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Meeting Women in Yoga Class

Meeting Women in Yoga Class

Meeting Women in Yoga Class

It’s Emyli, America’s dating coach for men. You’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract beautiful women. In this segment of EmLovzTV, you’re going to learn the #1 place to meet attractive women.

Where you meet a woman is incredibly important. It sets the tone for the entire relationship. Perhaps you stumbled on this video blog because you are tired of the results you are getting when you are meeting women at bars, clubs, or awkward social functions. Whatever your reason, I’m gonna tell you and explain where the #1 place is to meet the best looking women.

What comes to your mind when you think of tight black pants, warmth, and exercise? I know…the local YOGA studio. Ya that’s right…your local yoga studio is the #1 place to meet hot, single, and in-shape women…period!

Before I continue my rant…spend three minutes and learn more about why the yoga studio is the #1 place to meet women:

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Spandex, Spandex, Spandex. The worst thing that can come from attending a yoga session is you get to look at a bunch of hot women in tight – most of the time black spandex. If I’m a dude…that’s not a bad way to spend an hour, eh? Oh and by the way, you get some good exercise as well. Endorphin building is crucial to the way women perceive you. This is so important that I included it in the “Health” section of my EmLovz Academy Online Dating Course for Men. My Academy includes ALL of my premium content (over 4 hours of video instruction and 15 downloadable worksheets) guaranteed to help you master the art of dating.

One thing I know about bars and clubs is that male competition is ridiculously high. You want to increase your chances of women paying attention to you? Be one of the two guys in a yoga class. Women have to notice you! That is a true fact. See her there multiple times and then approach her (learn how in my video up above). If you want to learn EVEN more about how to approach beautiful woman then click the link in this sentence for one of my most popular free video lessons.

Gratitude is one of the greatest lessons in taking a yoga class. Women are much more spiritual and humble than your local bar girl. Women who do yoga are more relaxed and less ego-driven. Research shows that women who consistently do yoga are much more secure with who they are. Guys trust me, you want want to find a woman who encompasses all these positive traits.

So how do you approach women in yoga? I go into detail about this in the video above. Just remember, don’t compliment her on her body. Don’t be a creeper. Ask her opinion questions after you’ve seen her in the yoga studio multiple times and make sure you’ve made eye contact with her before you go in for the approach.

Don’t like yoga? Wanna learn where to meet women you can approach or talk to with the goal of securing a date?

Want know more about all of the best secrets that women won’t tell you? Are you someone who learns well at home? Then make sure you sign up for my EmLovz Academy Online Dating Course for men.  If you are the type of person who needs someone to give you a little push, head over to my calendar and book an online dating coach session with me. We’ll meet over Skype or Facetime and diagnose your situation and come up with a FIRM dating strategy just for you. 

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