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How To Meet Single Moms As A Divorcee

How To Meet Single Moms As A Divorcee

So you’re ready to start playing the field again. Luckily for you, the dating scene has changed quite a bit. Say goodbye to roaming the strip with your buddies and picking up single women at the bars until 3 a.m. The dating scene has become more civilized since you were last single. Especially when it comes to meeting single moms.

If you’re worried about the size of the dating pool, don’t be. There are approximately 10 million single mothers in the US right now. It’s not a matter of there not being enough suitors out there. Rather, it’s about finding the right one.

Let’s figure out which social channels you’ll have to tap in order to find the right single mom for you.

Meeting Single Moms

PTA Events

As I mentioned, you probably won’t be finding your next sweetheart at a bar. A PTA meeting is the antithesis of a bar. Think about the women that attend PTA events. At no other event are you as likely to find women that you’re targeting in such robust numbers. PTA events are primarily attended by women with children the same age as your child. Once you arrive all you need to do is look for a ring to ascertain who’s single and who’s not.

Only a certain type of woman attends a PTA event; one that cares profoundly about the education of her children. PTA women seem to have a bad wrap for being arrogant and pushy. The belief is that they use their influence to alter the school’s culture or programs. This is the case for some women, but for the most part these events are attended by parents that simply care about their child’s education. If you too have a child, you might consider this to be an attractive feature.

If you’re new to the PTA scene, keep your cool. Conduct yourself in the same manner you would if you were entering a pool. Slowly enter the foreign waters of the PTA being sure to only make ripples once you’re acquainted with your surroundings. The PTA can be a pretty territorial space. Get to know people on an individual level before making your opinion known to the entire association. In this way you’ll also be able to build intimate relationships with certain members. Should you want to ask a fellow PTA member out, simply broach the idea of getting coffee and talking about school matters.

Enroll Your Children In Youth Sports

This one is only possible if you have children. Should you hangout at youth events without a child your future Mrs. might get the wrong idea. This context is perfect for meeting women. Not only will you be able to meet other single parents but you’ll also be supporting your child.

There’s no better way to bond with someone than to cheer your kids on while they’re competing on the pitch, court, or ice rink. It shouldn’t be too difficult to identify the other single parents in attendance. Showing up week after week will also ensure that you and your new beloved will gravitate towards each other. By the end of the season you will have created a strong enough bond to ask her to see her outside of the context of a Sunday ballgame.

Your exposure to single parents isn’t limited to gamedays. You’ll also see fellow single parents at practices and other team events. Be sure to show up early to every practice and game. If you want to see how she operates outside of a sporting context, broach the idea of a play date.

Meet Single Moms: Join A Gym Or Enroll In Fitness Classes

This is the beauty of being on the prowl for single women as a divorcee. Before you might have gone to a club or bar to meet women. Nowadays, instead of meeting women at the price of killing your liver, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Joining a gym will not only make you more fit –thus increasing the odds of being noticed by a potential mate- but you’ll also put yourself on track to meet single moms.

While joining a gym and hitting the weights is one way to meet single mothers, the best way to do so is to enroll in a fitness class. Gyms offer a variety of fitness classes. However the ones that are packed with women are likely to be yoga, spin, dance, and aerobics classes.

asking out a woman at the gym

Meetup Groups

Along with signing up for a gym and enrolling in fitness classes you can also get into attending meetup group events. Meetup is an application where users meetup in person to engage in certain activities. The most popular groups in San Francisco for example involve hiking, coding, mediation, and soccer. Meetup is active in all major cities and is a great way to meet people with interests similar to yours. It’s not unlikely that your city is home to a singles group. No matter how odd your interests might be, you’ll be able to find like-minded singles through the application.

Ask Friends

Your friends know you better than anyone else. They also probably know a woman or two that you’d be interested in. Why not mine your friends for potential partners? Your buddies will be more than willing to set you up with a friend or acquaintance of theirs. Naturally, your friends will be able to filter out women that aren’t your type.

Join A Running Group

Maybe it’s just IG that’s making me think this is the go-to place to meet single moms, but it makes sense.

Running groups meet early, generally before or after the kids have been dropped off at school, are naturally social spaces, and are full of fit women.

There could be worse places to go looking.

Dating Applications

If you’re worried there’s no life after divorce for men, think again. Online dating and dating apps are hotter than ever. Online dating provides filters that can quickly narrow down your search and provide you with a pool of single women that meet your criteria.

Perhaps online dating still carries a stigma in your mind. This is because during the single days in your 20s, it was still looked down upon. However, the opinions of Americans have changed. Nowadays more than 72% of Americans believe that a relationship that blossomed online is as valid as one that originated from an IRL situation.

Despite the newfound approval of online dating, many daters 30 and older still complain about not getting results. This is most likely because they’re unfamiliar with online dating. Each dating application and website is designed with a certain user in mind. Tinder for example is perfect for singles between the ages of 18-24. Other applications such as Bumble and Happn also target a younger audience. Here are a few online dating applications that will help you meet single moms. is one of the oldest dating websites. It was founded in 1995 and has enjoyed its ups and downs since its genesis. is great because it has a large user base and is geared towards older singles. Another plus is that the first six moths of are free.


