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How to Meet Girls in College and Ask Them Out

How to Meet Girls in College and Ask Them Out

Ahh college.

The days of exploring your sexuality, making some bad decisions, and not figuring your major until you’re a junior are now among you.

And while I can’t help you with the latter two quagmires I do happen to be an expert on collegiate romance.

As someone that went on 101 dates as a student at UC Berkely, I know the best ways to meet college women and ask them out (did I mention I’m also a dating coach?)

With all the classes, weird sexual dynamics, and bangers going on, it can be difficult to figure out how to perfectly ask a woman out.

But after this little “college flirting 101” class, you’ll be equipped with the know-how to woo any college hottie.

In this article you’ll learn how to:

— How to meet girls in college

— How to make an introduction

— Score her number without coming off like a creep

— Transition into activities and events you can casually invite her and her friends to

— Ask Her Out On A Date (and have her say yes) Using A TDL

How To Meet Girls In College

There are a billion ways to get your mack on at school.

Here’s one of them.

But if you’re not into pranking random women into awkwardly holding your hand, we have a few alternatives.

Here are four ways to meet girls in college that work more consistently than pranks.

Meeting Girls In Class

First impressions are everything.

Be the guy who talks to everyone in class, always wear a big smile on your face, use open body language (no crossed arms), and engaging eye contact.

It’s college, everyone is open to meeting new people and expanding their social circle (especially if you’re a freshman or sophomore).

This is why the key to meeting women in college is simply to say something.

Think about it.

You all just moved to this little island full of kids your own age that are away from their parents for the first time in their lives. Kids this age and in this atmosphere are more willing than ever to meet new people.

I repeat, all you need to do is just say something.

If you’re out of ideas here’s an easy one — introduce yourself, tell her your name, then ask her for hers.

Sure it’s not the Hollywood beginning to your new relationship but it doesn’t need to be. We’re going for efficiency here, not auditioning for the sequel to Swingers.

Along with introducing yourself to her, greet the people alongside either side of her as well.  Do this with everyone around you and you’ll instantly make a name for yourself as the nice, outgoing guy in class that everyone feels comfortable talking to thus increasing your perceived value. 

To go deeper than surface level, ask questions about where she’s from, what she’s majoring in, and what inspired her decision to choose that university.

But how do you make the introduction if you don’t know her from class?

Easy, just ask for directions.

E.g. “Do you know where the library is? Oh great, thanks. Are you a student here? What are you studying?”

Express interest then say you have to go but you’d love to see her again and you know about this great party/movie/show/event that’s happening tomorrow.

Tell her “give me your number, I’ll send you the details once I hear back from my boy.” or whatever version of that makes sense.

If all this feels a bit fast, acknowledge that you don’t normally do this and that asking for a number just minutes after having met someone is weird, but express that “I don’t know many people, and I have a hunch that you’re cool.”

Reasons To Get Her Number That Aren’t Weird Or Creepy

As I said, asking for a number too quickly can feel weird and make you come off like this guy:

she's backing away from me

Don’t get me wrong, once you get to know him, McLovin’s the tits.

Thing is, he isn’t exactly the person that every woman would immediately dish their number out to.

Here are a few ways to score her number that aren’t weird:

— Express that you might not see her again and thinks she’s too cool to never see again

— You’re putting a study group together and want to see if she’s in

— She’s in a club you’re thinking about joining and want more info (or vice versa)

— You know of this awesome party and can give her the details later

— If ever you genuinely want information she has, ask for her number regardless of what that info is

Again, it’s freakin’ college.

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s no better place to walk up to a random person and strike up a conversation. Trust me, I coach guys in their 30’s and 40’s and they wish they had such a ripe opportunity to score digits. Ditch those inhibitions and just say hi already.

Transition Into Hanging Out With Her

Getting her number is great and all but your ultimate goal is to go out with her, isn’t it?

With that said you’ll eventually need to ask her out.

Being that it’s college you probably don’t have a ton of money to go on a fancy date with every woman you think you want to date. Instead of spending big-time every time you want to go on a first date, invite her to a group event that includes friends.

