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50 Nice Things to Say to a Girl on Your First Three Dates

50 Nice Things to Say to a Girl on Your First Three Dates

50 Nice Things to Say to a Girl on Your First Three Dates

Looking for nice things to say to a girl on a date? How about 50 things? I’ve got you covered.

If you’ve been following this blog, you understand how crucial the first three dates are in a relationship. And when it comes to appealing a woman, niceness is key. 

Although some people cling to the “nice guys finish last,” phrase, this type of hackneyed statement is simply not true. It’s not that nice guys finish last, but men who exude low self-esteem and uncertainty can unintentionally deter women from wanting to pursue a relationship with them.

If you need some help navigating the ways to be the nice guy, while not allowing your kindness to get in the way of attraction check out my articles, Why Feeling Worthy Will Help You Attract Any Woman and The Problem With Being Too Agreeable on a Date.

Any woman who is mature and ready for a long-term commitment will greatly appreciate compliments and kindness. This doesn’t mean that you need to gush over her and shower her with an overwhelming amount of affection — find the golden mean between a zipped lip and ogling. 

If you’re unsure where to start, I am here to offer 50 nice things to say to a girl you like on your first three dates. You can use these 50 things strategically based on which date you are on. As a refresher here is how I recommend structuring the first three dates:

First date

Keep it to an hour or less. Choose something casual like a happy hour or coffee that won’t cost more than $10. A first date is about initially getting to know more about each other, so you want to keep things light and stress-free.

Second date

nice things to say to a girl

Now that you’ve broken the ice and developed some chemistry, get a little creative with a more active date. This date should also be cost-free. If you’re wondering how to have an awesome date without spending a dime, I suggest choosing from these types of options for your date:

-Go hiking

-Visit a museum

-Have a picnic at the beach or a local park

-Go on a brewery tour

-Find a free concert

-Sample foods at a farmers market

Most local tourism websites and newspapers will have a calendar of free events that are unique to your area. If you’re on social media, platforms like Facebook have local event listings as well.

Third date

This date is a big one. It’s time to take her out to a nice dinner and be prepared that you could seal the deal on this date. To learn more about how to close the deal on a third date, click here.

OK, let’s get to it! These 50 nice things to say to a girl on a date are in no particular order, so I will be sure to indicate which dates are most appropriate for each nice phrase.

50 Nice Things to Say To a Girl on a Date

#1: You Look Really Nice Tonight

This is appropriate for all three first dates.

#2: I Hope You Had a Good Day. Tell Me More About It.

This is appropriate for all three first dates.

#3: I’m Having a Really Nice Time With You.

This is appropriate for all three first dates.

#4: You’ve Got a Great Laugh.

This is appropriate for a date of your choosing. If for whatever reason her laugh is horrendous, just don’t pull this one out at all. There are plenty of other nice things you can say to her without drawing attention to her chortle.

#5: You Just Made My Day/Night.

This is appropriate for all three first dates.

#6: I’ve Been Thinking About You A Lot.

It’s going to be creepy if you say this on the first date and have literally NEVER met this girl before. And even using this on a second date can come off a little strong. Save this one for the third date.

#7: You’re a Knockout 

This is great to use on a third date when you see her dolled up for your dinner together.

#8: You’re Cute, Beautiful, and Sweet All At the Same Time.

This is also appropriate for a third date where you’ve built enough intimacy to get a little more mushy than usual.

#9: I’ll Call Them Back Later.

It doesn’t matter which date you use this on. But if someone calls you (and it’s definitely not an emergency), showing her that you want to keep the focus entirely on her during your date will go a long way.

#10: Wow, That’s a Really Big Accomplishment! You Should Be Proud of Yourself.

Any time she mentions something she’s done that she should be proud of, let her know it.

#11: You Are So Funny. Seriously, You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!

Brownie points if she gets The Sandlot reference. Use this on any date, but only if she has genuinely had you in side-splitting laughter.

#12: Thank You For Sharing That With Me.

During a date, if she opens up about something to you that is personal, it’s good to say something like this to let her know you appreciate her honesty. This also helps her to feel validated and comfortable in case she accidentally overshared.

#13: That Took a Lot of Courage.

This can be said on any date, when appropriate.

#14: Your Eyes Are Even More Gorgeous In Person.

This is appropriate for all three dates, assuming you met online or a friend showed you her picture.

#15: I Love Your Smile.

This is appropriate for all three dates.

#16: I Love Your Hair Straight Like That

This is appropriate for all three dates. If she has curly hair, and you like that style, substitute straight for curly.

#17: Those Are Really Cool Earrings. You Make Them Look Really Good.

