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The Best Tucson Dating Coach For Men (+ 5 Date Ideas)

The Best Tucson Dating Coach For Men (+ 5 Date Ideas)

The Best Tucson Dating Coach For Men (+ 5 Date Ideas)

Tucson is one of the hottest cities in the nation and I’m not just talking about the weather.

Every year Wallethub releases their best and worst 100 cities to be single in. And every year the big names always make the top ten.

San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Seattle, and Denver are all featured in the top 10. Perhaps the most peculiar city to rank in the top 10 was Tucson coming in at number 9.

best tucson dating coach for men

Little old Tucson sneaked its way into the top ten ahead of cities like NYC, Miami, and Chicago… but how?

Well according to Wallethub it’s because Tucson has a massive single population.

But hey, I don’t need to tell you this.

As a Tucson resident, you should be all too aware of the hotties (literally and figuratively) that walk the streets of Tucson.

But just because Tucson has a gender ratio that slightly favors men doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a hubby in the Old Pueblo.

That’s why you’re here.

Because while Tucson is a low-key awesome place to be single, taking advantage of such a great city isn’t always easy.

That’s why you’re in the market for the best Tucson dating coach for men.

Not just any dating coach — one who guarantees your success by offering lifetime membership to their program. 

Lucky for you, your search has paid off.

Best Tucson Dating Coach For Men


That’s right, it’s us.

By leaps and bounds, by bouquets of roses and late-night dancing we’re the best Tucson dating coach for men.

But why us?

Why are we the ones to lead you from the barren desert and into the promised land?

It all starts with who we are.

Designed By Women For Men

Every guy wishes he could read the minds of women a la Mel Gibson in What Women Want.

They wish they had a woman whispering into their ear as they roam through the bars on ladies’ night.

emlovz gives you insight into the female psyche, because our program was designed by women for men.

Not only is our program designed by women but our coaches are also women (although we do have a super epic male dating coach on staff).

Our unique perspective will teach you what women really want and how to get the most out of your dating life.

Learning Methodology

There are all types of learners out there.

Some are more hands-on, some prefer to digest the material while reading, and others want to learn everything right now.

We have four learning pathways to satisfy learners of all styles.

They are:

  • Online Curriculum
  • Mock dates
  • Online Community
  • 2 Weekly live coaching sessions
  • Optional private coaching sessions

Let’s dive into these learning mediums a bit more.

Online Curriculum

Via countless hours of online content, we cover various areas of the modern dating scene.

best dating coach in tucson

Just a few of the topics include:

  • Building out your ideal partner
  • Best in-person openers
  • Handling objections online
  • How to message and objection handle
  • How to get more matches with women you’re really excited about
  • Increasing sexual tension
  • And a-lot more. A really lot more!

This online curriculum can be digested at your own pace. We’re always adding and amending so that we provide our students with the most timely and helpful information.

But this isn’t the only way our students learn.

Mock Dates

Let’s say you gobbled up the online content. In a matter of two weeks, you devoured our teachings. Now you want to get out there in the real world and apply what you’ve learned.

That’s awesome.

The thing is, you’re out of practice.

You wouldn’t want to learn the theory of basketball before being thrust into a game, would you?

You want to practice a bit first.

That’s where our mock dates come into play.

Our mock dates give you a chance to practice what you’ve learned in a safe environment. Not only will you practice but you’ll receive feedback after the date. You’ll learn what you did right and wrong, if you worse the right shirt, what flirty tactics were working and which others need improvement, etc.

best dating coach in tucson

Online Community

Going it alone is scary.

Especially when you’re single and on the potentially on the older side. All your friends already have partners and you’re left to romantically fend for yourself.

That’s why we’ve created an online community of men just like you.

Men that are single and are on their journey to finding an amazing partner.

Our community is uplifting, willing to share wins and losses, commiserate with each other, and offer up advice when needed. Everyone here is in the same boat.

They all want to find an amazing partner just like you.

While our community is online, our members do occasionally meet up in person.

This massive support group knows exactly what you’re going through as they’re all in the same boat.

2x Weekly Coaching Sessions

The dating scene is dynamic.

Every woman and every situation is unique. Unique situations require unique and dynamic answers.

That’s why twice a week every week we’ll have a discussion about what’s on your mind. I’ll bring my teachings and new findings to the table but students are encouraged to ask questions. You’re encouraged to talk about your recent dates, show me your most recent profile, messages, and even share with us what has and hasn’t been working.

It’s during these live sessions that we can really zero in on obstacles and provide tailormade solutions to move the ball forward for YOU!

Dating Decoded

Our program is broken up into four pillars.

  • MegaDating
  • In Person/Online Dating Sourcing
  • Messaging
  • Dating Blueprints

It all starts with MegaDating.

Our entire program is built around the idea of MegaDating.

