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How to Create a Social Strategy

By Emyli LovzOctober 16, 2015Strategy

It’s Emyli, America’s Online Dating Coach. So today I want to talk about creating a social strategy. While I’m not really in the dating phase anymore, I still get super awkward and uncomfortable in random social situations.

For instance, I noticed recently that I am really afraid of pretty, well-dressed girls. I think it’s because I started out as a fat girl and never really got over it.

And now, my boss at my full-time job is a pretty, well-dressed girl and I sorta feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame every time I try to ask her a question. I even adopt the same body language. Unintentionally I find myself like hunching over, cowering in the doorway of her office, and walking with a bum leg.

And it sucks because I work in sales so I know all about body language, which is a problem because now I have this fight against my conscious self and my unconscious self.

My conscious self knows that it’s important to act assertive when I interact with my boss so when I’m operating under this persona, I try to come off as super confident. 

I’m like telling myself, ok, just walk into her office, sit down like you’re ready to talk and make sure to speak up and then sit back a bit, so you look comfortable, but not so much that you look like you’re trying to dominate the environment.

Don’t cross your arms or she’ll think you’re mad. Make eye contact but don’t creep her out. Smile a lot and nod in agreement occasionally but not so much that she thinks you’re super beta. The list goes on and on. 

But then sometimes she’ll catch me off guard and I’ll revert to my natural, scared, fat girl body language where I cower, avoid eye contact, and cover my girlie parts. I think the problem is that I think about it all too much but how are you supposed to be natural when girls have always been mean to you?

Why am I rambling on and on about this? Well because it has a lot to do with dating and social strategy. I also think it fits well with this week’s episode of EmLovzTV.

There’s undoubtedly going to be times in your life where you feel like a total goon and it’s important to remember that it’s all natural and you can overcome it and be less of a freak if you just work out the strategy ahead of time. So with that being said, check out this week’s episode of EmLovzTV.

Now I wanna hear from you…how did my video help you? Tell me about a time when you also felt super awkward in a social situation. Or even better, tell me about a time when you overcame a tricky social situation and came out on top!

Wanna talk it over your specific dating situation with me? Feel free and book a coaching session on my calendar here: Dating Coach for Men or Dating Coach for Women.

And keep up the good work because You Deserve the Perfect Partner!

With Love,

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