Have Some Dating Advice for the EmLovz Community?

Do you have some innovative dating advice that you’d like to share with the EmLovz community? Perhaps you are a coach, matchmaker, therapist, or just a normal person who’s super interested in the dating industry.  If yes, feel free to touch base with us. But before you spend a bunch of time writing up your article, make sure you read our guidelines below. 

The EmLovz Community

Our community is approximately 85% men. They are single, hardworking, and looking to reach their dating and interpersonal goals.

Our dating advice articles are dedicated to helping these men find a girlfriend, a wife, or their perfect partner. We’ve helped hundreds of men overcome their dating obstacles to find true love, and of course to move on to a happier more fulfilling personal life. 

Know Your “Why”…

I founded EmLovz because I never wanted any young person to have the experiences I had as a kid. My mom and dad never married or lived together.

When I was 8, my mom moved me out of state, so I didn’t have a chance to see my dad on a regular basis. My WHY is to help single men find their PERFECT PARTNER, so no child has to deal with what I went through. If we all choose our long term partners wisely, they’ll be less divorce and separation.

What’s your why? Perhaps you can incorporate it into your article. 

Your Story is Important

As the primary dating coach here at EmLovz, I coach single men from around the globe. One thing I’ve learned over the years, is that my clients are all very unique. They are different in age, live in different geographies, have a variety religious views, come in different ethnicities, and much more. There is no way I can possibly have all the answers.

That’s what makes sharing your story so important to the EmLovz community. Your unique piece of advice will not only help the EmLovz community of single men, but it could help me and every coach, counselor, and mentor who follow EmLovz. 

If you’re interested in contributing your ideas and sharing them with our readers, please follow the ARTICLE GUIDELINES BELOW.

EmLovz Article Submission & Writer’s Guidelines

Before you submit your article to us, please read the below guidelines. Very important: we do not have the time to suggest edits to your article. Please follow the below guidelines. By doing so, your story will have a better chance of being published in the most timely fashion. 

Do you need to be an expert to submit an article to EmLovz?

No. It’s more important that your article is ORIGINAL CONTENT and unique to you. We’re just as excited to post an article from a young aspiring life coach, as we are from a reputable therapist or best selling author. 

What is the culture at EmLovz?

Our culture is HELLA FUN. We don’t call what we do “work”. We love what we do. Helping single men reach their dating and interpersonal goals is truly a gift to us.

We view our website as a way to better the world. A way to improve relationships. A place where love conquers, and hate dies. A tool where men can improve themselves and CHANGE their outcomes for the better. 

We don’t create and share articles that are general in nature. Emyli’s articles are created by taking her clients current dating issues, solving them, and sharing them in an article with our audience. Perhaps you can use this strategy to create your first piece of EmLovz content. If you’d like to learn more about EmLovz, see our about page. 

What kind of articles are we looking for?

Unique articles. We do plagiarism checks before submitting any article to our site.

We’d like you to share a strong idea, passion, solution, or strategy that you’ve personally used (or known to be used). Be firm and strong with your recommendations. Explain why your theories work. Cite any study that you discuss. 

At the end of the article, the reader should be able to take actionable steps that will improve their life. 

What kind of writing style should you use?

Any how-to article is preferable. Or life lesson articles based on personal experiences. 

Make sure you write to our TARGET AUDIENCE – single men from 25-38 years old…. looking to get a girlfriend, get married, or find their perfect partner. 

How many words should the article include?

We will not accept articles that are less than 1,500 words. With that said, we prefer articles from 2,000 to 3,000 words. Why so many words?

Well, after five years of publishing articles, we usually land much higher on google organic when we post articles with 2,000 or more words. Wouldn’t you want your EmLovz article to land on the top 3 positions of Google? Of course you would, we would too. 

We’re very picky about the articles we publish in EmLovz. Please choose 1 keyword, and only 1. You can include it in your submission. Our SEO team will optimize your article for best case organic results.  

Please ensure that your article is detail oriented by adding theory and case studies when needed. Here’s an example of an EmLovz article with studies included: When to Have the Relationship Talk with Her

Are links allowed?

We will approve links to credible case studies that back up your theories. Links promoting your website, services, or products are generally not approved. If you’d like to include links like these to your submission, please email us ahead of time.

How would I be credited for the article?

If your article is approved, your linkable name will be posted on the top of your article. This link will take the reader to your EmLovz Contributor profile page. We require that you complete your profile before your article goes live (profile pages in construction until 11/1/17).

If you’d like to remain anonymous to protect your identity, that’s fine too. Just let us know via email. 

What Value Am I Getting By Posting on EmLovz? 

Based on our long standing history with Google, our best posts land on page 1 of Google organic.

If approved, your article will go live on our website…where you’re guaranteed readership. 

If your article is written well, we will add it to our Mailchimp newsletter. We will also share it on 10 social media sites. 

Reasons why your article could be rejected

We usually don’t reject many articles. But sometimes we are forced to, based on these factors:

Bad Grammer or Spelling: Make sure you proofread your article before you submit it. We don’t have the time to edit your article or request edits. 

It’s Incomplete: Did you forget to cite studies? Did you forget to include a good introduction and wrap up to your article? Does your article make sense? Have a friend look it over before you submit. 

It’s Not Original: Are you copy/pasting your article from your own blog? Are you copying content from another source? We’ll check out your article before we accept.

Note: It normally takes 2-4 days for us to approve or deny your article. Sometimes sooner. But please be patient. 

Writing Tips and Article Must Haves

Completely edit your articleWe prefer short sentences and short paragraphs. Try and avoid going off-topic. 

No passive language: Try and be as clear as possible and give STRONG recommendations to our audience. 

Write a Great Article Introduction: If you confuse a reader in your first few sentences, they’ll simply stop reading. Say something compelling right from the start. Make the problem statement in this introduction area. And let them know that by reading the rest of your article, they’ll learn a solution or two. This section should be about 300 or so words. 

Always Use Headers to split up the body of your article. Each header should prove a single theory which will lead to the solution of the article’s problem statement. If you are not writing a how-to article, still use headers to break up your content. Each header should have 400 or less words. 

Article Wrap-Up: Conclude your article by summarizing all your headers points and giving a strong solution to the reader. Of course, if you’re a seasoned writer who’s comfortable with a more unique style, you’re free to do so as long as the article is insightful and provides a solution of some sort. 

Understand skill levels vary: Our readers have varying levels of dating skills. So try and write to all audiences. 

Don’t use bulletpoints: They just don’t look good. If you want to include an infographic, that’s preferred. 

Add your preferred title and keyword to the article. We reserve the right to alter as needed. 

ABSOLUTELY ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY! We are not a syndication service. 


Your article and its title may be edited to conform to the editorial guidelines of the EmLovz editors.

If your article is selected for publication on EmLovz.com, you acknowledge that you would be granting EmLovz exclusive rights to edit and publish your work.

After the article is published in EmLovz, you may choose to publish your article in any other medium or even your own personal blog or website, but it must be done so only with a link directed back to your article in EmLovz.com citing EmLovz as the original source for the article.

By submitting your article to EmLovz, you acknowledge and affirm that the article provided by you is written by you specifically for publication in EmLovz and is original and not previously published in part or whole in any medium whatsoever.

How to submit your article to EmLovz

To submit your article to EmLovz, please email your article as a word file attachment to info@emlovz.com with the subject line addressed as “Article Submission – EmLovz.”

We’re excited to hear from you, and look forward to sharing your thoughts and stories with the rest of the world.

Because Everyone Deserves the Perfect Partner

The EmLovz Group