There’s always a party or event going down. 

Whether it’s school-sanctioned or not there are no doubt a ton of events happening near you at any given moment. 

If there’s a pre-game tonight, let her know the details and tell her that she and her friends should come through. 

Just text her “What are you doing tonight?” or “Did you hear about this crazy party that’s happening tonight?”

The key is to make her (and other women you’re interested in) dependent on you.

Either because you know about the best parties or you’re leading the study group, or you have the best notes, etc. Invite multiple women at a time to a social gathering/party/event to build social proof and make her feel comfortable saying yes.

After all, you’re not asking her out on a date… yet.

Inviting Her On A Date

It’s important to know that everyone is a little insecure when they first arrive at a party.

So you’re going to put them at ease by getting them a drink (you go with her/the girls and ask what they want to drink, then pour it for them so they know it’s not been tampered with, make sure everyone gets a drink, don’t leave out the ugly girls or the guys that came with her).

Then introduce her/them to other people at the party and mention something that they both have in common to get them talking to each other.

Finally, let them know you’ll be back and leave them to their own devices once you can tell they’re feeling comfortable.

This creates mystery and sexual tension because you’re not hovering over them like a clinger. Come back later and check-in to see if they need more drinks. Again, this will make her feel like you’re the leader/dominant and will make her feel feminine and create sexual tension by making her dependent on you.

If she’s about to leave the party, offer to walk her home then invite her on a date using a TDL.

TDL stands for time, date, location.

Most guys will ask out their college crushes by saying “hey wanna go out sometime.”

This is how 3rd graders ask girls out.

Men like using this line because it’s easy for a woman to accept. The thing is, you’re not really asking them on a date. They’re likely to say yes to avoid confrontation.

Using a TDL means asking her out on a concrete date.

Here’s an example:

“Hey Jen, wanna hit Jimmy’s 7 p.m. Thursday for a pizza and karaoke?”

Asking her out in this way gives her a tangible date idea that she can actually contemplate and then give you a definitive yes or no answer to.

If says no, fine, there are likely at least 5,000+ other single women around your age within a 2-mile radius – get cracking.

A Word On Dating Apps

Dating apps are great because they can feel like shortcuts.

Instead of putting in the word of introducing yourself in person, then becoming a girl’s friend, then asking her out, you can skip all these steps and get straight to the romance.

While in theory that’s how dating apps work, in practice it’s far from the truth.

Sorry to break it to you but most women you’re age have never gone out with a guy they’ve matched with on Tinder.

Check out this headline from Daily Mail. 

she's backing away from me

Pretty crazy right?

But this isn’t the only study that proves that the ladies of Tinder don’t use the app for dating purposes.

A LendEDU study asked over 3,000 college-aged students if they had ever met with someone from Tinder.

she's backing away from me

That’s right, 71% had never met anyone they matched with.

But that isn’t the only thing LendEDU found out about college-aged online dating users. 

she's backing away from me

That’s right.

Of the nearly 10,000 students polled less than 30% used Tinder to find romance of some kind.

A whopping 44% just used it to boost self-confidence and procrastinate.

So what’s the lesson here?

Don’t use Tinder to meet women in college.

It sounds crazy that the app once dubbed a “hookup app” isn’t in fact hooking people up, but it’s true.

Tinder isn’t great for college students because every day of theirs is Tinder.

College students are just too social and uninhibited to need Tinder. When you’re walking around in a 24/7 singles bar you hardly need to continue the fun when you’re on the toilet just trying to excrete Tuesday’s tacos.

If you still don’t know where to meet college-aged women while in school here’s a list:

— Study group

— Class

— Co-ed sports leagues

— Dorm meetings

— Parties

— School events

— Concerts

— In the freakin’ common area

— On-campus job

— Meetup group

— Football tailgate

How to Meet Girls in College – Last Words

There are literally a billion other places to meet women in college.

What’s important is that you get there and say hi.

That’s the key, open your mouth and make intelligible words. That’s right, they don’t even need to be intelligent (unless she’s a philosophy major) simply understandable to other humans.

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