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Matchmaking & Coaching by Emyli

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Signature Program: What to Expect

A matchmaking + coaching (group or private formats) program for men who want to get better at dating and find a girlfriend in just 90 days. Work with me in regular sessions and a tried and tested curriculum to help you overcome obstacles and get results.

The goal of the Signature Program is to get you MegaDating fast! MegaDating is the emlovz approach to keep you from settling for mediocre love. Maintain leverage, increase confidence, and diffuse your energy by dating multiple women at the same time. MegaDating is your first step toward getting dates with women who are actually exciting to you.

The Signature Program is the only San Francisco Bay Area Matchmaking Service that offers a complete dating solution for men looking to get into a relationship within 90 days.

Is this you?

Are you struggling to get quality women to respond to you on dating apps? Don't have enough time, or just tired of mining for dates on apps? Having trouble getting dates offline? Does it feel like it’s impossible to get any dates at all? Are you finding yourself repeatedly in the friend zone with women you’re interested in dating?

Do you find yourself wondering if you could do better than the women you’ve been going on dates with? Are you confused about how to even attract the type of women you’re REALLY interested in? Perhaps you’re tired of the dating scene and ready to find your wife or life-partner once and for all? Maybe you’re starting to think you can’t attract beautiful women because of your background.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you deserve the perfect partner and you can find and attract the woman of your dreams–and I can help you do it. If you’re smart and hard-working, then my coaching and matchmaking services might be right for you.

My Signature Program Includes

A blend of coaching and matchmaking - which is proven to help you reach your dating goals 300% faster. The coaching portion of my program includes twelve private or group coaching sessions with me, held over a 3 month period (one session each week). Our sessions will be held virtually over Zoom. The program begins with using your relationship history to craft your ideal girlfriend profile. You’ll learn what attracts certain types of women to you, how you can stop choosing women that aren’t a fit for you, and much more.

The matchmaking portion of my service includes 15 guaranteed first dates over a 6 month period. My team of expert recruiters and I will qualify and interview dozens and dozens of women for you. When there's a suitable match, we'll let you know the day and time to be ready for your Zoom first date introduction. Never be late to a date with our text and email reminders.

During our weekly coaching sessions we'll first break down all of your matchmaking dates and see which women you'd like to continue dating. We'll also train on a myriad of dating subject such as date development, social strategy, online dating, first, second, and third date blueprints, and much more. This will lead us into creating a full 360 degree strategy to ensure you get the maximum amount of dates with the best quality women.

So that you're successful on all your dates, I’ll help you curate the perfect first, second, and third dates. We’ll also discuss the very important “between date communication” so your dates never lose interest in you.

Once you’ve mastered my first, second, and third date blueprints, we will focus on the selection phase of MegaDating to ensure that you maintain leverage on your dates and stop settling for mediocre love. This will naturally allow you to choose the woman that fits best in your life.