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Is Dating Actually Worth It?

Is Dating Actually Worth It?

Is Dating Actually Worth It?

If it feels like dating is kinda difficult these days you’re not alone.

As the researchers at Pew tell us, the average American isn’t too stoked about their dating life nowadays.

is dating actually worth it? To be clear Pew researchers didn’t allow those surveyed to write anything they wanted to in the blank. If they did I’m sure at least 25% would have filled written that overall things in their dating life are going “so horribly they wish they could return to the womb.”

Despite the lack of imagery we still have two major takeaways:

67% of Americans say their dating life isn’t going well at all


75% of Americans say that they’ve found it very/somewhat difficult to date in the past year


Now I wonder why that is?

Could it be because the USA experienced a recession in 2020? Or maybe it’s because America’s middle class has been shrinking for decades and that it’s super difficult to get buns without waking up Mom & Dad? Or or maybe it’s because we’ve been in the midst of a loneliness pandemic for a while now?

But in reality, the decline in romantic satisfaction can most likely be traced back to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the royal family — cause what societal ill hasn’t been impacted by the breakup of the royal family?

I mean, it’s not like anything else major happened in 2020 right?

Look I totally understand why you just searched google for “Is dating actually worth it” — but just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean you should stop doing it, right?

Americans today are clearly down on their luck.

That’s why I’m here.

To convince you that dating is 100% worth it and show you how you can find love (or at the very least a really nice person to stare at) without losing your sanity or emptying your savings account, here’s a few ideas of how you can get the ball rolling in your favor a bit better.

How to Make Dating Worth Your Effort

Hire A Matchmaker


Hiring a matchmaker solves like 95% of the problems that most men and women confront when dating.

Let’s list out the reasons why people hate dating in today’s modern world:

— No one’s serious about dating

— Getting matches feels impossible

— When you do match that person doesn’t respond

— They finally respond and you realize you’re not compatible

— When your Bumble date meets you IRL you realize they look nothing like themselves

— If you do finally find the one, your parents will probably hate your partner and the media will throw a temper tantrum the size of Piers Morgan’s ego

I’m starting to notice a pattern.

Clearly not every aspect of dating sucks, just certain parts of it, specifically the aspects that have to do with online dating.

You’re not crazy if you think that in order to find a romantic partner you have to use online dating.

A 2017 Stanford study found that 39% of relationships that started in 2017 began online. And that was 2017. A recent eHarmony study found that by 2035  the majority of online relationships will have started thanks to a dating app.

What’s so paradoxical about these studies is that people actually hate dating apps.

Well, maybe not hate, but they have at the very least have had a negative overall experience with dating apps. is dating worth it

People feel the same relationship with dating apps that they do with Google or Facebook. We use them because we’re addicted to them not because we necessarily enjoy them.

That being said, there is another option.

One that allows you to keep your thumb clean from the dirty work of swiping through Tinder incessantly and allows you to kick back as someone else finds matches for you.

That someone I’m referring to is a matchmaker.

But why is the emlovz matchmaking process better than using a dating app. Well it all comes down to the process.

Here’s the process in five steps. 

  1. First, we interview you to understand exactly who you are and what type of partner you’re looking for.
  2. Next, we comb through your area searching for only highly compatible women. We’ll make contact with about 1,000 women and start narrowing the list from there.
  3. 50-75 women will be identified and run through an in-depth interview, and an in-depth personality test.
  4. Next, we’ll select 6-12 women for you to date
  5. Then we set you up on a 30-minute virtual date.

Stop being frustrated by the virtual ladies of online dating — let us wade through the muck of online dating for you.

But hey, just because we’re finding you super compatible women to date doesn’t mean all the woes that come with dating subside.

To further address your dating concerns you’ll need to keep your “why” front and center.

Know Your ‘Why’

There’s a reason you don’t stay inside every Friday night re-watching Rick and Morty while engorging yourself with kettle corn and White Claw.

Well I mean maybe you do and don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty stellar combination. The thing is you undoubtedly want more.

Look, dating is actually worth it. Maybe not the beginning phase exactly, but the feelings that arise from meeting “the one” (or at least a “the one“) is why we do it (not to mention the societal pressure but hey that’s a different article altogether).

Whether it be from Disney movies or cheesy Plato quotes,

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” – Plato

we’ve been impregnated with this idea that love is the end all be all.

And honestly, it kinda is.

But hey, if love is the destination, dating is the route.

It’s incredibly difficult to have one without the other.

So before you swipe or go on your next date, ask yourself, “why am I even doing this?”

You’re doing it because you know — or at least have an inkling — of what lies beyond the daunting first date. Of the promise of (almost) everlasting warmth that comes from love.

Let your why drive you forward like gravity. Allow it to be ever-present and subconsciously push you towards behavior that makes the attainment of love and romantic affection a real possibility.

Consider The Alternative

But ya know what, maybe the fantasy of love isn’t enough of an incentive.

Maybe the impetus you need to get dating is the nightmare that is the opposite of finding love.

To be fair I’m not sure what the polar opposite of finding love looks like but I have some ideas.

— Trying to fill the love void by adopting every cat and cat-like looking animal

— Going to eat out at your favorite restaurant but it has no bar and every table sits like 6 people so when it’s busy people waiting to get in just glare at you (and no being glared at from afar isn’t considered socializing)

— Taking bathroom selfies for the rest of your life

— Re-watching every The Office episode until you start thinking it’s real life and that one time your crazy co-worker named Dwight started a fire and locked all the doors just to teach you and your co-workers a lesson

Look being forever alone forever sucks.

So don’t be.

Hire a matchmaker, download a dating app like Hinge, ask out that woman you’ve been pining for, or sign up for a dating coaching program.

Sure dating might suck at times, but so does sleeping alone every night and not being able to assemble IKEA furniture because the label always says “Needs at least two people to assemble.”

Everything Worth Having Is Hard To Get

It’s at this point that I just want to brainwash you with Zen Pencil comics and sappy love quotes, but for the moment I’ll abstain.

Instead, let’s not talk about love for a moment.

Right now I want to talk about school, in particular higher education.

For most of us, college lasts at least 4 years, involves a crap ton of debt, and for some of us is by far the most trying period in our lives.

So why do we do it?

Because we know that at the end of it all, going to college is worth it (I know there’s a dissenting opinion but for the moment just go with it). Those that graduate with a BA make far more money than those with only a high school degree.

College takes forever and can be super challenging to finish, but we don’t enroll because it’s easy, we enroll for the long-term benefits.

Use this same logic to persuade you to date.

Sure it can be a motherf****r to find someone you’re compatible enough to date but hey, in the end, it’s worth it.

Isn’t 6 months, 1 year, or 3 years of annoyance worth it if you find a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

If you have a retort to that most rhetorical question, feel free to talk to me via a 1-on-1 Zoom call — though I’m sure I’ll end up changing your mind.

Jesus I can’t take it any longer!

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” – George Addair


Look if I didn’t get that out there I just would’ve gone off quoting Nicolas Sparks for the next three paragraphs.

“Is Dating Worth It?” Yes, So What Now?

Did I convince you?

Do you now think that dating is worth it?

Of course you don’t!

Look, we all know dating isn’t always fun, but we do know that eventually it pays off… or at least that’s what I know and you’ve yet to discover.

Don’t believe me? Check out over 20 reviews of some of my recent clients.

If you need more convincing that your romantic life will get better hire me as your dating coach.

I’ll listen to your fears, address your worries, and give you the little spark you need to get moving towards achieving your romantic goals.

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