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San Francisco, California


United States


Online Dating Photographer

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Online Dating Photographer


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Jessica Ruscello

Online Dating Photographer

EmLovz Approved Expert

I've been a photographer and a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 8 years. Dating online myself for a few years, I saw what a difference it makes to have good photos that really show who a person is.

After helping several camera-shy friends express themselves comfortably in photos and bios, I found a lot of people need friendly, informal photos for introducing themselves.
Online profiles make it hard to show who you really are, and in my experience, there are a lot of good guys hiding behind dim profiles. People just aren't good at getting photos of themselves. I set out to try to fix that gap.

My clients like to stay discreet, so I don't post photos of them on a website. If you're interested in working together, I can send some samples.

Here's how it works:

  1. A phone call to plan and get acquainted.
  2. You choose your package
  3. 30-60 mins at a location with a variety of backgrounds.
  4. Strategically planned clothes that we can swap around to give the illusion of multiple days and outfits.
  5. Maybe some props to further show who you are: Sometimes people bring athletic equipment, tools, musical instruments, books—anything that shows what you like, what you do, or your personality.
  6. 10+ edited and retouched photos, with a range of posed, candid, and headshot-style images you can use professionally, too!
Unlike traditional, formal portrait shoots, this one focuses on dating appeal using Em's proven profile guidelines.

The aim is to look like your photos have been taken by a good friend on multiple occasions. To capture that natural, real-life style, I don't work from a studio—we'll shoot in natural light.

I offer 3 packages:

  1. Basic Profile:
    30 Minutes
    10 Final Photos
    1 Location
    2 outfits (+ layers)
    Digital Files Included
    $307.25 — EmLovz Discount ($50) = $257.25
  2. Profile +:
    45 Minutes
    20 Final Photos
    1-2 Locations
    3-4 Outfits
    Digital Files Included
    $435.15 — EmLovz Discount ($75) = $360.15
  3. The Real Deal:
    90 Minutes
    35 Final Photos
    Multiple Locations
    3-4 Outfits
    Digital Files Included
    $554.50 — EmLovz Discount ($100) = $454.50

Send me an email if you're interested in working together, and we'll set something up!
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