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Why Is She Hot and Cold with Me

Chances are, you’re familiar with the game of hot and cold. In the beginning, a woman you’re dating might seem like she’s all in — responding right away to your texts, laughing at all your jokes, and shamelessly flirting. But then something happens. Suddenly, she acts super uninterested, takes forever to get back to you, and basically treats you like you’re her last priority. You might even start to think you’re a nuisance, even though Keep Reading

ignoring texts on purpose

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: You’re having a normal conversation with a woman over text, and then suddenly, she stops responding. What’s that about?

The truth is, there could be many reasons why a woman starts ignoring texts on purpose. The more important thing to figure out though, is what you’re going to do about it. Why? Because how you respond will speak volumes. Based on your next move, she’ll either regret ignoring your texts, or Keep Reading

why is she ignoring me all of a sudden

Ghosting, simmering, icing, no matter how you label it she’s ignoring you.

The signs weren’t there to be read. Without an inkling to forecast what was about to happen, your lady abruptly cut you off. No texts, calls, DMs, or even Twitter likes. Your relationship has been severed both IRL and digitally. Naturally, you’re asking yourself, “why is she ignoring me all of a sudden?” I don’t know the nuances of your relationship, … Keep Reading