This is appropriate for all three dates. Women appreciate when you notice small details like this.

#18: I Love Your Voice.

This is appropriate for all three dates…unless…this

#19: You Like Hiking? We Should Do That This Weekend — I’d Love to Take You. What’s Your Schedule Like?

nice things to say to a girl

This is just one example of how to smoothly transition into setting up a second date.

#20: My Friends Are Gonna Love You.

Hold off on saying something like this until the third date when things become more intimate.

#21: I Can’t Wait to Meet Your Friends.

Again, hold off on saying this until you’ve reached a point where you can see this potentially getting serious.

#22: This is On Me.

I advise my clients to pay for the first three dates, so if she reaches for her wallet when the check arrives, be sure to pull out this line. Again, with my strategy of no more than $10 for the first date, and a free second date – you won’t go broke.

#23: I Can’t Wait to See You Again.

This can be said on all three dates.

#24: I’ll Get the Door for You.

#25: May I Walk You to Your Car?

#26: I’ll Walk You to Your Door.

Numbers 24-26 can and SHOULD be used on all three dates. Women appreciate chivalry from men and being chivalrous can take you far in the dating world.

#27: I’m Sorry You Had to Go Through That.

See number 12 on this list.

#28: When Can I See You Again?

#29: I Can’t Wait to See You Again.

nice things to say to a girl

This and number 28 is appropriate for all three dates.

#30: You’re a Really Strong Person.

See number 12 on this list.

#31: I’m Will Call You

In an age where texting has become the norm, it can be nice to actually get a real call from someone from time to time. This is appropriate for all dates, but you most likely will be using this on the first date.

#32: Thank You.

Simple but effective. This is appropriate for all three dates.

#33: I Can’t Believe How Late it Is! Time Really Flies With You.

This is appropriate for all three dates, but you’ll probably have more of a tendency to use this on date one.

Pro tip

I recommend having something planned with friends after the first one-hour date. That way if things are going well, you can invite her along with you by saying…

#34: I’m Going to Meet Some Friends After This. Did You Want to Come?

#35: Here, Take My Jacket.

If she gets cold during any of the dates, this is a great way to be chivalrous.

#36: You’re a Really Good Kisser.

Whenever you get to the kissing portion of ANY date, this is a great line to pull out.

#37: I Like Making You Smile.

nice things to say to a girl

This is a great thing to say on any date.

#38: Are You Into the Whole Zodiac Thing?

This would be a fun thing to ask on a first date. It keeps things light and it’s a creative spin on the cliche question asking for someone’s sign.

#39: What is One Thing That Makes You More Passionate Than Anything Else?

This is appropriate on the first or second date. By the third date, you probably have enough background info on her to delve deeper.

#40: What Was Your Weirdest Job Experience?

This is a great way to break the ice and exchange stories on a first date.

#41: Do You Have a Favorite Teacher? Least Favorite Teacher?

We’ve all got at least one. Use this as an icebreaker on the first date.

#42: How Do You Look So Beautiful All the Time?

Save this for the third date.

#43: You Brighten My Day Every Time I See You

This is, again, most appropriate for the third date.

#44: You Make Me Feel Weak in the Knees.

Yup, use this for the third date. And be sure that you two have reached a level of intimacy and sexual attraction that she’s indicated she feels the same way.

#45: What Do You Want to Drink/Eat?

This is a line that should be used on the third date IF things end up being taken back to your place. Make sure she has plenty of drink and snack options to sweeten the deal and to show her you’re a good host.

#46: You Feel Amazing.

#47: Is This Ok?

#48: You Make Me Feel Really Good.

#49: We Can Go As Slow As You Want.

nice things to say to a girl

Numbers 46-49 should be used if things become sexual after the third date. It’s always a good thing to let her know what makes you feel good and also find out what makes her feel good.

And, above all else, make sure that you are checking in with her and paying attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues. It doesn’t matter how hot and heavy things get, you should always make sure that she has consented and continues to consent when getting sexually intimate.

#50: I Love the Way You…

Fill this in with any specific things she does that you love. This is mainly intended for the third date, but it can be appropriate during any date.

Nice Things to Say to a Girl You Like Wrap-Up 

I hope you enjoyed my list of nice things to say to a girl on the first three dates.

Are you having trouble getting dates? Would you describe yourself as “hopelessly single?” I’m here to help.

Head over to my calendar and book a new client 1-on-1 Zoom session with me or one of my other coaches today. During our session, we’ll go over the dating roadblocks that have been keeping you from a fulfilling love life. From there, I will help you create an action plan and we’ll determine if the emlovz coaching or matchmaking services could be right for you!

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