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The Top 5 Ways to Find Someone Special In The San Francisco Bay Area

By Emyli LovzApril 8, 2014SF Bay Area
Find Love in San Francisco

EmLovz here, your SF Dating Coach. You live in the San Francisco Bay Area. You work 40-50 hours a week and your free time is split between visiting close friends, family- and checking tasks off that never-ending to-do list. When is there time to find someone special to compliment your life and where should you look? Well, I’m here to help. This article covers the top 5 ways to find someone special in San Francisco this year.

I want you to read this paragraph twice. Yes, read what I’m about to to tell you twice. Being single is a choice. If you want to meet a quality, relationship-ready person then you need to make a plan! With that said, you can continue your current weekly cycles, or break out of your day-to-day grind and make some significant changes this year. You can do it, just like I did back in 2011-when I dated 100 different men to prove that I could find the perfect partner.

Taken from the video above….Now I’m going to give you 5 steps that will help you find someone special this year. Starting from 5:

#5 Write Down Exactly How You’ve Met Your Last 5 Dating Partners

Get out a pen and paper. Maybe you met Johnny at Ottimista (a bar). Perhaps you met Anthony through a friend. And so on. Do you see any patterns? Did you meet all five of your last dating partners at a nightclub? Did you meet them through an online dating site? Most people are very consistent in how they meet potential partners, so they always get the same results. I want you to be different. If you met your last five dating partners on Match.com, I want you to slow that down and try a new method…

#4 Split Your Dating Efforts Into Segments

Try meeting your next five dates in different ways. This is a big part of my megadating strategy. The options I recommend are traditional online dating sites, through good friends, someone in a hobby group of yours, speed dating, at a winery or upscale bar, happy hour in the financial district, in a cooking class, a yoga studio, a group workout class, street fair, and the list continues. I don’t recommend looking for a long term connection at a bar or club after 7pm. Refocus on the beginning of happy hour near well-to-do corporate offices if you must use the bar as your primary location.

#3 Start Meeting New People During the Day Time 

That’s right, most people are in an overall better mood during the morning and afternoon hours. Think about it. If you are looking for a stable, long term connection- they probably work a semi-normal 8-5pm schedule. These single professionals are also up early on the weekends.

Socialize at a nearby brunch location or join an early AM workout group. There are endless fitness bootcamps, hiking groups, biking groups, etc. Check out Meetup.com if you can’t think of anything off the top of your head.

Lastly, check out another article I wrote on where to meet women other than bars.

#2  Focus on Dating Qualitative Quantity. 

You might be wondering what the heck this means. Well, have you ever been in a long-term relationship that ended…..and then immediately jumped into another relationship with the first or second person that entered your life? I’ve heard this story so many times and I’ve done it myself, but take my advice, it ain’t smart! The evidence states that there’s very little likelihood this new relationship will work. So if you find yourself recently single….go out with at least 15-20 men or women to see how you connect with different people. The only way to find “the one” is to date in high quantity….but make sure to follow #4 from above to keep the quality high!

#1 Book a Coaching Session with Me 

One of the easiest ways to speed up your dating progress is to hire a dating coach. There are many reasons to use a dating coach, but most important are getting some honest opinions of yourself, plus a new strategy that will help you succeed quicker. Maybe you are new to San Francisco or just super busy with work. Whatever the case, I’d be happy to help you if you book a new client Skype session with me today. 

With Love,


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