MegaDating is a dating practice that urges students to date women simultaneously.

No, our mission isn’t to turn you into a rake, but rather to find you a super compatible partner as quickly as possible.

To do so we urge a proactive approach.

No more sitting back and waiting for an amazing woman to waltz into your life and sweep you away.

You my friend will be doing the waltzing here.

We teach you how to mine your social circle for dates. We’ll help you use both online and IRL methods to meet new women.

Yet we realize most relationships nowadays start online.

It’s for this reason two pillars of our program are dedicated to helping you find women online.

where to meet women

The Perfect Profile

It all starts with the perfect profile.

You have to understand that even if you’re a super good-looking, nice, creative, funny guy if your profile doesn’t display that you won’t get any matches.

Online dating is all about the person you portray yourself to be.

Luckily we know exactly what women want to see online.

We know the best photos to use, how to write compelling bios, and which prompts are worth choosing.

We can help you put together a comprehensive profile that outperforms 90% of other profiles on dating apps.

Members of Dating Decoded get unlimited dating profile reviews/optimizations (for LIFE)!


Once you have the perfect profile you’ll no doubt begin to amass matches.

That’s great and all but it’s what you do with these matches that matter.

Your goal is to date these women in real life. With that said you need to engage them online and quickly ask for their number of use a TDL to ask them out.

The longer the dynamic stays online the worse your chances are of meeting IRL.

We teach men how to pivot away from the app by using these skills:

  • Compelling openers
  • Revolving the conversation around her interests
  • TDL

Within 10 messages we want to get you out of the app and into the real world.

best tucson dating coach

Dating Blueprint

The first few dates are always the most crucial.

These are make-or-break dates that will quickly shape your future with this woman.

So what kind of dates should you be going on?

Our blueprint will help you plan your first three dates with your new flame.

Not only does our blueprint take into account how fragile your new relationship is but also how many women you’ll be dating.

Look if you’re dating multiple women every week you don’t want to be spending $200 on every date. Nor do you want to spend 4 hours on every first date. As first dates are basically blind dates you may dislike the person the minute they start talking. So why sign up for a 4-hour $200 date if this is going to happen?

That’s why first dates should follow these rules:

  • Last no longer than an hour
  • Spend no more than $20

Second dates on the other hand should be 100% free. Doing so will weed out anyone that is only interested in you for your money or a free meal.

If she’s lucky enough to make it to a third date it’s time to pull out all the stops. Take her out for a fancy meal, wine and dine her, and show her the time of her life.

Of course this is only about 5% of the rules I lay out in my Date Blueprints teachings. But do use them to your advantage while dating in the modern world.

Best Date Ideas In Tucson

Now that you’ve met the best Tucson dating coach for men, it’s time to start mapping out your first dates. Once you team up with emlovz you’ll realize that you’re meeting women left and right.

It’s best to have a few date ideas ready for when the time comes to ask her out.

Let’s also remember though that the best dates are ones tailored to something she enjoys. If all her photos are atop a mountain ask her to go for a hike or do something outdoorsy.

When in doubt learn about her, ask questions, and create an amazing date idea based on her interests.

With that in mind, here are some awesome Tucson date ideas.

Cobra Arcade Bar

First or second dates can be a little awkward. You two may struggle for conversation and quickly regret your decision to meet up for coffee. If so, bounce quickly to a second date (with coffee in hand). The Cobra Arcade Bar is a massive barcade packed with your favorite arcade games from your childhood.

Tohono Chul

Maybe you don’t want to go on a four-hour hike with this woman you just met. But you do want a dose of nature. Hit up the close-ish Tohono Chul botanical garden. It’s still within city limits and is definitely worth a romantic stroll in the afternoon.

Enchanted Island

Who said you’re too old for an amusement park?

If you two are adrenaline junkies (or just want to ride a ferris wheel) hit up the Enchanted Island Amusement Park.

Cactus Bowl

When it comes to second dates, activities are your best friend. If you feel where I’m coming from then hit up Cactus Bowl for some late-night bowling. Just try not to exchange money in front of your date.

Barrio Brewing

Another classic first date idea would be a brewery.

Beer is good the vibe is laid back and best of all, you two can bring your dogs. Perhaps go on a walk nearby before guzzling down an IPA or two at Barrio Brewing. Maybe even turn it into a bar crawl by hitting up Motosonoroa Brewing just five blocks away.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to upgrade your dating life by hiring a dating coach in Tucson….look no further.

To learn more apply to our program. If you qualify, we’ll schedule a 50 minute Zoom intro call with you. During this call we’ll discuss your goals, what’s holding you back, and determine if our program is a mutual fit.

To learn more about what our students are saying about us, check out our reviews.

Here are just a couple of recent reviews.

best tucson dating coach

best tucson dating coach

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