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“I’ll Know it’s Time to Delete Hinge When” Prompt Response Examples For LTR Focused Daters

“I’ll Know it’s Time to Delete Hinge When” Prompt Response Examples For LTR Focused Daters

Hinge is widely known as the dating app designed to be deleted.

Well, at least, that’s their slogan.

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

But there’s some truth to that auto-cannibalizing slogan.

For one, Hinge notifies users when it’s their turn to respond to a message. Their anti-ghosting feature even has a name, Your Turn. 

Hinge also only gives free users 10 likes a day. This limit requires them to be more strategic with their likes and only dish them out to compatible profiles.

Lastly, Hinge is big into humanizing its users. It does this through the ability to like and even comment on written bios and via its array of prompts.

While it offers dozens of prompts, there’s one that stands out among the rest.

It’s the, I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when prompt. I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

There are two reasons this prompt is amazing.

1) It sends a clear single as to what you’re looking for, i.e. a serious relationship. 

2) It helps showcase what you’re looking for in a partner while at the same time showing her who you are. 

Just look at the sample prompt answer. In just one line we know the person that wrote it is brainy, probably supplements their trivia with Jeopardy, and always has a fun mid-week plan.

How To Answer This Prompt

To best way to answer this prompt is to think about what you want most in an ideal partner, or more specifically an experience, hobby, or trait you’d like to share with your partner.

Like the example prompt response above, ideally, you write about a shared thing you two can take part in. This will help her envision who you are and what a relationship with you will look like.

As this is a prompt that targets those looking for LTRs consider a witty yet serious prompt response.

To give you an idea of what a quality response might look like go ahead and have a look at our top I’ll know it’s time to delete the Hinge when responses.

I’ll Know It’s Time To Delete Hinge When… Hinge Prompt Responses

1) I’m More Of A Samoa Person Myself

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

Now that’s love right there.

But in all seriousness, this is a DL brilliant response.

At the heart of this response is the user wanting a woman that’s considerate and looks out for the wellbeing and happiness of her partner. The prompt could have read, “a conscientious woman that cares about me.” But this is boring.

Instead of explicitly writing the trait you’re looking for, illustrate the type of woman you want to be with by providing an example or painting a scene such as this one.

Lastly, as many real-life references as you can make the better.

If she loves Girl-scout cookies then chances are she’ll like and comment on your prompt.

Remember, that unlike other apps, users can like and comment on aspects of one’s profile. You’ll be able to see these comments even before you two have matched.

2) Sometimes There Are Too Many Fish In The Sea

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

Even though this is a more serious Hinge prompt, that doesn’t mean you have to provide a 100% serious response.

The app is full of serious men saying serious things.

But it’s a dating app.

If you take it too seriously you won’t last long.

This prompt shows you’ve got a bit of humor in you and that you’re fully aware of the pitfalls of online dating.

3) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Just Sounds Better As A Harmony

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

This is it.

Not only is she willing to spend a Wednesday night at a bar listening to some strangers get as close to living their rockstar dreams as possible, but she too has the humility to get up on stage and belt out a cheesy tune with you in front of fellow aspiring rock stars.

If that’s not a catch you won’t let go for life, I don’t know what is.

4) I’ll Give You The Moon

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

Talk about your weird little quirks.

Point out what makes you different. If you’re super into flying kites, karaoke, kayaking, or other hobbies that start with k or any other letter of the alphabet broadcast them.

She craves details.

Because right now you’re coming in fuzzy.

She doesn’t know who you are, your interests, or anything else about you.

The more granular and unique a response, the more you humanize yourself. She won’t go out with you without knowing at least a few specific details about you. The more you can round out your personality online (without giving too much away) the likelier she is to go out with you.

5) Wow, That’s The Kind Of Partner We All Want

This is the kind of partner we all want.

Someone who is cool as a cucumber.

Someone who’s always positive or at least willing to be cheery when confronted with nuisances.

Again, this is a perfect example of showing not telling.

It would have been all too easy to write, “you’re cool under pressure” or “never get annoyed.” But those are dull responses that the reader can’t see or feel.

The response above takes the reader on a journey. We’ve all dealt with delays and mishaps. The reader knows what it’s like to have everything go wrong. The twist at the end there makes the reader envious of having a partner just like that.

The uniqueness and how much this response resonates with readers is guaranteed to win you a like or two.

6) I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when…

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

Everyone’s dating pet peeve is when our date checks their phone.

Acknowledging this pet peeve and noting how you’ll rise above it while on a date is a major turn-on. In our tech-crazed world this might be one of the best compliments you can give someone.

I also love the image of two people staring into each other’s eyes with their elbows on the table, chins resting on their hands as they’re enrapt by any and every word that escapes the other’s mouth.

Maybe I’m just a luddite but the ability to forget our phones are even there and be fully engrossed in a conversation is damn sexy.

7) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel > Football

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

If this isn’t a sign to delete Hinge I don’t know what is.

When you’d rather change a sacred habit simply because you want to be close to her and make her feel good by watching her show.

That might just be love right there.

This prompt response is also great because it shows 1) what you’re into and 2) that you’re open to change for the right woman.

It also shows a softer side, something any woman could appreciate.

8) LOL

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when for men

To be fair, it’s kind of sad.

But at the same time it’s witty, creative, and might be enough to get you a like and even a comment.

One thing this Hinge prompt response really has going for it is how genuine it is.

Authenticity is difficult to find on dating apps. People are always trying to show their greatest hits and highlights. This response takes a different approach by being 100% real.

We all struggle with dating apps.

Pew Research found about half of users have had negative experiences with dating apps (Hint: that’s why I created Dating Decoded — my badass coaching program that will help you crush the dating apps)

Voicing your issues in a funny way will resonate with users.

9) …Ew

I'll know it's time to delete hinge when

We’ve all had that moment when we see someone we really don’t want to see on a dating app.

Maybe that person is your brother, colleague, friend, ex, or yes even a parent.

That’s a major turn-off and signal that maybe you shouldn’t be on the app anymore.

This answer is interesting because it’s unexpected.

We expect the response to talk about some awesome trait a partner has that will convince them to delete the app. An answer that doesn’t do this is considered witty & out of the blue in a positive way.

10) Sounds About Right

best hinge prompts

Be honest.

How many bad dates have you went on?

How many times have you gone on a date and checked a dating app right after or even during the date?

In this fast-paced dating world we’re always thinking about the next date. With dating apps we’re basically walking around with 24/7 singles bars in our pockets.

It’s tempting to fantasize about the next one being better than the woman you’re currently dating.

The second you don’t fantasize about the next woman you should give pause.

Ask yourself what makes the woman you’re currently seeing special.

Perhaps she’s worth spending more time with or yes, even deleting the app for.

How To Find Someone On Hinge And Delete ALL Dating Apps

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