The worst part about eHarmony is that to view photos or send messages you’ll have to pay a subscription fee. If you however decide to subscribe, eHarmony claims that you have a 69% of finding your spouse via the website in just a year. Sure that sounds too good to be true and it may well be.

That being said, 15 million matches are created every day. If you want to find a serious partner, this is the website for you. It’s on the website that you’re likely to find ample single moms. Perhaps you could search for an eHarmony free trial while you register for a new account.


Hinge is our students’ preferred dating app.

It’s popular enough that you’ll find a deep well of users regardless of your city. And the users on this app tend to be on the older side, looking for serious relationships, and want to get off the apps as soon as possible.

Not to mention you can use specific filters so that you use to meet the kind of woman you think you’d be most interested in. If you want to meet single mothers, there’s a filter you can use to do so.

best dating apps in NYC


OkCupid requires users to answer a myriad of questions when creating an account. This means that the application is able to offer unique filter options that will reduce the chances of matching with someone that doesn’t fit your criteria. Compared to the other applications, OkCupid’s user base is a bit younger, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided. Using a variety of channels will increase your odds of meeting the single mom that’s right for you.

Hit The Dog Park

But only if you have a dog. If not, it’s akin to going to a playground without a child. It’s less creepy but arguably even more pathetic. The dog park is as much a bonding place for humans as it is for their furry friends. Considering that you and every other person there already have something in common, it’ll be fairly easy to strike up a conversation. The dog park is frequented by all kinds of people. Should you own a dog it’s likely that you’ll eventually make it out to the park. You won’t find a torrent of women at the dog park. But if you spend a couple hours every weekend at the park there’s no doubt that you’ll meet a single mom or two.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it took you a second to realize what a mani-pedi is. It’s not often that a man spends a Sunday afternoon getting his finger and toenails done. At first glance, this may seem like an odd place to meet women. But going to a nail salon ensures that you’ll meet women. Who knows if they’re single or not, but you’re more likely to meet single moms here than in just about any other spot on a Sunday afternoon.

Speed Dating

Before attending a speed dating session, make sure that the event caters to single parents. Call ahead and ascertain that only single moms and dads will be participating. Of all the ways to meet single moms that have been explored in this article, this is the only medium that guarantees meeting various suitors that meet your criteria in a short period of time. It may feel like a contrived way to meet people and you might be throw out of your comfort zone. But everyone else at the event is in the same boat as you. If you’re serious about finding a new love, this might be the best option for you.

Co-Ed Sports League

Let’s be frank. It’s doubtful that you and your partner will be placed on the same dodgeball team.

But a co-ed sports league is a network. Your interactions won’t be limited to those on your team. Co-ed leagues have a much more fraternal atmosphere than non-co-ed leagues. It isn’t uncommon for you to build relationships with members of the opposing team. Your chances to meet someone don’t end when the final whistle is blown. The whistle signals the end of the sporting event but the beginning of the bar crawl. Throw on your sneakers, pick up a ball, and show off your athletic ability as you engage in the age-old dance of attracting a mate through physical prowess.

how to pose for your dating app photos

Consult With A Dating Coach

Interested in learning how we here at emlovz can help you find single moms?

We teach our students the shortcut to finding their ideal match by MegaDating. MegaDating is our dating philosophy and it shapes everything we teach here at emlovz. Simply put MegaDating is dating prolifically with the specific goal of going on 20 dates in 90 days. This will give you ample women to compare and contrast so you can refine not only your dating skills but also who your ideal partner is.

To teach you how to quickly find highly compatible women in just weeks and become the most eligible bachelor in town you’ll team up with romantic experts, each skilled in their own unique area to support you.

Our Team

  • Emyli (me), co-founder, curriculum developer, head coach, and I host two coaching sessions every week
  • Thomas, co-founder, and coach. He’ll lead the biweekly Man Cave event where men come together to talk dating, bond with one another, and support other single men
  • Brooke, and Audrey are mock date specialists. Go on a practice date with them (and receive feedback) before your next date
  • Darshil is a confidence coach, wingman, and all around great guy to have on your team. Once student, now a teacher he knows what you’re going through and how to get the most from your dating life
  • Hailey is your new stylist. She’s worked with celebs from every industry and is now about to raid your closet
  • Tilly is our holistic sex & intimacy coach. She’ll help you get the most out of your sex life so you and your partner are happier between the sheets
  • Renee is our anxiety dating coach. As a licensed therapist she knows the steps needed to turn you into a cool, calm, and collected dater
  • Mia is our social media expert. Revamp your Facebook and Instagram profiles with her help and start meeting women online

Our Community

And look, we realize that the single life can be difficult. If accepted into our coaching program, Dating Decoded, you’d be joining a community of supportive men and coaches who are there to listen, support, and encourage you as you navigate the single life.

Our program offers every student a lifetime membership (as if you’ll need it) so the support won’t stop until you’ve found your ideal partner.

If you’re ready to find your forever partner, book a Zoom session with our team today. Together we’ll talk about your dating history, your goals and show you how our program, Dating Decoded, can help you find your ideal partner.

Hear what’s going on in our students’ dating lives.
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