been graced by the likes of artists like Billie Holiday, The Beatles, to Yo Yo Ma, yet remains the place where music lovers come to be more causal, enjoy the weather and views of the Hollywood hills and stars above, as the music plays. 

This is a great place for maybe a third date, where you know you want to spend more time with each other. It’s great to pack a picnic with your favorite wine or enjoy one of the many pre-made options available at the Hollywood Bowl, from street food and snacks, to a picnic box at one of the three marketplaces featuring sandwiches, salads, to cheese and charcuterie plates, beer, and wine – everything you need to build the perfect picnic.

You can even enjoy one of the three restaurants, or dinner at your boxed seat curated by James Beard Award Winning chef Suzanne Goin and restauranteur Caroline Styne (of celebrated local restaurants Lucques, a.o.c., Tavern, and The Larder).

There’s really something for every taste. But I think it’s really being surrounded by the gorgeous natural outdoor space at the Bowl, along with live music that makes this a truly special date spot!”

-Recommendation by Katie Chen & May Hui, Founders of Catch Matchmaking

#41: Cocktails, Burlesque Show, and Salsa at La Descarga

burlesque date idea los angeles

“Have a sexy night out filled with speciality cocktails, a show to watch, and the opportunity to show off your dance moves! Best nights are Thurs, Fri, Sat, but make sure to get a reservation to avoid the long lines.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

If you like salsa dancing, La Descarga is a great place to take a date. It has three rooms — a main dance floor with a live salsa band and burlesque shows every hour, along with a cigar room and second dance floor with other types of music. Between the burlesque and salsa dancing, the two of you are sure to build a lot of sexual tension!

Third Date Ideas in Los Angeles #42: The Dresden


-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

This classic LA bar/restaurant was made famous by the movie Swingers. Their lounge act, Marty and Elayne, are adorable and create a very cool retro vibe that make The Dresden a great choice if you’re hoping for more intimate conversation over a drink or two. Just avoid the weekends if you’re not into crowds.

#43: Bavel bavel la

“Enjoy exotic Middle Eastern cuisine at this newly opened hot spot in DTLA’s Art District.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

This place is insanely popular, so if you get reservations, you’ll win points right there! From the owners of Bestia (another LA spot that Angelenos clamor to get into) Bavel is a Mediterranean restaurant that is getting amazing reviews.

It’s located in the Arts District downtown, which explains its hipster feel. Taking a date to Bavel is definitely a good way to make her feel special.

#44: Chateau Marmont

chateau marmont

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

The iconic Chateau Marmont hotel (on Sunset in West Hollywood) is an LA landmark and very classy date spot. Go for a drink in the lobby bar, or make reservations for lunch or dinner at the restaurant. For extra ambiance, try to get a seat on the terrace if the weather’s nice.

#45: Dan Tana’s Restaurant

calamari date los angeles

“The best calamari in the world!” 

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood is one of those old school, NYC-style Italian restaurants that people can’t seem to get enough of. It’s historically known for being a good place for celebrity watching, and the atmosphere will make you and your date instantly feel at home.

#46: Rainbow Bar and Grill

rainbow bar and grill

“Could also be date #1, assuming it’s happy hour and you only purchase 1 drink each, keeping the final tab close to $10-15.”

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

Next door to The Roxy on Sunset is Rainbow Bar and Grill, made famous by all the rock stars and other celebrities who used to go there back in the day. When you go in, you’ll see that the decor hasn’t changed a bit, making it a fun stop for a drink or dinner.

#47: Walt Disney Concert Hall

walt disney concert hall

“Spend a glamorous evening dressed to impress and listening to the world-renowned LA Philharmonic, led by Gustavo Dudamel at The Walt Disney Concert Hall.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

Known for its incredible acoustics, The Walt Disney Concert hall is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and simply will blow you away. If you’re up for a dressy evening at the orchestra, this is your spot. And, don’t forget to take plenty of selfies inside and outside the venue! Architecturally, it’s gorgeous.

LA Date Idea #48: Mastro’s Steakhouse Beverly Hills

mastros steakhouse

“Have a classic steak dinner in the heart of this luxurious Beverly Hills restaurant.”

-Recommendation by Miku, Love Coach/Founder of Love Notes By M (Instagram)

Taking a date to Mastro’s in Beverly Hills will definitely make a statement. It’s a spot I usually setup my Beverly Hills clients up on third date. It’s practically an LA institution when it comes to fine dining, and while it will cost you a pretty penny, it’s top notch — and the portions are more generous than you’d expect.

#49: Katana


-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

Located in West Hollywood, Katana is a great choice for sushi with amazing views of the Sunset Strip. The atmosphere is high energy with a live DJ, the crowd is well-dressed, and people consistently rave about the food.

#50: The Tower Bar

the tower bar

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

You can’t go wrong with dinner at The Tower Bar, a dark and swanky LA restaurant that’s known to cater to celebrities. You can’t take pictures though, due to their no-photography policy. Expect it to be loud and packed (but surprisingly unpretentious!).

Date Ideas in Los Angeles for Couples or after the 3rd Date

#51: Go to a Sporting Event

sports game date ideaIf you both like to watch sports, go to see the Lakers, Rams or the Dodgers battle it out. It’s simple, you scream, clap, eat some junk food and drink a beer.
These are the kind of dates that people really get to know each other and connect in a deeper fun way.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

Date Idea #52: Go Snow Skiing or Boarding at Mt. High

ski date ideasWe live in Los Angeles, one of the most fun Cosmopolitan cities in the world. There are amazing restaurants on every corner. If you really want to have a fun date, try something different.

Try snow skiing or boarding half day at Mt. High. It’s only an hour from LA and they have night skiing. A great way to get to know someone and not the usual boring dinner date.”

Recommended by Sherri Murphy, Founder of Elite Connections International

Date Ideas #53: Go Retro & Watch a Movie at Electric Dusk Drive-In

electric dusk drive in

LA boasts some of the best weather in the world. Why not watch a movie in your car with your sweetheart on a 75 degree spring evening? 

Try and get to your movie early so you can get a good spot in front of the inflatable screen. Don’t worry about being hungry – they have a great selection of food and drinks.

-Recommendation by Emyli Lovz, Founder of EmLovz & Former LA Local

LA Date Ideas: Conclusion

There are so many great LA date ideas, but the important thing to remember is that you have to build chemistry with someone naturally over time. 

In my 10+ years of coaching men into long term relationships, taking a woman out on an expensive first date most likely isn’t worth it, since you won’t know if it will last. Invest less of your time and money on dates #1 and 2, and more on date #3.

And of course, if you’re super motivated to reach your dating goals I’m here to help. Book a 1-on-1 Zoom coaching program intro call with me or a member of my team today, and we’ll take a look at how you approach dating and see if my coaching program, Dating Decoded, can help you reach your dating and relationship goals. But just don’t take it from me, see what a couple of my students are saying… 

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