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Author: Sheena Cunning

Sheena Cunning


I launched Modern Dating 101 in 2018 to help shed light on topics that are rarely talked about. Bringing humour, truth and love to uncomfortable topics and providing real world, down to earth answers.

If you have curiosities about life, love, relationships, friendships: romantic, personal, or otherwise, questions about dating, sex and / or spirituality then this is the place for you!

Who am I to write about this stuff anyways...

I'm a single mama of 3 incredible children. I have been in and out of the dating world for the last 5 years. I've had some great experiences, some not so great and some, holy shit did that just happen experiences. I've experienced both deep and powerful love, and sad and tragic loss. I've learned many hard lessons and experienced many blessings. I've learned over the years to find the good in everything.

I'm curious by nature. I enjoy knowing details and digging into the depths of things. I know many of YOU are curious about these things too, but maybe you've been too afraid to ask, inquire or dig into things.

I started writing when I was in my early years as a means to help manage stress and cope with my anxiety and depression. I was bullied for a number of years growing up. I spent many years in and out of therapist and counselling offices in an attempt to calm the thoughts that bombarded me on a daily basis. On request of one of my teachers in public school, I started with journaling and writing poetry. Writing has been my means of escape and has given me the ability to unload my brain and create space for the good stuff.